First day of School and Fall?

Today was my first day of classes, and that's pretty scary on it's own. But why on earth did it feel like october weather! I had to wear a jacket around campus today.

No complaints from me. My favorite seasons are spring and fall strictly because it's cool and warm at the same time. I can wear flippy flops and a sweatshirt! ultimate comfort.

Last 7 game stretch of the season starts tomorrow. Our team is now.... 2.5 games out (it seems to change everyday).

Hope you had a good August, I know I did, and I'll see you in September!


Rating queries and knocking on wood

After getting through an entire volume of Family Guy episodes and rating them down to each individual joke, I’ve become to see flaws in my method. I’ll have to come up with some weighted scale; is pop culture more important than original humor? Are quotes within the episode have a higher impact on its rewatchability than the story itself? These are things that will come into play as soon as I get into the next volume: start thinking about what is important and what isn’t.

It’s exciting to me sad how important this has become to me. But hey, there are worse things to occupy my time! ::knocks on wood::

And here’s something completely unrelated.

Why do people knock on wood? I understand the hopes that come out of it, but why specifically knocking on wood? You know how people throw a pinch of salt over their shoulder if they spill any on the table; that’s apparently because it’s warding off the devil. And saying, “bless you” after someone sneezes, same thing, to ward off the devil. But why knock on wood? My curiosity is going to claim most of my time today, but I’m sure I’ll end up looking it up within the next 24 hours.

I should note that all posts beginning with “Headphones” through this one are all written on the road without Internet. They are all posted within 10 minutes with different time stamps on them to show when they were actually written, Thursday night for Headphones, Friday for the next two, and Saturday for the next three. Hope everyone had a good weekend, and by the time you see this, I will have already arrived at school and have had a cold one.


Ever get really bored of doing the same things day in and day out? Getting tired of solitaire and minesweeper? Sporcle quizzes not doing it for you?

Try Windowsill. Is it a puzzle game if you can’t even figure out if it’s a puzzle game? Check it out; I know you could use the break.

Pretty Bubbles

Green Street Hooligans turned out to be one of the better movies I’ve seen in a while. And go figure, it’s about soccer. Or really it’s about “football” firms. But still, it’s about soccer.

You should give it a look if you haven’t seen it before, but I should warn you; Elijah Wood is the biggest wuss they could have picked to play his role. I spent the entire movie thinking how much better it would have been if they picked someone who wasn’t so blatantly pussified.

Check it out.


Little Caesars.

Oh Little Caesars, how I miss thee. Growing up, there were two kinds of pizza commercials on TV. Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars. Then, out of no where, this beautiful franchise disappeared from the northern Virginia area. No commercials, no locations down the street, no radio ads, nothing. So sad. I miss the little dude saying “Pizza Pizza!”

Now, being in North Western Pennsylvania, the Little Caesar life continues! I had my first slice tonight since I was under 10 years old. One regret I have from going to Richmond over the years was not eating Little Caesars. The only Virginia location that I am aware of is in Downtown Richmond.

Pizza Pizza!

Jerry Uht Park in Erie, PA

During my trip up to Erie Pennsylvania, I got to see an Erie Seawolves game. I must say, I was impressed with most aspects of the park, but disappointed by others. To the average fan, they did a fantastic job with the presentation. My only complaint as absolutely nothing to do with any part of the fan experience. The Concourse under the third base side was under utilized. There that’s it. Everything else was great. The store had great stuff, the food was ball park food, and every inch of the stadium was a spectacular view.

And as my experience has told me, you can’t go on a ballpark trip with out a tarp pull! The Erie crew was unfortunate enough to have a small dark red cell on the radar; which, of course, means waiting until the very last minute in hopes of the cell going around the ballpark. They waited and waited and the field got soaked until the umps made them put it on. At around the exact second the tarp got on the field, the rain halted.

And so ended my trip to Jerry Uht Park. Hope to go back again next year!

