February is ova for another 337 days.

First, a note that i'm pretty impressed with myself for being able to keep up with this on a daily basis so far. it's not often i follow through with something that really has no benefit.

Why is february shorter than all the other months? I mean i'm sure there's a real reason that i don't care to look up right now, but who pissed off who? You think some roman guy named februar was a total dick to the other romans, but he invented something awesome like a manhole cover or something. So he needed a month named after him, but they were like to hell with that guy, give him 28 days when everyone else gets 30-31.
But years later when we realized we needed a leap year, we all felt bad that februar was gettin screwed every year.

BP Jersey

So probably the best find of the week in the Merch closet at the Pfitz, this BP jersey from god knows when. I can't even confirm if it was worn or a giveaway or what, but the pics are below:

And here's the weird part; as you can see from the first picture, there is no laundry tag on the front, but really, there is!

it was sewn onto the inside of the jersey, upside down. is this a common occurence in Rawlings BP jerseys?


Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Another beautiful day, and it's not even March. It won't last, as by the end of Sunday we'll have fallen back into the cold and windy state that we suffered through all this past week. One can only hope for Hockey and College Basketball to ease the pain. Oh yea and spring training too.

Why on earth did Bob Dylan name it that?

here's the interpretation from a few sources, although i don't know how credible it is:
"...I asked the question here about a month ago, and someone told me
that the only thing Dylan said about it, was that as he was recording
the song, a mother and daughter walked into the studio drenched due to
the rainy day outside. Mother was 35, daughter 12."
and a quote from Dylan himself:
"...Well, you know my songs are all mathematical songs. Now, you know what
that means so I'm not gonna have to go into that specifically here.
It happens to be a protest song. ...and it borders on the
mathematical, you know, idea of things, and this one specifically
happens to be ... "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" happens to deal with a
minority of, you know, cripples and Orientals and, uh, you know, and
the world in which they live,.... It's another sort of a North Mexican
kind of a thing, uh, very protesty. Very, very protesty. And, uh, one
of the protestiest of all things I ever protested against in my
protest years..."
I don't think this song was being metaphorical after reading that nonsense.



After today's glorious weather, I was very tempted to just blow off my afternoon classes and read in the JC quad. Perfect weather for relaxing outside with the paper or even a textbook.

I'm growing to love spring more and more as I get older, and It has to do with a lot of things. As a kid, fall was my favorite time of year due to the fact that it was football season and snow days were just around the corner. Now, however, it means cold days and weather going from good to terrible in a matter of weeks.

Spring means cold weather disappearing, more rain (I thoroughly enjoy rain) and baseball season. Now don't get me wrong, Football is still my favorite sport, but Baseball is my job and I enjoy getting paid to be around a sport. Besides, going to baseball games is a lot less expensive than a football game, and did I mention the beautiful weather?

So bring on the amusement parks, the ballparks, and the park parks. Bring on the early Saturday mornings with coffee, newspaper and sunrises. And especially, bring on the Spring.


Vanity License Plates

After a conversation with Bill and Anthony regarding license plates, i decided to take notice on the quantity of them in VA. it's astounding how often they appear on the roads in Northern Virginia.

Some of the favorites of today:

JRZ-GRL = I'm a slut
BAKKOFF = I drive a truck to make myself feel better, nay bigger.
28WEMSU = I make smart sports decisions ie. the Redskins. (it's referring to Darrell Green)
31 = really? and it wasn't a utility vehicle or anything. it was a civic.

more to come, i'm thinking of making a sidebar for this, "stupid vanity plates of virginia"


Terry Tate, Badass.



Movie Review Time!

Taken (2008)

Main Stars:
Liam Neeson
Maggie Grace
Famke Janssen

First Reaction:
This is a hell of an action movie. With very little plot to distract you from the ass kicking that Bryan Mills (Neeson) lays down on Russian terrorists. If you're looking for a date movie, see something else. Women will not get why this movie is awesome. If you've ever walked out of a theater with an adrenalin rush, prepare for a repeat performance. I had the urge to break something or someone when walking out of this theater. It's that intense.

Bryan Mills (Neeson) lives in L.A. so he can be close to his daughter Kim (Grace) who is turning 17. Kim lives with her mother (Janssen) and step father. When Kim and her friend Amanda go to Europe to follow U2, they are abducted in Paris and are sold in to prostitution. Mills, an ex-U.S. government Spy, goes to his daughter's rescue.
The following hour and a half is full of ass kicking and beat downs.

With a minimal plot with enough story to keep you in your seat, and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat, this film is worth the 10 bucks. Though it's not good for a date, it is perfect for a group of guys.
9 boots to the face out of 10.



I was think about how human evolution made what we are today, and I think gravity has a huge impact on our eyelids. I know, it sounds weird of me to think that, and it is, I just thought I'd share.

