What is the point of this pocket?
I've yet to use it once. In a basic pair of pants I have 4 regular sized pockets plus this little bastard.

As you can see I can't fit any more than the tips of my fingers in there (insert giggity here) yet they continue to sew that extra few inches of fabric onto my pants.

You can't fit a thing in there. Not my pen, my keys, shit not even my wallet! Then why make the damn pocket?

Sure some of you out there would attest that a few pieces of spare change would fit, or even a single key, or a breath mint. But I could just as easily put ALL of those things in the normal pocket. And I could get them out of the normal WAY easier than that small one. You ever tried wrangling out a dime from under the car seat? Try getting a dime out of that pocket and not look like a moron at CVS.



Best $0.99 I ever spent on iTunes.

Jumping Ship


I saw this on in an article today. First off, it's not original. I know of two occasions that this occurred this summer alone.

Second, really?
I understand we have an owner that would rather make money than win, and a coaching staff that can't control a cast of players that don't want to play, but I'll support them til I die. How can you call yourself a fan if you're so willing to jump ship and be sold to the highest bidder? You're calling for attention and you're succeeding at that. Hopefully their are more people like me out there that think this guy (or gal) is an idiot. I looked at their last bought item and came up with this.
Click to Enlarge
This guy is bored. He's sitting at home and unhappy with how "his team" is performing, and rightfully so, has found himself very unhappy. Yet instead of doing what all other skins fans are doing right now, complain on their blogs or hang their head in shame, he decides to make a buck and sell his "fandom" on ebay.

To ogomo6: Grow up. You're embarassing yourself, and I hope the Raiders buy you for 10,100 and then cut you before the end of the season.

Rating Update

Just as a quick note, with school in it's groove and all other responsibilities taken care of, i've been able to get back to my Family Guy episode rating. I'm working on posting at least the first two seasons online somewhere, and as soon as I do; there will be a sample link on this blog to show a taste of what we're working with. I'll of course couple that with an explanation.

Results Week 3 (2009)

Houston LOST
New England won
Green Bay won
New York Jets won
Philly won
Minnesota won
Baltimore won
Washington LOST
New York Giants won
New Orleans won
Chicago won
Pittsburgh LOST
Oakland LOST
Miami LOST

Indianapolis won

Dallas won

This Week 11-5
Previous Weeks 1 2 3
Overall 30-17


Neon Green

This was posted as a joke on April Fools Day over on Uniwatch, and the idiots in Seattle thought it would be a good idea and they developed the uniforms over the summer.

They finally wore them on the field yesterday and I gotta say, this screams that they need to go back to old uniform roots.
What ever happened to good uniforms in Seattle?
Why not bring back these?

Of course after yesterdays performance in the Motor City, I might be jumping on this snot green bandwagon pretty soon.

The Cleveland Show


What's there to say?

Let's start at the beginning I guess.

Cleveland Brown is fed up with being treated poorly in Quahog by his friends and his ex-wife Loretta. He and Cleveland Jr (who no longer looks like this) must venture off to California where Cleveland vows to become a Minor League Baseball Scout. On the way, they stop in (Richmond) Virginia to Cleveland's home town. There; he runs into a girl he loved in high-school and promises to stay and raise her family with her.

After 30 minutes of zero laughter, I began to wonder what I could have been doing during that time.

I could have:
learned to play a chord on a guitar or piano
learned where the country of Brunei is and that it's major crop is rice
learned how to pronounce (clearly) my last name, backwards. Tterrab.
daydreamed about making money on wall street
read a chapter of a book
written a chapter of a book (poorly i'm sure)
written my own cartoon sitcom that doesn't include a next door neighbor as a bear
counted every brick on my wall
and many more.

In conclusion, Why Mike Henry? Why did you think you can star in your own show?


Picks 3 (2009)

New England
Green Bay
New York Jets
New York Giants
New Orleans
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Knee tan

So I have this pair of pants and the right knee was ripped out during an unfortunate accident that will go un-discussed on this blog.
I happened to wear those pants on a particularly sunny day last fall and during the day, we all stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at this place outside.
What I ate is unimportant (I'm sure it was decent but not great because I've yet to go back) but where I sat is. My right leg was out in the sunlight and after an hour of lunch, I received a knee tan.
We all know how jealous knees can be, but my left knee was pissed. All of both legs were just not happy with my right knee. Left calf was usually really good friends with right knee, but now that right knee got all tan and popular, he shunned his old friends and became the d bag of the legs.
After a week or so the tan subsided and right knee was back to normal. He had a tough time transitioning as all of his friends now hated him. But eventually they welcomed him back to the pants party.
It's been a year now and I've yet to wear those pants again. No one wants that split in the clubhouse. So a word to the wise; never wear pants with holes in them, you'll start a riff that just does not belong in your pants.
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Weekend trip to c-ville.

