The Cleveland Show


What's there to say?

Let's start at the beginning I guess.

Cleveland Brown is fed up with being treated poorly in Quahog by his friends and his ex-wife Loretta. He and Cleveland Jr (who no longer looks like this) must venture off to California where Cleveland vows to become a Minor League Baseball Scout. On the way, they stop in (Richmond) Virginia to Cleveland's home town. There; he runs into a girl he loved in high-school and promises to stay and raise her family with her.

After 30 minutes of zero laughter, I began to wonder what I could have been doing during that time.

I could have:
learned to play a chord on a guitar or piano
learned where the country of Brunei is and that it's major crop is rice
learned how to pronounce (clearly) my last name, backwards. Tterrab.
daydreamed about making money on wall street
read a chapter of a book
written a chapter of a book (poorly i'm sure)
written my own cartoon sitcom that doesn't include a next door neighbor as a bear
counted every brick on my wall
and many more.

In conclusion, Why Mike Henry? Why did you think you can star in your own show?

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Bill said...

Definitely zero laughs, and only one good character (I thought Rollo had potential). I will give it my normal 3 episode trial, but it doesn't look good.