Thoughts of the Day 3-31-09

Here are some of the things i discussed with myself today.

-If tater tots are mini potato hash brown things, what do you call those miniature tater tots? I was thinking tater-minis or mini-tots, but neither of those seem to sound great. well tot is short for toddler in the culture that i'm familiar with, so how bout tater baby? nah that just sounds morbid. like i'm eating a baby or something. while we're at it, lets rule out tater midget, midget tot, baby tater midget, tater fetus (that's awful..) or stem cell tater. More on this another day, i have some big people stuff to do.

-Is it ok to take your shoes off in a library? if so, can i put my feet up on the table or is that going to far. ..ok shoes are off, and the feet feel fantastic.. ok now i can see why shoes off is a not-so-great-idea, when you've been walking around a lot the dogs tend to smell like ... well, they smell like feet.

-that's a cool shirt.. but you don't go to Virginia Tech. If you went to tech, why are you here on a monday night? are you a grad student? If that's the case then I guess you can't afford new clothes, all of your money is going towards that hopefully useful master's degree you're pursuing. What if i started buying shirts from random universities.. How bout one from a community college in kansas. must look into this when i have the patience to find out that you can't buy tshirts from community colleges that don't have websites.

-am i the only one who could care less about "words per minute" in typing? I mean is it really that important? say i go to a job interview and it's on my resume as 90 WPM. would they time me? "alright mr. barrett we're gonna need you to sit at that computer terminal and start typing the words on this document. 3....2.....1......go." when they get to 60 seconds, and i've only reached 87 WPM, am i kicked out of the office for being a liar? I think this whole system should come with a scale of some kind.
if you can type 100+ WPM, you automatically get a job and a free world of warcraft account.
60-99 WPM gets you the job but you're forced to draft letters for your boss
30-59 WPM gets you the job only if you're an attractive young female
and 0-29 WPM gets you a GED.

more some other time.



So I was thinking about it last week, and i really wanna get in a fight. I mean a real fight, like straight up kick some ass and get beat down at the same time. I haven't been in a fight since I was 14 and I know it's about damn time. I've been instigating shit too, like sunday this joker decided to move my shit from my dryer to the counter event though it was still wet. I talked mad shit to this kid calling him a dumbass and egged him on, but the em effer backed off! oh well. It would have been more like a beat down on my end with nothing to block or stop.

Please, someone give me the opportunity! I'm considering going to the gym and then try and get someone to fight me. Maybe I should start smaller and hit up the Bar in Damon's first to get the sloppy drunks at 1 am.

On an unrelated note, check back later for an updated playlist.


Fate / Coincidence

I've always been a proponent of coincidence. I was never one to believe in a predetermined fate or destiny. I mean, this goes with my religious beliefs and those I don't think I should get into, because that's not what this blog is about. But what I would like to discuss is what we call "fate" or "destiny" and how it is compared to what I believe as coincidence.

For example; when I went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for every summer, we always drove over the Ocacroke Inlet Bridge. For three consecutive years, I heard the song "Here's to the Night" by Eve 6 while we drove over that bridge. That doesn't mean that song is some how connected to the beach in any other spiritual way than pure coincidence. Now maybe that's not a good example for you.

So here's a historical coincidence; John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and both gentleman passed on the same day, 50 years later, July 4, 1826.

But what about all those million tiny little coincidences we have all the time? I personally believe those add up to mean something more. Is it a coincidence that my roommate and I, whom I've never met before we were randomly assigned to each other in August of 2007, have the same birthday? January 5, 1989.

The story of how Stephanie and I became friends reeks of coincidence. In the early fall of 2003, the entire Freshmen class took a test, I cannot now remember what the test was for, but it is irrelevant. The seating of the test was alphabetical, and somehow we found ourselves sitting across from one another during this test. Six months later, we met through friends and hit it off socially. We would have become friends regardless of our accidental meeting, but it's an interesting nonetheless.

There are many coincidences in all of our lives. John Littlewood, a Mathematics professor of Cambridge, has said, "...in the course of any normal person's life, miracles happen at a rate of roughly one per month." I take this to mean that of all the people in this world and of all the things that happen to us, there are little miracles in our lives that aren't able to be explained. Coincidence? I think so.


