There are many types, we all have our preference, mine are probably different than yours, and the same goes with yours to the next guy. But I’m sure we can agree that some of these types piss us off.

The Classics.
Remember when you had your first taped player? I do. I had a Sony Walkman before Walkman was synonymous with portable CD player. It was black, and the play button stuck, so every time I wanted to stop, pause, rewind, or fast-forward, I had to push super hard. The headphones were my favorite part. Black wire connecting to the Walkman, the wire splits about ¾ way up the set to each ear. It was the classic metal headband that goes over the head, not behind. On each ear was the speaker with thick and loosely attached foam pieces. I wish I still had these because, looking back, they were my favorite headphones.

Transition Period.
There was a time when everyone (this is where some “hip” people would say “and their mom” but I’m above such foolishness) had the plastic headphones that went around the back of the head. I believe they came with a lot of CD players in the early 00’s. I had a pair, I admit, but I wasn’t a huge fan of them.
During this same period there was also the headphones that instead of connecting to one another, they were two separate entities. They went behind and around the ear, which made the “ear bud” type a little less unbearable. We’ll get to them in a moment. This (we’ll call it wrap around) wrap around type was one of my favorites. They sounded good and you didn’t look like a complete doofus when you wore them. This type is still around; I can just never bring myself to buying them when the ear buds come with my phone and with my iPod.

Pretty much everyone and their mom has this kind because, as I said before, the ear buds come with everything. The difference is in the make and how they are worn.
Without cushion:
I prefer this. The cushion is nice, but my ears aren’t exactly wide gaping holes. There’s no room in there for the speaker and a soft pillow. I take this off the ear bud as soon as I get it or throw it away if they don’t come with the buds.
Gel caps:
This is relatively new, a few years now these things have been around. I like them. Fantastic if you can find em cheap. But going back to the “without cushion”, I can’t fit these big bastards in my ear! I have to jam em in there for them to NOT fall out. Luckily, they have optional sizes. Big mo-fos for Dumbo and his (or her, I can’t remember) dead mother, Medium sized one that fit probably everyone but myself and rodents, and small one’s for me and Minnie mouse.

Then there are the Lyle headphones. I’ll leave that one alone.

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Bill said...

I miss my Walkman! And there's another set that was before your time- i remember my Dad having headphones for his record/8-track (Ha!) player, that were so big, they make Lyle's look like earbuds.