::check back for pictures later this evening. saturday, 6:51 pm::



There are many types, we all have our preference, mine are probably different than yours, and the same goes with yours to the next guy. But I’m sure we can agree that some of these types piss us off.

The Classics.
Remember when you had your first taped player? I do. I had a Sony Walkman before Walkman was synonymous with portable CD player. It was black, and the play button stuck, so every time I wanted to stop, pause, rewind, or fast-forward, I had to push super hard. The headphones were my favorite part. Black wire connecting to the Walkman, the wire splits about ¾ way up the set to each ear. It was the classic metal headband that goes over the head, not behind. On each ear was the speaker with thick and loosely attached foam pieces. I wish I still had these because, looking back, they were my favorite headphones.

Transition Period.
There was a time when everyone (this is where some “hip” people would say “and their mom” but I’m above such foolishness) had the plastic headphones that went around the back of the head. I believe they came with a lot of CD players in the early 00’s. I had a pair, I admit, but I wasn’t a huge fan of them.
During this same period there was also the headphones that instead of connecting to one another, they were two separate entities. They went behind and around the ear, which made the “ear bud” type a little less unbearable. We’ll get to them in a moment. This (we’ll call it wrap around) wrap around type was one of my favorites. They sounded good and you didn’t look like a complete doofus when you wore them. This type is still around; I can just never bring myself to buying them when the ear buds come with my phone and with my iPod.

Pretty much everyone and their mom has this kind because, as I said before, the ear buds come with everything. The difference is in the make and how they are worn.
Without cushion:
I prefer this. The cushion is nice, but my ears aren’t exactly wide gaping holes. There’s no room in there for the speaker and a soft pillow. I take this off the ear bud as soon as I get it or throw it away if they don’t come with the buds.
Gel caps:
This is relatively new, a few years now these things have been around. I like them. Fantastic if you can find em cheap. But going back to the “without cushion”, I can’t fit these big bastards in my ear! I have to jam em in there for them to NOT fall out. Luckily, they have optional sizes. Big mo-fos for Dumbo and his (or her, I can’t remember) dead mother, Medium sized one that fit probably everyone but myself and rodents, and small one’s for me and Minnie mouse.

Then there are the Lyle headphones. I’ll leave that one alone.

Pop Tarts

Who doesn't like pop-tarts? Of all the varieties now, you'd think that everyone enjoys at least one of the flavors. There are even the kind that you put in the freezer and eat it like a dessert! Weird man.

I personally have a few preferences. No desert dessert flavors for me, I like cherry the most. However, my ABSOLUTE favorite flavor is cherry with NO FROSTING. call me weird, but I'm not a fan of the frosting on pop tarts. perfect example: i like the blueberry flavor, without frosting. i do not, however, like the frosted blueberry at all. I mean I'll tolerate it when it's the only one in the pantry, but it's really not my go to.

You remember when they first came out with the wild berry flavor? It was around the same time that a lot of sports teams starting wearing this color scheme.

Speaking of flavors I enjoy, who else loves s'more? I fucking do. And the all chocolate one, that one was my favorite as a kid.

And let me tell you what grinds my shit. Why the hell does everyone like the brown sugar and cinnamon flavor? I hate that shit. It's so dry, and you can't eat it without having to drink milk, and nine times out of ten when i'm eating a pop-tart, i'm running out the door and don't have time for a delicious glass of milk!

If anyone finds a box of unfrosted cherry flavored pop tarts, kellog or no, let me know. i must have that shit.


Inglorious Basterds

First off, i was always under the impression that it was spelt "b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s," but i digress.

Saw the movie, loved it. don't worry i'm not going to go into details and ruin it for those of you who have yet to see it. It's funny. It's well done.

Tarantino's work has always done well in the box office (as far as i know) and this one has not proven to be an exception. Brad Pitt is phenomenal as a hate filled american looking to kill as many no-gooders as he can. However the film, as it would seem, isn't just centered around the 8 or 9 men who kill nazi's like it's a sport. I was taken in by more than just violence and witty quarks in a thick tennessee accent.

