Pop Tarts

Who doesn't like pop-tarts? Of all the varieties now, you'd think that everyone enjoys at least one of the flavors. There are even the kind that you put in the freezer and eat it like a dessert! Weird man.

I personally have a few preferences. No desert dessert flavors for me, I like cherry the most. However, my ABSOLUTE favorite flavor is cherry with NO FROSTING. call me weird, but I'm not a fan of the frosting on pop tarts. perfect example: i like the blueberry flavor, without frosting. i do not, however, like the frosted blueberry at all. I mean I'll tolerate it when it's the only one in the pantry, but it's really not my go to.

You remember when they first came out with the wild berry flavor? It was around the same time that a lot of sports teams starting wearing this color scheme.

Speaking of flavors I enjoy, who else loves s'more? I fucking do. And the all chocolate one, that one was my favorite as a kid.

And let me tell you what grinds my shit. Why the hell does everyone like the brown sugar and cinnamon flavor? I hate that shit. It's so dry, and you can't eat it without having to drink milk, and nine times out of ten when i'm eating a pop-tart, i'm running out the door and don't have time for a delicious glass of milk!

If anyone finds a box of unfrosted cherry flavored pop tarts, kellog or no, let me know. i must have that shit.

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Anonymous said...

thank you, i whole heartedly agree. Frosting free poptarts are far superior to their frosted counterparts, and making them unfrosted cherry is even better, i'm glad you see the world the way you do paul.
DTO 2007/2008