Bugs the Shit Out of Me: Bananas

OK before you get the wrong idea, I wanna say that bananas are quite possibly my favorite fruit. BUT what really bugs the shit out of me is when they aren't ripe!! For me, the perfect banana is yellow with some light brown spots on the peel, when you unpeel that shit it's delicious. no spots and so sweet. best thing ever. But when it's green? fuck that! I mean, that's like eating raw meat, it's just not ready for consumption!


Gone Fishing

I will be out of town and away from the laptop until Sunday night. JMU calls my name and I must answer.

Have a good weekend!


Chad Ocho Cinco

So I wanted to say how I feel about this whole name change thing. It's obviously a display of how awesome he believes he is, which I disagree with, and I think he's running out of ideas. I have absolutely no problem with him doing it, it's his right and it's his name. I will only start to dislike the situation when the media and ESPN inevitably blow up the situation come preseason.

Now I know that by me talking about it, I'm only exacerbating the situation, but I felt I'd share my position on the topic before the shit storm hit the fan.

Chicken Wings

Ok I'm tired of explaining how to eat a buffalo wing the RIGHT way at restaurants so here it goes:

If you are not ready to read a description of bones, joints, and dismantling the wing of a chicken, just skip this article and move on. I don't want to offend anyone by describing the pieces and comparing them to the parts of a human arm, but that is the easiest simile to make.

First, let's talk about what is on the plate in front of you.

There are these things

and these things.

The first is referred to as the "drumstick" or "little leg thingy" to amateurs. In reality, it is actually the first part of the three piece chicken wing. The fat end is connected to the chicken as it's "shoulder". This piece is what you would consider your bicep and quadricep of your upper arm. The thinner end, or elbow is connected to the next piece, the "wing". This second pice is what you would think of as your forearm. It has two bones (radius and ulna for us human types) that then connect to the third and final piece of the wing. This third piece is commonly used for chicken stock and you won't see it on your plate at a hooters.

When eating chicken wings, a lot of people will go for the first section or "drumstick" because there is absolutely no thought process necessary to eat it. You grab, you may dunk it in blue cheese, then you consume. I, personally, prefer the "wing" portion of the plate because there is more meat, less bone, and you look like you know what you're doing.

So, step one to consuming the "wing".
Firmly grasp the piece and push your finger in between the two bones. You are separating smaller bone from the larger so that you can easily eat the meat. The bones connect at either end of the "wing" but on one of the ends, the connection is weak and can easily be broken.

Step two.
Break this connection. you can then lift the smaller bone away from the larger one and disconnect the other "joint" at the opposite end of the piece. You now have two separate pieces. Eat the meat off the smaller one. Set aside the small bone after you've eaten the meat off of it, and prepare for..

Step three.
What you have left in front of you is the larger of the two bones with all the meat still intact. Using your forefinger and thumb to disconnect the meat from the "lose connection" end that we talked about in step one. All the meat is now only connected to one end.

Finally, step four.
With one bite, you can eat all of the remaining meat. For those of you smaller mouthed people, take your time eating it.

Well now you know how to tackle the real chicken wing. Impress your friends.


Pop-Up Life

So if anyone out there is unfamiliar with "pop up video" you should follow this link and educate yourself.

So what if life had a pop up video? It's times like now that I wish I had some knowledge of video editing and a camera with the capabilities to record such an event, but alas, I am lacking.

Instead, I must ask you to imagine the awesomeness of a real-life pop up experience. I personally picture it from the third person perspective, as If i'm watching someone experiencing this phenomenon and freaking out about it. I mean, if you were walking down the street and random bubbles just popped out of nowhere stating, "the clothes he's wearing is actually the same exact outfit he wore the previous Monday!" Or how bout when the person is fleeing the bubbles and escapes into the public restroom only to find a bubble erupting behind him stating, "this bathroom was originally a bowling alley but was converted in 1988 after a bad fire!"

I must think about possibly writing down these ideas. I bet someone would pay money for it on one of them websites on them internets.