Say we had vertical eye slits. Freaky huh? Now suppose it rains. We'd be screwed! Even if our eyes are closed, there's a good chance we're getting water in there. So, as a natural umbrella, our eyelids are horizontal lines that run parallel to gravity. In this case, when it rains we're protected by the upper lid.

How cool is that! So next time it rains and you're out walkin around without an umbrella, remember that you have two umbrella's on you're face.


Janice Joplin

I don't know what it is, but I cannot stand Janice Joplin. I mean she made great music (apparently) but I just don't enjoy it. She died what, 40 years ago? For some reason I just don't like her music. She sounds good, the lyrics are good i guess. I don't know what it is. Maybe I have a bias against drugged out folk singers.

Did you know that in Don McLean's song American Pie, the woman at the end of the song:
I met a girl who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news,
But she just smiled and turned away.
is referring to Janice Joplin?


You did the motor boat didn't you!




the english language.

why does car sick have a negative connotation when it follows the same conceptual pattern of the phrase homesick?

i mean, there's no reason for it to be different other than the reality that it is. if i were to be away from my car for a long time, what would i call that? car detached?

and while i'm at it, what about words that have an (in my opinion) unnecessary prefix? entrust vs trust.

I entrust to you the company's assets with faith that you use them appropriately.

I trust to you the company's assets with faith that you use them appropriately.

the english languague pisses me off. everything has two meanings. i believe this is the reason everyone hates us overseas.

nah, it's gotta be more than just that.


Cash for Gold

I don't know but this seems pretty sketchy for me. I mean, you're sending away your jewelry and assuming they will send you back some money? I don't think so. And to add to that, MC Hammer did a commercial for them. Is that some kind of a joke? I'm supposed to take a product/service seriously when endorsed by a man who has zero credibility in this decade? I mean if it were an add for baggy pants or bad haircuts or even an add that makes fun of MC Hammer, then yea maybe. But not something that's already this questionable to begin with.

Come on Cash for Gold. You can do better than that.



Today I wold like to compare the two icons of the James Bond Franchise that I knew as a kid in the 90's.

Goldeneye 007 the video game for Nintendo 64

and Goldeneye 007 the Movie

First Reactions:

When the movie came out in 1995, It was the first bond movie I ever saw, I was 6. It was awesome. I remember thinking that Pierce Brosnan (at the time I only knew him as Bond, James Bond) was the biggest bad ass in the history of man. Or in my own words of the day, He was super. Years later, a ride at Kings Dominion would relive the movie (that's a stretch), and I couldn't ride it enough. It was my first ride at the park, and I miss it more than ANY other ride in the history of Amusement Parks.

The video game came on the scene two years later in August of 97. That's when the obsession really started. I got a Nintendo 64 Spring of 1998 after pleads from friends telling me how "totally awesome" the games were. Me and my brother both paid for it with our christmas money and birthday money. First games of ours included Diddy Kong Racing, Madden 99 and, of course, Goldeneye 007. I remember playing this in Eric Rooney's basement and then, after copious sugar intake, acted out the multiplayer with toy guns and loud sound effects "BANG BANG I GOT YOU! YOU'RE DEAD, I GOT YOU!" Best N64 game, nay, GAME, of all time.


The movie gets points for nostalgia sake, but when you watch it today, it falls short of "Bond" movies of the age. Sure, I could give it a 10 on the sheer fact that it is the first and very much the favorite for me because, well, it was the first. It was my Bond equivalent of a first date. It is my earliest memory of the god of secret agents. BUT it was not the best of all time. I mean Boris? really? "I am invincible!" Weak villains and weaker Bond Girl attractiveness, xenia onotopp was pretty hot though, gives this movie a 7.5007 rating (out of 10)

The game not only took you through the whole movie, well, the way all movie based games do, leave out parts and stretch small scenes into full levels, but it also had the most memorable multiplayer option of any game before Halo. It had numerous level maps, numerous characters, and the best cheat options I've ever seen. Paintball mode? I didn't even know what paintball was until i played this game. DK mode? This game had the marketing balls to publicize another game within a game. I challenge you to play Slappers only with three of your friends with health on a +10 handicap. You will either be playing all night, or for 10 minutes until you get too frustrated to continue. I give it a 9.007 (out of 10)


Duh. The best video game of all time, versus the movie that could have been based on the video game, and it wouldn't have been any different.
Don't have the game?
Don't have an N64?
Get one. Do it now, I'll wait.

Ok now go play it. I'll wait.

How do you feel? Yea I had to change my tighty whiteys after my first time playing as well.


Mike Green

What a bad ass. Let's take the caps to the post season. And how bout we get past the first round?



