After today's glorious weather, I was very tempted to just blow off my afternoon classes and read in the JC quad. Perfect weather for relaxing outside with the paper or even a textbook.

I'm growing to love spring more and more as I get older, and It has to do with a lot of things. As a kid, fall was my favorite time of year due to the fact that it was football season and snow days were just around the corner. Now, however, it means cold days and weather going from good to terrible in a matter of weeks.

Spring means cold weather disappearing, more rain (I thoroughly enjoy rain) and baseball season. Now don't get me wrong, Football is still my favorite sport, but Baseball is my job and I enjoy getting paid to be around a sport. Besides, going to baseball games is a lot less expensive than a football game, and did I mention the beautiful weather?

So bring on the amusement parks, the ballparks, and the park parks. Bring on the early Saturday mornings with coffee, newspaper and sunrises. And especially, bring on the Spring.

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