Break you're mother's back.

George Mason University's campus is riddled with sidewalks and paths, most of which I use on a daily basis. If you've ever seen me walk, I take a pretty speedy pace. Generally this is due to the fact that I avoid stepping on cracks.
I know, what am I like 8?
I've gotten so used to the length my stride needs to be to avoid the cracks that I don't even have to look down anymore. And just to be clear, when I say "crack" I mean the man-made separation between sidewalk squares, the natural cracks that are very large, or the change in building material (sidewalk to brick etc) or tile colors indoors.

Now that I'm thinking about it, did anyone else avoid a certain tile color when they were in school? I remember my elementary school had different color floor tiles in some weird pattern and I'd avoid stepping on the red or green or what have you and I'd pretend it was lava.

I don't know why avoid the cracks, I guess i make a game out of it when I walk. It's not just when i'm walking alone, i do it when I'm with people. Maybe i've done it with you, the reader, and you didnt notice it.


Bugs the Shit Out of Me: Gyms

I'm starting a new thing, this is basically me venting about something that bugs me. It obviously isn't a unique idea but hey, everyone has to let out some steam. Today is just the first time i've posted it and given it a title.


what really bugs the shit out of me about gyms is the people who go there. There are basically 4 different kinds;

1) the music heads - These are the one's that don't effect me that much but do get annoying to many others. When I work out, I bring my iPod to kinda keep me in a rhythm while i'm running or cycling or even lifting. but some people take this opportunity to blast their music in their headphones and tune out all of their problems but crank a new one up for the rest of us! I mean, just because you're on your period or you're cheating on your girlfriend, or you just had a shitty childhood, doesn't mean you can crank "ghetto rap" so i can't hear the game on TV number 5. turn it down, or buy some bose.

2) the sweaty em-effers - You ever use a machine, say for your biceps, and you have to lean against a back rest for support. Or you bench press, or even do leg presses, both with a back support. Well when you're done, you go grab the towel and spray and clean your shit off right? you would if you were a good decent person, but not if you're a sweaty em-effer. those people think their shit don't stink and they don't produce sweat. I think their delusional. clean you're sweat or i'll punch you in the back of the head.

3) the machine abusers - OK so here's the scenario. You just finished your'e two mile run and then hopped on the bike. you then did you're routine 6 mile push over about a 25 minute lapse, feeling pretty good about yourself. Because it's Thursday, you then need to head over to the machines and hit up that one machine that you don't have a name for. you've been considering Alfred because it works your arms, but then you think "that's a stupid name" and you look up and this guy's using the machine. Ok... i'll wait on this other machine and use it til he's done.

He's still there.. it's been 8 minutes. you counted. and he's still there. I mean don't his arm's get tired? You've been alternating through machines but he hasn't budged. you give up and leave frustrated. So to all you machine abusers, watch out. you're on my list.

and finally,
4) the staring creepers - self explanatory but here's an example: I run on the treadmill as a warm-up on most days. We have a lot of windows at the gym i use, and i night they are basically mirrors. So why is it that there's always that guy staring at other people? I mean i see him using the window as a creeper tool. hell i think he glances at me. and it's worse when he's on the treadmill too, cause than he tries to race me or something. what a tool. during the day when the windows are just windows, there are the people who walk by and stare at anyone on the treadmills. it's just creepy. I know i look good in a tank top but come on.

..that was a joke btw.

Weekend at UVA

So i'm way behind (as usual when I go away) so expect some fluff in the next few days. I will also prepare for being away this coming weekend as well.

I went to UVA this past weekend and it was amazing, as always. I saw the whispering wall for the first time which was awesome and I got a great tour of the campus from the Ms. Zoe Ortiz.

Sadly, we watched Twilight Saturday afternoon, I lost another two hours of my life. What a waste. Awful movie...

Overall it was an awesome weekend, and I look forward to my visit this coming weekend at James Madison. Should be amazing!


Street Lights

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm not. I don't know. But what I do know is that numerous times during my life on this planet a streetlight will suddenly turn on or off without explanation as I am right beneath it.

