Inglorious Basterds

First off, i was always under the impression that it was spelt "b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s," but i digress.

Saw the movie, loved it. don't worry i'm not going to go into details and ruin it for those of you who have yet to see it. It's funny. It's well done.

Tarantino's work has always done well in the box office (as far as i know) and this one has not proven to be an exception. Brad Pitt is phenomenal as a hate filled american looking to kill as many no-gooders as he can. However the film, as it would seem, isn't just centered around the 8 or 9 men who kill nazi's like it's a sport. I was taken in by more than just violence and witty quarks in a thick tennessee accent.

From the get-go, tarantino sets the scene well. Throughout the movie the dialogue astounds, and the direction and unique style of the film, of which i don't want to ruin for others, brings the audience in and keeps them entertained easily. The villian was my favorite of any tarantino film. Well done there too.

I personally hate getting up to go to the restroom during the middle of a film; for my sake and for everyone's around me, i feel it's best to keep still and not disturb what's going on within the massive screen. However I unfortnately had to use the facilities during this one, thankfully the film is a whopping 2 hours 40 some odd minutes long, or i would have missed something! Obviously my only complaint (and calling it a complaint is a stretch, i loved everything about this film) is that it ran too long. But that's like saying the great wall of china ran just a touch too high, it's a necessary touch to get the complete effect.

See the movie, let me know when you did, and we can talk about it.

5 scalps out of 5

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