Is there anyway to make a custom Fathead?
A fathead is a wall decoration that sticks using static cling. The website is the link above.

Can you imagine having the ability to design one of these things? What would one put on there? I can imagine some pretty terrible things that should remain unsaid, but what about weird things like the Trix rabbit or Adam West's batman? Or a giant sandwich? Steve-o? Could you make one of yourself? I don't think I could live with that. I giant picture of me staring back at me.. creepy. Maybe if someone was stalking me, but still.

I think I would make a giant door-fathead. Just a door. then I'd screw a door knob into the wall. Awesome.


Wash Rinse Repeat

Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand watching Michael make a fool of himself. It's the same reason I could never watch shows like American Idol where people just embarrass themselves on national television. Just awful.

On to today's topic:

I never wash twice. It's a waste of shampoo. Maybe that's directed to the female users of shampoo, when the advise you repeat, but I think it's just a gimmick to get you to use you more shampoo. Does anyone else think that it's just a terrible cycle? wash, rinse, repeat. wash, rinse, repeat. wash, rinse, repeat. wash, rinse, repeat. etc. It's like that joke we all told (or at least I told) when I was in middle school; Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence. Pete fell off, who was left? Repeat. Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence. Pete fell off, who was left? Repeat. etc.

damn shampoo people.


Roller Coasters

The above link takes you to a picture of the first roller coaster I've ever ridden. It's called the Swamp Fox and is located at the Family Kingdom amusement park in Myrtle Beach, SC. When I was under the age of 10, I was deadly terrified of roller coasters. I went to Disney World and refused to ride the rides. Of course I forced on them and I ended up really liking them so, thanks for that Mom and JD.

I think the best roller coasters are of the wooden variety, but I do think that riding a brand new roller coaster that of any kind is probably one of my top 5 favorite things to do in the summer.

The worst part about the life of a roller coaster is the time that it becomes too shaky to ride. That time when it begins to wobble around and give it's riders a headache really makes a coaster aficionado like myself sad. It's like it's getting too old and needs to retire, and we all know what happens to roller coasters when they retire.. so sad.


Tarp Pull

When it rains at the Pfitzner Stadium, There are many different operations.

1 - The tarp can merely moved closer to the third base line just to get it ready for the field. This typically happens on a day where rain is "possible" later in the afternoon, and we are just preparing to cover the field in the even of rain.
This will NOT count as a pull.

2 - The tarp can be rolled out across left field, but not unfolded. This happens for the same reason we would do operation #1, but rain is more likely in this situation, as the sun is probably not out. The tarp CANNOT be on the field when the sun is out, as the grass will burn and discolor.
This will NOT count as a pull.

3 - After performing operation #2, if it appears we do not need the tarp on the field, we will roll it back up and put it back against the wall in the visitor's bullpen.
This WILL count as a pull, as it is the completed action of a tarp going on and off a field.

4 - The tarp can be unrolled and unfolded, or just unfolded from operation #2. This will happen if it is already raining or if we are preparing for imminent rain or at night. At night, we would perform this operation because there is a chance (50% or greater) that it will rain overnight AND we have a game the next day.
This WILL count as a pull.

5 - The tarp is on the field, and there is an excess of water on the surface. We need to perform what's called a "dump" and remove the water from the tarp. This action is one of the more difficult.
This WILL count as a pull.

6 - The tarp is on the field, and there is not an excess of water on the surface. We need to remove the tarp from the field, the operation of folding it and rolling it up is the final step.
This WILL count as a pull.

7 - In the event that the tarp needs to be dumped, then removed, It will count as one pull.
This WILL count as a pull.

If there is an unprecedented circumstance, I will address the situation as it comes.



So the playlist below is a pretty good one I must say. I suggest that you take a few of the songs you aren't completely familiar with and putting them into youtube to see what you get. I'm sure you know a lot of them, if not all of them. I think you would enjoy.

I have quite a bit of studying to do tonight, so I must be going, but I hope that you have a good 'ol time doing what ever it is that you do.



I've decided to take a facebook hiatus. Mainly because I spend a bit of my time on it and obsessively checking it on a regular basis. It'll be good for me to go cold turkey. I'm rewarding myself with something TBD if I make it to the end of the month (gasp) without signing on. In the meantime, I hope to increase my study habits a smidge, or play a touch more video games, we'll see what happens.

So for now I will write sarcastic entries in here, always wondering if I am truly talking to myself. I think I like not knowing. The idea of there being some people (or possibly just a person) out there reading this drivel is quite a thought, but maybe not knowing either way eliminates the let down of knowing the number of visitors is zero.

Here's to more drivel coming your way!


Top picture

That counts as content for a day!!!

Also, notice the tarp pull counter on the right, as well as the updated playlist.