The most memorable of these occurrences actually happened quite a lot. On trips to and from a girlfriends house, one particular light would always go on or off when I drove past it. This happened every single time. There are no exceptions.

Does anyone else have this happen to them? Am i paranoid?

Tonight while walking on campus, a streetlight popped on above me just outside of lecture hall. Another switched off just as I passed beneath it, this time several moments later and on the other end of campus.

The only rational explanation that I can think of is the lights are on a timer, and I just happen to be very lucky (or unlucky) and catch the lights as the transition to and from "power save mode". In reality, I think there is someone hiding behind a tree with a light control.


The air we breathe

I think it's funny that there is a common misconception about the air that we breath is Oxygen. Generally, people believe that what we breath and what the atmosphere is made of is all oxygen. But in reality, what you may think is far from the truth.

True, we do breath in oxygen. Plant's produce it as a byproduct of photosynthesis. But we're actually breathing in a lot more of that. The "air" that we breath is about 21% Oxygen, and 78% Nitrogen by volume. The Oxygen enters our bloodstream and through the whole process, we exhale Carbon Dioxide, which, in turn, goes right back to the plants in their process of photosynthesis.

So yea we do need oxygen to survive, that was never my argument, I just think it's interesting that most of the Earth's atmosphere is Nitrogen and not what we think it is, Oxygen.


currenT Playlist

Updated the play list, this time with links to the songs on youtube. Enjoy!


Study Abroad

Apart from the obvious jokes that I think of every time "study abroad" comes into conversation, I think it's a pretty cool idea.

ok fine, "study abroad! which one?!"

heyuck heyuck lets move on.

So i've visited the information booths, i carried the pink flyers across campus and tried to hide the fluorescence under my arm/in my notebook to no avail. I've been to the website, I've seen the blogs, I wanna do it.

So what's stopping me? Nothing. I'm gonna do it. If I can find a class that fits my needs and costs me little to nothing extraordinary, I'm gone for a month.

So i pose the question (which will inevitably go unanswered) if you were to study a broad (ha!) where would you go?

My top 10:
Buenos Aires

Rome is the only one i could find that I could actually use towards my degree. BUT it's a whopping 4700 without airfare. soo we're looking at about 6000 for 3 credits over two weeks in Italy in the winter. Is it worth it? I think maybe.. but I don't wanna miss my 21st birthday on my home soil.


The August/Mom Bracket

This should be good.

click to enlarge

Rocket Science it is not.

So I recently heard the phrase "it's not rocket science" uttered by a friend referring to a task that was not difficult. I wanted to know what rocket science actually is and I discovered that "Rocket Science" is actually not the technical term. "Aerospace Engineering" is more acceptable.

huh. so Rocket Science isn't exactly rocket science now is it?



I absolutely love March. Everyone loves the site of some midmajor school owning a big conference team during the season, but how about those buzzer beaters to set lowly conference teams over their ranked supposed conference champs during the tourney?

About this time every year, and for about a month before and during the NCAA tournament, we hear the phrases "bracket" "bracket buster" "on the bubble" and "popped bubble" or "bubble has busted".

I like these ideas, but I think they make the sport of college basketball sound almost like a saturday morning cartoon. Now i'm not going to complain about every little thing i write on this blog, but I would like to say that basketball and bubbles are as different as the little boys and little girls that respectively played them on a summer afternoon in between third and fourth grade.

However, I can't get enough of this environment and I look forward to seeing the brackets released tomorrow and I will surely post one of my brackets by monday or tuesday as a large image on this blog.

Good luck to all you bracket professors out there.


Cinemassacre Radio!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Joe Boxer Returns

Swedish Golfer Henrik Stenson apparently played a hole in his underwear yesterday, wow.

So from what I've heard, he landed his ball in the mud off the tee shot on the Par 4 Hole 3. To avoid getting dirty, he stripped down to play the shot in his underwear.

Here's what I think, given this was day one on the third hole, which was probably only his 8th shot of the day, I'll let it slide. I mean if he's on the 16th hole, then he should play out the day with a muddy shirt and roll up your pant legs, but because he would have had to play the whole day with mud caked on his shirt, there is some leeway here.

