A Bigtinypig Blog Post: Part I

Today, I'll be narrating what I go through when I write a post everyday. It's always a process, and it's never the same way twice. Yes, I know I'm behind by three days in my posting and yes I know this post is 'conveniently' a three parter, but hey, it's my damn blog, I make the rules!

So for today; let me tell you how the thinking process works.

How the Thinking Process Works
The day starts with whatever I happen to be doing that day. This could be anything. I could be out of town, at school, starting off at work, waking up at home, or even not waking up until after sunset. Normally, I don't think about the post at all until that evening. If this is the case, I consult my phone for any previous ideas I've come up with. I keep a list in my phone for ideas, generally this list is empty. It has been useful though as this post, this post, and this post were all "ideas" I sat on for a while before writing them out.

Sometimes I get lucky and have something to write about, like a trip. But other days I sit and think about it for quite a while. To get over this bump, I'll do something like read or socialize. Generally, socializing helps me out with posts. I take the weird shit we talk about, like "Why is there rice in the salt shaker?" and make it into a longer post. A lot of times, this is how I come up with my "Bug's the Shit our of Me" posts.

For today's post (or part two of this entry) I came up with the idea about an hour and a half ago. I was in the living room with my brother and we were admiring christmas presents under the tree. That is also the moment that I came up with the idea for the three parter.

That's about it.

I don't do any drafting or anything like that. Sometimes I take the post a little more seriously and actually think about the formatting, but I think that's been maybe 6 times out of the 340 or so we've had this year.

Next up is the writing process, or A Bigtinypig Blog Post: Part II. Then, the 'grand finale', A Bigtinypig Blog Post: Part III

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