How Facebook is a social media

And how it's become an arcade/ad space.

I like facebook as much as the next guy. I, like you, check it on an almost daily basis to stalk friends, chat with people who live far away and ...play video games?

The term "social network" of Facebook has grown to not only include the social media aspects of the internet, but it now has video games and advertisements strewn about as if it's an arcade in an infomercial. I myself play Baseball and Football Tycoon. Much like being the General Manager of a real team with your friends as your team players.

It's interesting to me how we've now been sucked into videos, photos, games, notes, quizzes, instant messenger, and microblogging all on one website. Now with the emergence of twitter as a microblog, is it possible we might see other websites that do exclusively one thing turn into more than just their current services?

Will ESPN.com become more than just a sporting news website? Yes. It already hosts "Streak for the Cash" and Fantasy Sports, as well as house a message board for any and all articles and blog posts on the various portions of the site.

How bout something NOT necessarily online? iTunes is the leading provider of music to most americans today, so why not go online? Share your library across the web (of course they would charge for this service) and see what other people listen to. Purchase a playlist your friend has created. Wait, they already have that option available don't they.

It's not uncommon in this day and age to provide multiple services through one entity. Not surprisingly companies are recognizing their potential in the marketplace for multitasking. More developments to come as these seem to continue to happen. .

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