Headed down to uva mañana to visit a dear friend; it'll be good to get away for a bit.
I'll be updating from my phone through sunday. Possible picture uploads? Who knows.
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Diet Lemonade

The Nutritional information for Chick-fil-a Diet and Regular Lemonade as found on their website.

My question is what's actually different here, apart from "calories" "carbs" and "sugars". Did they take all the fat powder out of Lemonade? I wasn't aware Lemonade had fat powder. And why doesn't Chik-fil-a just make all their Lemonade the same content as "Diet" Lemonade?

I mean I enjoy Lemonade as much as the next 8 year old girl; but when I drink it, I'm always worried about how many carbs I'm consuming. I know it's not just me right? Chick-fil-a, thank you for the option of staying fit and healthy while I chug down 23 oz of "Diet" Lemonade and Three Chicken Sandwiches with Ranch Dressing and a Large Fry. I'm trying to maintain my figure, and you're always there for me Chick-fil-a.


Results Week 2 (2009)

Atlanta won
Minnesota won
Greeen Bay LOST
Tennessee LOST
Kansas City LOST
New England LOST <-- I'm a huge fan of this outcome.
New Orleans won
Washington won
Jacksonville LOST
Buffalo won
Seattle LOST
Pittsburgh LOST <-- and this one.
San Diego LOST
Denver won
NY Giants won

Indianapolis won

This Week 8-8
Previous Weeks 1 2
Overall 19-12



Why is this popular?

I don't see what's so appealing about these things. I mean if you look like this, why would you cover it up and look like this instead?

Are they hiding something? I walk around campus and i see less than 919's wearing those awful looking shades. I mean fine, it works for some people but I swear they are hiding something. Probably some weird deformity. I bet 8 out of 10 people who wear those big shades have a shaved eyebrow from a rough weekend.


Pick the Games (2)

Upset of the week: Jacksonville at home against the 2008 NFC Champs.

Lock of the week: New York Giants rue-een the home opener for the Cowboys and their shiny new stadium.

Last Week: 11-4

Overall: 11-4


What a Jackass..

From TMZ. Thanks for the fantastic reporting on your fine, fine website.


Results Week 1 (2009)

Dallas won
Carolina LOST
New Orleans won
Baltimore won
Houston LOST
Atlanta won
Cincinnati LOST
Minnesota won
Indianapolis won
NY Giants won
Seattle won
Arizona LOST
Green Bay won

New England won
San Diego won

This Week: 11-4
Overall: 11-4


My kind of post

Before you read this i'd like to say that he beat me to a hell of an article.

Ever see one of these pictures?

and not agree with it's fail-a-tude? check out the article linked above, and again linked here.

Major change in a minor.

Sitting in my economics class I think about my major as a marketing student. I dislike all topics discussed in marketing that are exclusive to that class, yet I enjoy all topics that particular class shares with other sections of business and management. For example; prices, profits, etc. Which brings me back to econ class on this monday afternoon. Why am I willing to go back to my apartment and read more on adam smith and less willing to read a textbook about marketing? Is it viable to just do a minor in econ as well as a marketing major?

More to develop as soon as I realize that changing my major this late may not be the best option.

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Pick the Games (1)

My lock of the week: Green Bay over Chicago at home.

Upset of the week: Carolina taking down the supposed "team to beat" in the NFC. The Eagles will struggle in Carolina this weekend.


A new season (2009)

I like to do this every year, predict the season results game by game for the get go. not in depth, but certainly something to look back on.