From the get-go, tarantino sets the scene well. Throughout the movie the dialogue astounds, and the direction and unique style of the film, of which i don't want to ruin for others, brings the audience in and keeps them entertained easily. The villian was my favorite of any tarantino film. Well done there too.

I personally hate getting up to go to the restroom during the middle of a film; for my sake and for everyone's around me, i feel it's best to keep still and not disturb what's going on within the massive screen. However I unfortnately had to use the facilities during this one, thankfully the film is a whopping 2 hours 40 some odd minutes long, or i would have missed something! Obviously my only complaint (and calling it a complaint is a stretch, i loved everything about this film) is that it ran too long. But that's like saying the great wall of china ran just a touch too high, it's a necessary touch to get the complete effect.

See the movie, let me know when you did, and we can talk about it.

5 scalps out of 5


Eye Doctor

What is it about eye doctors that makes me nervous. With the dentist, i know i'm nervous because i'm going to be spending about a half hour lieing to the hygenisist and dentist about flossing and brushing, but with the eye doctor.. It's not like i can be in trouble for something.

"..Paul.. have you been getting sleep in your eyes?"
"..yea. why? is that bad?"
"well you really need to make sure you clean that out of there as soon as you can."
"I mean i dont see what the big deal is.. I usually wipe it out before i even get dre-"

Or if the eye doctor gets a little too personal, that would be weird..

"So how are things? Seeing alotta pretty girls with those eyes of yours?"
"ugh.. i guess. why not."
"Good good.."

::long pause::

"any pretty boys?"
"i think i'm gonna go..."

And what's with the dark room.. you'd think they'd test my eyes when there's light to distract me, not when all i have to focus on is the E across the room and my vision is perfect.

What really bugs me about the eye doctor is all the choices he gives me. There are so many times that i'm sitting there trying to think of, let alone see a difference in the two lenses he presents to me. And why is the first guess always so terrible? the very first option he gives is comparing looking through a bottle of vinegar comapred to looking through a clean window pain. Narrow it down doc, i can handle a few less choices than what you're presenting me.


The rating has begun

I've started picking through each episode in my top 50 with a fine tooth comb. i don't know how many i'll be able to do in a day, given i'm back at school starting monday with games and work thrown in the mix, but i'm sure i'll have a defined list of my top 50 family guy episodes soon. This is turning out to be quite a fun project to do, and it helps for remembering where jokes are from. no longer do i search the memory banks for what episode had that one joke where such and such happened. it's almost instantaneous to me now!

New Song

This song has been really stuck in my head for a few days now, ever since i heard it leaked on the internet and on DC 101's Sunday New Music Mart.

It's not a video, but the song is amazing.

Moved In

Earlier this evening I moved into my apartment at school. Im so excited to be living there, it's hard to describe. It's such a tremendous improvement from a year before. All I have left to do now is bring in the essentials, such as clothes and a toothbrush, but my stuff is all set up otherwise!

A small couch and chair with a breakfast table are in the main entrance, as well as a kitchen to the right. Ahead lies Rob and Chrispy's room, and down the hall is myself and August - adjacent to the large bathroom.

This is gonna be another great year at Mason, can't wait to get it goin!


Stewie Calls the Hillcats


Bill Kenney. Get your S together.

I haven't seen a new post on your site for a month. Let's get this rollin buddy.

Granted, you've been on vacation, and we had a lot of games at the beginning of this month. But you've had ample opportunity. I'm using this post to call you out sir.

That is all.


Tub of Hotness

it's gonna be sick.