However, he lost MAJOR dude points for doing it. Not because he is "gay" or anything childish like that for taking his shirt off, but because he did it to avoid getting dirty. Are you kidding me Henrik?



"Literally," by definition, is in the literal or strict sense.


I know people like to use the word "literally" when describing something that happened with an emphasis on how amazing it was, for example

"Gosh I'm literally starving"

They mean that they are REALLY hungry, but they said they are starving in the literal sense or, by definition, in severe need and currently lacking nourishment.

literally was misused in this sense, but i can understand the mistake.

Please take this lesson and consider the word "literally" before you use it. Or I will literally lose all respect for you.

New Counter

Just a quick note today, got a count down to Opening Day up to the right. I'll write more later. Enjoy College Bball.


CAA Tourney Finale

Mason and VCU advanced to the Final game of the CAA tournament tonight, and as expected (but certainly hoped against) Mason was defeated, soundly i might add, by VCU 71-50. Embarrassing.


World War Two: The Simple Version



Is there a better superhero?

Let's consider the strengths and weaknesses:

Super Strength
Super Speed
Spider Sense
that whole web thing
Wall Climbing
Awesome Costume
He's a normal human, with extra abilities
Mary Jane. Duh!

He's a normal human and therefore has friends and family to feed off of
He is not immortal
and he must keep his identity secret or face certain death.

I mean come on, he's like the best superhero ever! I welcome open criticism.

CAA Tourney Continued...

I was wrong in my assumption that NU would out last Towson, but I correctly predicted the Mason and ODU victories.

Tonight VCU will win and Mason will win. Let's see if I can find it on tv!


CAA Tourney

The CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) Men's Basketball Tournament started Friday this weekend, and here's a quick run-down of how I believe it's gonna play out.

Last Night;
Towson Defeated Drexel, 73-62
James Madison Dominated William & Mary, 70-48
Hofstra topped UNC Wilmington 79-66
and Georgia St. surprised Delaware, 54-41

This morning;
VCU knocked the surging Panthers (GSU) 62-51
and as I am writing this, Hofstra and ODU are fighting it out with Hofstra on top 29-28 at the Half.

I foresee ODU pulling it out in a close one to move on to the Semis tomorrow.

Mason plays the home team in Richmond against James Madison
and Northeastern will try to survive against Towson.

Mason should squeeze it out against Madison and Northeastern is the better team in the late game and I see them moving on to Sunday. These two will meet Sunday evening and Mason will best Northeastern to move on to the CAA championship for the 3rd consecutive year.
VCU will face ODU as the early game Sunday and VCU should move on as the favorite to win it all.

Monday Night will have the championship game with Mason and VCU head to head for only the second time this season. VCU got the best of Mason in the earlier contest, but I think Mason will prevail and be only the fourth CAA team to win back to back tourney rings.

Dude I'm way behind in my posts bro.

So i have fallen very behind on my posts as of late. I attribute that to working late wednesday and thursday and having my laptop away from me friday night while i was with my broseph JD.

I'm sorry for using the word broseph, that was in appropriate.

Speaking of broseph, I hate the phrase "bro". I mean it's such a faggy-frat-boy phrase. "Dude bro, could you hold my cup for me while i fondle your nuts? I love you too bro!" I'm a pretty relaxed guy, but if you call me "bro" I will straight up murder you. no lie.


anything following the word bro, other than "ther", "om", "il", "ad", or "ccolli" should be banned, pending further review.


Frozen Locks = hilarity.


Snow Day


Tommy Boy is on.... or is it Black Sheep?

I mean, why did they release the same exact movie twice? I love me some Chris Farley, but it's essentially the same movie! Compare for yourself.

Seriously go watch them. Back to back.

Go ahead I'll wait.

Here's a link to a clip of each one if you dont have the movie: Tommy Boy Black Sheep

so really, go watch them, then come back. open up a new window for the clips.

so how was it? Did you enjoy them? Same character dynamic huh. Yea i know, that's what I thought. Did you think one was better than the other? No? Yea they are like the same movie aren't they!