Regular Season Schedule/Results (BOLD means victory)

1 Sun, Sep 13 @ NY Giants 4:15
2 Sun, Sep 20 St. Louis 1:00
3 Sun, Sep 27 @ Detroit 1:00
4 Sun, Oct 4 Tampa Bay 1:00

5 Sun, Oct 11 @ Carolina 1:00
6 Sun, Oct 18 Kansas City 1:00 ---- Televised on CBS
7 Mon, Oct 26 Philadelphia 8:30 ---- Televised on ESPN
9 Sun, Nov 8 @ Atlanta 1:00
10 Sun, Nov 15 Denver 1:00
---- Televised on CBS
11 Sun, Nov 22 @ Dallas 1:00
12 Sun, Nov 29 @ Philadelphia 1:00

13 Sun, Dec 6 New Orleans 1:00
14 Sun, Dec 13 @ Oakland 4:05
15 Mon, Dec 21 NY Giants 8:30 ---- Televised on ESPN
16 Sun, Dec 27 Dallas 8:20 ---- Televised on NBC
17 Sun, Jan 3 @ San Diego 4:15

We end up going 9-7, splitting division opponents 3-3, being swept by the giants and splitting home and away with the Cowboys. We have an awful reputation for underperforming on nationally televised games, which will continue this season when we go 2-1 on the big screen. We miss the playoffs (barely) because a strong NFC East as well as two teams in the North making it in, so only two from our Beast can go (that and we get third in the division, which doesn't deserve a post-season spot anyway).

Along with the bad big game standing, the 'skins also tend to do poorly (through mere coincidence I'm sure) when playing on CBS. We lose to Kansas City because of shoddy announcing a terrible pre-game show with three too many ex-coaches.

The biggest game of the year will come when the skins beat up on a helpless Denver team, showing the city why Clinton Portis was a good trade for us. Champ Bailey will still pick off one of Campbell's passes, who throws his 7th of the year.

Finally, I will attend ZERO games, due to the abysmal outing I had in 2008 (0-2, STL and DAL). And my Redskins Zubaz will not affect the outcome of any games, except the first time I wear them and the 'skins end up winning. After that, they will be worn to no positive outcomes.

The morning walk.

Living in the apartments, I had a birds eye view of four walk of shames this morning. Gotta love saturday mornings, I'm sure sunday will provide more entertainment.
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Rock band

I'm not one to play this type of game, guitar hero and rock band seemed like something I couldn't really get into. Then I heard about (and played) the Beatles version. It's awesome. I know all of the songs, so I have some understanding of how the guitar/bass are supposed to be played. Plus who doesn't like karaoke?
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Hippy Shenanigans

What's the deal with these damn "scarves" all over the place? Trendy assholes think they look cool... it's 90 degrees outside! you're white! it's not cool, it's dumb.

What's worse is when I see a guy wearing it, and yet he's not homosexual. Just to be clear, i'm not against any sexuality, Whatever tickles your pickle. But for a "straight" guy to wear one of these, and get offended when someone assumes he's gay, i mean come on dude. you're wearing a scarf.

Let's think about it logically. The scarves are, from what i understand, popular in middle eastern culture. Why would there be a sudden surge of popularity in the states? Is there some conspiracy i'm not aware of?

Ultimately it's a fashion issue. Then who is to blame for these hip mother f**kers? Is it this woman? Or is it this Gay Fish?

(If you don't understand the gay fish joke: watch this episode of south park here.)


MKTG 301-005

Start of Class... 4:30
4:31 - What time is it.. damnit.
4:39 - Quiz? oh yea.. Scantron out. Keep the rest hidden..
4:40 - "nah man sorry. i only brought one scantron.."
4:45 - question 11.. shit i dont know. D sounds good. the others sound stupid.
4:47 - Damn i got 11 right but 6 wrong! well 92% ain't bad.
4:50 - 8400 seconds til class lets out..
4:52 - got to 152 seconds, lost count.
5:33 - just realized 40 minutes by. sweet..
5:48 - Break. I should leave. I think they'd notice. damnit.
5:54 - brickbreaker on my phone is legit.
5:55 - died. lame.
6:11 - not another ethics speech..
6:12 - oh and a story too! yippy!
6:20 - 3000 seconds more..
6:22 - my ass is asleep. this sucks. I can't find a comfy position. hey there.. chick in the black skirt looked over.
6:23 - turns out my chair makes noise. shit.
6:40 - Hungry.. must.. leave.. class..
6:55 - 900 seconds seems like not a lot. almost there..
7:02 - sweet. i'm out. 8 minutes early.
..End of class

Season in Review

69 tarp pulls
79-58 record
draft parties in your mouth
3 scout nights with 3 morning afters
broken keyboards
that's not how we do things
money room hats
brass bonanzas
harry teet subs
tsmooth fridays
a softball win
dippin buns
zero kegs changed
zero hot dogs wrapped
1 boss quitting
and "180,000" fans.

