Drive up to Exton, PA today. Day one includes a Double header in Reading PA.

The Trip up wasn't as long as i expected. about 3.5 hours as opposed to 4 that google maps promised.
And I tried to make the drive more exciting by taking pictures and listening to pandora on my phone.
that's the bridge right before the toll on 95N into Maryland. I almost ran into the car in front of me about 40 seconds later because i was looking over the edge of the overpass. But it was cool because right after that, we went into the Tunnel:

So when I got up there, we went to a Reading Phillies Double Header, It was a really nice park, I just wish the atmosphere that was there during the first game stayed for game two. it didnt help that the R-Phils were blanked in the second game.
It was pretty impressed by how they kept the park looking good after almost 60 years. Check out the outfield walkway:
And of course there was the fireworks after:Wilmington after!

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