Stewie Progression

It's funny to me how much the character of Stewie in family guy has changed over the span of the series. The once maniacal baby has become a "mature", yet somewhat androgynously hetero/homosexual. The voice comparison between the first few episodes in the series to the later episodes in the series show a distinct change in Stewie's intent. It seems he is no longer seeking to destroy anything in his path to world domination, but rather he is content with mocking Brian and enjoying his time being a baby. Take a look; I've put together a video to compare voices.

My first attempt at making a video on my computer, It's capable of better quality (i'm sure) but i'm not, yet. Also, note the good voice clips i found of stewie in the later episodes BOTH contained Brian. As early as the second season you see a lot of Peter-Brian dynamic and less Stewie-Brian. With the rise of the "Road to.." Episodes, there has been a rise in Stewie-Brian moments. Every episode now seems to have a few scenes involving exclusively these characters.

If I can find a good enough argument/theme, I might have Family Guy as a thesis topic.

Possible softball jerseys for next year

Alexandria Mariners?

Alexandria Dukes?

Potomac Cannons Hybrid with the current scheme and old logo?

mock-ups to come in the fall when I have free time to do it.


I don't know which i hate more

The fact that Chad JOHNSON goes by the name on this jersey.

The fact that Far.. Farvre.. Favre.. is wearing purple and not a hawaiian print shirt on some beach in dirty old mississippi.

The fact that Vick (the Michael variety) is playing for a team; not because of what he did but because that means 31 teams are going to have to figure out how to defend him again.

or The fact that Tom Brady is still playing in the league

and Matt Cassels is making $21.5 million a year (in KC) for doing nothing but manage a team in '08 full of phenomenal athletes in the same division as MIAMI, NY (jets), and BUFFALO.



The Blue Rocks play in Frawley Stadium in downtown Wilmington Delaware. Beautiful ballpark if i do say so myself, but you be the judge:

Yea it's legit like that: check out the field!

I was impressed all around by both parks, they know how to run a ball club.

The P-Nats won the game 4-3 in 10 innings, but of course when the Rocks score, Mr. Celery makes a visit!



Drive up to Exton, PA today. Day one includes a Double header in Reading PA.

The Trip up wasn't as long as i expected. about 3.5 hours as opposed to 4 that google maps promised.
And I tried to make the drive more exciting by taking pictures and listening to pandora on my phone.
that's the bridge right before the toll on 95N into Maryland. I almost ran into the car in front of me about 40 seconds later because i was looking over the edge of the overpass. But it was cool because right after that, we went into the Tunnel:

So when I got up there, we went to a Reading Phillies Double Header, It was a really nice park, I just wish the atmosphere that was there during the first game stayed for game two. it didnt help that the R-Phils were blanked in the second game.
It was pretty impressed by how they kept the park looking good after almost 60 years. Check out the outfield walkway:
And of course there was the fireworks after:Wilmington after!



Kickoff is 7:30 pm @ M&T Bank Stadium

The Skins are taking the field in their now annual scrimmage. For preview of the game, click on the title of this article.

A few game notes:

Portis will NOT play tonight; I can't blame him, we still have four other preseason games this year.

Campbell will be leading the team after an offseason of criticism and at least two attempts to trade or dump him for a "better" and certainly different QB. Will he step up to the plate (wrong sport) and perform, or will he crumble under the immense pressure his team and the media is putting on him?

LaRon Landry's brother - Dawan - is a player for the Baltimore Ravens. It's always fun to see brothers on the same field together, whether they are on the same team or not!

Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and Fred Davis were all selected in the 2nd round last year and none of them made anything resembling an impact. Who will step up, and who will be shipped out of town?

and finally;
How will the rookies perform? Brian Orakpo, Kevin Barnes, and many others play under the lights wearing the burgundy and gold for the first time. How will they play? Who's the surprise this year?

Should be fun to get back into the swing of things. Even though it is only an exhibition game (that really isnt even a game, more of a glorified practice), I'm glad the season is finally underway!


Laces Out


Fantasy Football Draft Tonight

Laces Out will be drafting tonight in a live draft of the league "Home Field Advantage"

I'll post my results later!