It was an awesome year, and I can't wait to sleep in.


Random Thoughts

While wearing my stewie family guy pants i recently picked up from kohls (on sale i might add), i wonder why don't all sweatpants have pockets? it's too much of a convenience to ignore.

why is it whenever it starts to rain while driving and my window is open, i get yelled at by my passenger to put the window up faster than i can even consider leaving it open so i can put my arm out and feel the little pricks of the rain hitting my arm? i think it kinda feels cool, but johnny no nonsense in the passenger seat ruins my fun when it's my car and not there's. thanks for ruining the ride for me grandma!

you'd think easy mac would be easier. put it in a bowl and eat it. none of this 4 minutes in the microwave foolishness.

if you could only have one kitchen appliance (apart from the fridge), what would it be? I think i'd go with the Margarittaville blender. That thing is just way more valuable to me than a microwave

I recently found out that someone i know has never seen or heard of the movie fight club. i then asked them if they knew that bruce willis was dead during the sixth sense. the lack of knowledge i think gives them a completely different perspective that i couldn't imagine having. what if you never knew kevin spacey was keyser soze (i had to look up the spelling) or that bruce was dead. This reminds me of a quick video i saw recently

i wonder what the rate of cutting fingernails to toenails is. is it the same amount of time? why wouldn't it be.. i just never seem to notice. i know they dont happen to occur on the same day for me, and i'm sure that's not unique or anything. just something i've never really thought about.

quick shout out thank you to a good friend who's been kind enough to put up with me for a solid 6+ years now, thanks again buddy

Love Someone

Stumbled across this, am i in the minority for liking this kind of street performer more than mimes?

..just me? ok then.



Apparently Michael Vick is back in the NFL! You would have never known from ESPN, they've lacked covering it as far as i'm concerned.

How Facebook is a social media

And how it's become an arcade/ad space.

I like facebook as much as the next guy. I, like you, check it on an almost daily basis to stalk friends, chat with people who live far away and ...play video games?

The term "social network" of Facebook has grown to not only include the social media aspects of the internet, but it now has video games and advertisements strewn about as if it's an arcade in an infomercial. I myself play Baseball and Football Tycoon. Much like being the General Manager of a real team with your friends as your team players.

It's interesting to me how we've now been sucked into videos, photos, games, notes, quizzes, instant messenger, and microblogging all on one website. Now with the emergence of twitter as a microblog, is it possible we might see other websites that do exclusively one thing turn into more than just their current services?

Will ESPN.com become more than just a sporting news website? Yes. It already hosts "Streak for the Cash" and Fantasy Sports, as well as house a message board for any and all articles and blog posts on the various portions of the site.

How bout something NOT necessarily online? iTunes is the leading provider of music to most americans today, so why not go online? Share your library across the web (of course they would charge for this service) and see what other people listen to. Purchase a playlist your friend has created. Wait, they already have that option available don't they.

It's not uncommon in this day and age to provide multiple services through one entity. Not surprisingly companies are recognizing their potential in the marketplace for multitasking. More developments to come as these seem to continue to happen. .


Bugs the Shit out of Me: Automatic Doors at Grocery Stores and Shopping Malls and other places where Automatic Doors are prevelant.

I thought I'd start off the month with a "Bugs the Shit out of Me"
This came to me while I was at Giant yesterday eating packets of mustard and ham and cheese loaf sandwiches.

You know what bugs the shit out of me? When you're walking in or out of a shopping establishment or bank or some random place with automatic doors, and you have to adjust your pace because of the speed of the door. Am I alone on this one?

Let's paint the picture: you're in desperate need for ketchup. Like it's bad. You have a meatloaf that is way to dry and you are DEAD sprinting to the door, and the damn automatic slidy thing pauses. It waits a full two seconds before opening, and when it does decide to get a move on, it takes its sweet time.

Here's another scenario for you: you're robbing a bank. You know, actually holding the money in your hands and running out the front door. When OF COURSE the automatic door slowly opens to elevator music. Doesn't it understand you're in a hurry?

And finally, I'd like to personally call out anyone and everyone who uses the automatic doors out of sheer laziness. When there are 4 doors to get into a building, all of which are closed, and YOU walk to the handicap door, push the button and walk in. How dare you. What if there is someone who needs to use that door. You're now making them wait to get in the building. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I use that door too!