I'll come up for the rules of the tarp counter in the future. What constitutes a pull?

iTunes that you haven't listened to in a long time.

Today I would like to praise my iTunes. Not for playing the music that I listen to most everyday, but for showing me what music I haven't listened to for over a year.

Thank you iTunes. You reintroduced me to some older songs that I will add to a playlist. I now have a greater respect for what you do.



I have a problem with jelly. The sugars in it make it way to sticky, so if you're making a PBJ, be careful.

Ok yea I really don't have a problem with jelly. It's one of my favorite things to put on bread, and it's absolutely phenomenal on a bagel with cream cheese.

My real issue is with the people who design the jars they come in. The substance is something that is almost impossible to spread on a sandwich as it is, but to put in a jar is torture. How am I supposed to get it out of there? A spoon? Then I have to spread it with something other than the spoon, and I'm not a fan of doing dishes.

The solution, the geniuses who made the squeeze bottle jelly. They deserve some kind of medal.


West Coast TV

I found myself asking the following question the other night,
If you live on the west coast and follow prime time television like Lost or 24, do you get to see the shows on TV at the same time as the east coast or do you have to wait an extra three hours?

It bugged me, so I had to find out. I considered calling a friend of mine, Chris Fisher, and asking him. I also considered asking friends of mine who live on the East coast but at some point in the past, lived on the West.

Then I remembered the Internet!

Apparently, the shows you see on the East Coast at anytime of the day, are on a three hour tape delay for California and the rest of the West coast states. How much would that suck? I mean, do you have to watch a tape delay version of the ball dropping on New Years? What's the point? I'd rather watch a ball drop from the Space Needle than something from the stinky-old East coast.

But Sporting Events are played live, so how awesome would it be to wake up at 10 am to see a football game? or if you lived in Hawaii, 8 am!!!


Sweatpants in Public.

When is it appropriate, and when does it look like you're a slob?

Trick question; it's rarely "appropriate" and you hardly ever DON'T look like a slob. That's just the way it is.


1) College campuses during the day, in classes.
Not appropriate, you look like a slob.
I must state that when girls wear this article of clothing, it's a whole different look. That's a fashion matter, so for purposes of discussion let's exclude them from this section.
It's college people. We know you have SOME money. I don't care what you look like, or who you are, put on some real pants. Invest in something that's not made of cotton. It's worth it in the long run. You look like you just rolled out of bed, and as far as I know, that "look" went out a little while ago.

2) College campuses at night, about 11pm-anything before first classes.
Appropriate, you still look like a slob.
At this time, you are not frowned upon if you're wearing sweatpants around campus. It's night time and you're a college kid. Unless it's a weekend, you're perfectly able to rock this look without being thought of as a complete hobo.
Ladies, it's always ok for you to wear it as long as you look good in it. That's the rule of thumb. If you make a guy look you up and down for a hot second and they don't go "meh" than it's ok.

3) the real world, any time of day.
Not appropriate, you look like a complete moron.
I include everyone in this category, including Plaxico Burress (was that really 3 months ago?)
Don't do it. Unless you're living on the streets, you shouldn't be wearing sweatpants in public. It screams "I give up, this is the best I'm gonna do," like you wouldn't believe.

Now please, take this advice and make wise decisions about sweatpants.
It's for you're own good.

Rain and puddles

It hasn't rained in a while, so this post is not necessarily about precipitation. It is more directed towards the puddles that occur on sidewalks/paved areas after a bought of rain or of ice melting. I believe a lot can be learned about the slope and warped areas of a pathway at a school or at a place of business when you are wearing nice shoes and there are puddles everywhere.

I hate puddles at these times.

Earlier, I had said something about walking in the "grass" areas when there is ice to avoid slicker areas. This DOES NOT hold true after the ice melts or it rains. I avoid non-paved areas at all costs when it rains. It's like a death trap if you're wearing anything but bare feet or hiking boots. I have one (1) pair of black dress shoes, and I've had them for at least 6 years. I need to keep them as clean as possible (because a new pair is expensive and cleaning an old pair takes effort, of which I have none).

So in conclusion, I like the rain, but I probably would need to invest in better footwear if I lived in or frequented an environment in which wetness is a constant factor.


super LAME!

yea i wanted the cardinals to win, buuuut we can't always get what we want.
i think the steelers didn't play to their potential (where was willy parker in the second half?) and the cardinals played above and beyond what everyone expected of them. the refs called the game the way they wanted it and that was for the steelers. a lot of bad no-calls and bad calls. so the steelers have 6, but two of them (feb '06 and feb '09) will always stick out to me as the games the refs decided.

best commercial; none.

none of them stood out to me, but a lot of them were great. i respect NBC for not running the same spots over and over and over again.