{7:09 pm}
I get first pick in the draft. Goin with Peterson, in a very small four team league, I'm going to be taking a QB second with the 8th overall pick.

More to come.

{8:21 pm}
Draft over, tarp on the field.

John Hughes

Pretty solid "obituary" or "tribute" or story about John Hughes here.


A miracle has happened!

For those of you who know me, this is a great day in Solitare.


Funny People

Movie Review Time!

Funny People (2009)

Main Stars:
Adam Sandler
Seth Rogen
Leslie Mann

First Reaction:
Quite a flick. I grew up watching Adam Sandler films (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Water Boy, etc.) and thinking what a funny actor he was. As time grew, his true skill came about. If you've ever seen Click, and walked away thinking of how Sandler did playing that role, you would agree that his greater talents shown bright at that time. Is "dippidy doos" seemed less stupid now that you realized he's not a complete moron and can actually act. Funny People was one of those movies. Even while watching this movie, I thought of his skill as an actor and how impressed I was by his abilities.

Comedic Actor and Stand up comic George Simmons (Sandler) discovers he has a Terminal Illness, and instead of telling his ex-lover Laura (Leslie Mann), he confides in a complete stranger who he hired as an assistant, Ira Wright (Seth Rogen).
After the word gets out about his illness, George learns the experimental treatment has worked, and he is cured of the disease, at least for now.
George and Laura fall back in love and Laura plans on leaving her husband, however has second thoughts and leaves Ira and George to fight of how it all went down.

I obviously recommend you see the movie to get the full effect, I wouldn't want some weak synopsis of my own to ruin the movie for you. Which brings me to my....

Really funny in some parts, but horribly bland in others, I wouldn't recommend buying this movie. To be honest with you, apart from Sandler's acting and some hilarious stand up, it was a pretty lame movie. After sitting through the movie for about an hour and a half, I said to myself, "This might be my favorite Sandler movie." Then 45 minutes later, I realized that it had been 45 minutes since I enjoyed this movie. Like most Judd Apatow movies, this one could have gone a little shorter.
I'll give it 6 deadly blood diseases out of 10.

Makes me wonder why I got into this profession

I've been thinking a lot about it lately, and i've begun reconsidering my current career path. I'm seriously considering a career change to something i feel more represents my needs intellectually and physically. I now work in Professional Baseball with sales and some marketing media experience with hope of gaining more PR background in the future. That's all fine and good, but what I really think i'd be good at doesn't require any of these things. In fact, with the more experience I have in these areas, the less likely I will be to succeed in my dream job. I, of course, am talking about picking my nose. Digging for nose gold has been my life long dream, and I don't want want "work" to get in the way of that.

I'm obviously dead serious.


You know you're "maturing" when..

...you walk through target and buy a lamp and a trash can instead of a video game and a candy bar. I spent 20 minutes looking for a dish rack when i could have spent 20 minutes trying out the wii or browsing the dvds. For what it's worth, i did buy an extension cord, but it's kinda of surreal to be shopping for what i always thought of as "adult" things when i had always been so used to staying in the electronics/toys sections until my parents dragged me along with them to look at sheets.

I mean i did purchase a clapper and a video game yesterday, so i guess i'm just evening things out at this point.

Yea, that's right. I have the Clapper.

Compare to the imfamous commercial of the 80's.


Brand New Twin Sized Patio

It's a new month but it's nearing the end of summer. By this time in 30 days, I'll be in school and the Baseball season will be wrapping up. So for today, I would like to show you what the Family has been doing this summer. Behold; the Patio.

It's not quite done but it's come quite a long way to get where it is today.

Here's what the stone looks like up close. The left side is completely finished and washed as well as sanded in between the cracks. The right side is yet to be finished as it has more leveling and washing/sanding to be done.

Tell me that doesn't look good. And do you think i can wait until the hot tub arrives? I can't wait.