Funny People

Movie Review Time!

Funny People (2009)

Main Stars:
Adam Sandler
Seth Rogen
Leslie Mann

First Reaction:
Quite a flick. I grew up watching Adam Sandler films (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Water Boy, etc.) and thinking what a funny actor he was. As time grew, his true skill came about. If you've ever seen Click, and walked away thinking of how Sandler did playing that role, you would agree that his greater talents shown bright at that time. Is "dippidy doos" seemed less stupid now that you realized he's not a complete moron and can actually act. Funny People was one of those movies. Even while watching this movie, I thought of his skill as an actor and how impressed I was by his abilities.

Comedic Actor and Stand up comic George Simmons (Sandler) discovers he has a Terminal Illness, and instead of telling his ex-lover Laura (Leslie Mann), he confides in a complete stranger who he hired as an assistant, Ira Wright (Seth Rogen).
After the word gets out about his illness, George learns the experimental treatment has worked, and he is cured of the disease, at least for now.
George and Laura fall back in love and Laura plans on leaving her husband, however has second thoughts and leaves Ira and George to fight of how it all went down.

I obviously recommend you see the movie to get the full effect, I wouldn't want some weak synopsis of my own to ruin the movie for you. Which brings me to my....

Really funny in some parts, but horribly bland in others, I wouldn't recommend buying this movie. To be honest with you, apart from Sandler's acting and some hilarious stand up, it was a pretty lame movie. After sitting through the movie for about an hour and a half, I said to myself, "This might be my favorite Sandler movie." Then 45 minutes later, I realized that it had been 45 minutes since I enjoyed this movie. Like most Judd Apatow movies, this one could have gone a little shorter.
I'll give it 6 deadly blood diseases out of 10.

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