I honestly thought there were 30 days in May.

I don't think that's very smart.

Band of Brothers

We're currently half way through the entire series of band of brothers. It's 2 am and I wanna keep this going but sadly, we'll be falling asleep soon..

Great show. It's like call of duty and saving private ryan for 12 hours.

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Socks and Sandals

I'm not an advocate of wearing socks with any type of shoe, unless for formal appearances, at all. But I bought a pair of hiking shoes yesterday that call for socks and they are technically sandals.. It's against everything I believe in!

We'll see how the perform and take it from there.
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End of the Month stalling

I know i'm two days behind, and that is unacceptable. I've been trying i promise.

I'm leaving computer for a day (what? why? we've been so great over these past few years! I love you, how could you do this to me?) (I'm sorry computer, I feel we've becoming too much too fast. I like you a lot, but I don't think i'm ready for this level of commitment yet. Please give me the space I'm asking you nicely for.)

Ok that was weird.

Hiking tomorrow, and then no time for computer time as I need to move stuff from one closet to the next and store other junk for school in the fall. Anyone want to come raid my room for free goodies? I'm looking to trash a lot of it.

See ya tomorrow night via phone post.

Shower Preference

Just putting it out there, I prefer to shower at night. Showering makes me sleepy, and I feel sleepyness is better felt at night, rather than in the morning. In the morning, I like to sleep AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and having to shower in the morning only hinders that goal.

Another thing I have to do that involves showering is when I turn the water on, I have to do it from in between the curtain and the wall closest to the faucet. Like say the shower head is on the right side of the shower, I have to move the curtain to the left, turn the water on, move the curtain back to the right, get in on the left of the curtain, and close it behind me. Then when i get out, I do the same thing. Turn it off and get out on the same side of the curtain that I got in on.

I know you don't care, but I thought I'd share. So there. Rare. Bear. Flair. Snair.
I could do this all day.

Pear. Fair. Dare.
Ok that's enough.

Thoughts of the Day 5-28-09

Well it's the end of the month again, and you know what time it is!
--haha that sounded funny after i read it aloud.

it's thoghts of the day!

30 rock is a funny show. I had no idea, and now I probably won't be doing anything BUT watching that show in my free time.

How many times do people look at the clock on any given day? I mean is that a normal thing to do? I seem to have a tick that makes me glance at the clock, either digital display on my computer, analog hands on the wall, mini-display on my phone, or the display next to the odometer in my car, every 30.7 seconds.

When eating a lunchable, i have to finish the food at the same time. It is impossible to end up with one extra cracker or piece of cheese, you need to eat a stack of cracker, ham, cheese. no options. that's it. the only creativity allowed in my book is whether the ham or the cheese goes on the cracker first. Personally, i go for the ham on the cracker because the roundness matches up nicely. However; I do enjoy mixing it up a bit and sometimes go with the cheese / cracker / ham combination.

Brisk Iced Tea > Nestea

I need to buy new shoes. I've been rockin the same pair for longer than I care to remember and although i love them, they need to be moved to second string pair of shoes. They just aren't starting shoe material anymore. The have no sole.
get it!

Song I haven't heard for roughly 3 years: Eagle Eyed Cherry "Stay Tonight"

Have a good Friday, I need to catch up BAD.


Middle Names

What's the point?

Who was the first person to decide we needed a name between our Name, and our Family Name? It's like trinomial nomenclature. I had learned about BI-nomial nomenclature in high school, but I'm talking about a THIRD name here, so I tend to feel like a piece of the geno-meat history by having a middle name.

But is it necessary? Generally, people dislike their middle names. I say "generally" because I obviously prefer my middle name over my first name, and their are plenty of people i know who enjoy having a unique middle name and wouldn't trade it for their first. But in general, people sigh when confronted with ridicule of their second name.

Imagine if we went by the same standards of plants and other animals, and everyone person had a genus, family, kingdom, species and such.

I guess I would be Barrett William or to be more specific, Barrett Williamjr. But maybe that's not enough. How bout Barrett WillPaulJr? Nah, no flow. Let's mix it up. BarrettWillPaul JrManassas. But i don't like the location in there.. and I guess I can shorten The Genus portion: BaWiPaus Jrsmartass.



Window Blinds

It may seem like I'm running out of things to say. My response to that is, it's a valid thought but completely untrue. In fact as everyday passes, each one of us absorbs so much thought and understanding, that it is, in fact, impossible to run out of things to say. You just need to find the right words to express your thoughts.

I was thinking today about window blinds. you know, the things that block out sunlight and keep in views of yourself while your changing away from your nosey neighbors. the things that they are peaking through (whether they actually are or not is up to your own paranoia to decide) to get a look at you.

I could turn this into a "big picture" rant and a mockery of people with privacy and self esteem issues, but that's not the point.

The only thing I want to talk about is the blinds themselves. Their not so bad. Now that I sit here and look at them, they actually do a pretty swell job of keeping my room nice and dim when I'm watching a movie on a rainy overcast day. They allow me to control the light as well as the visibility of the inside to the outside world.

overall, i give the blinds a B+
If they weren't so damn pretentious with their good deeds and modesty, I would give them an A.

Squeaky shoes

Now I don't mean the kind that are brand new and therefore make that basketball course squeak that I know from gym class in middle school. I say middle school because by the time I hit high school I had (essentially) two pairs of shoes: running shoes, and dress shoes. In middle school, the brand new sneakers would screech as I gunned my tail across the all purpose gym/cafeteria doing the shuttle run and "top" speed for the presidential fitness award.

Not those shoes.

Not the larry bird white high tops of the 80's that would pierce the ears of all lakers fans and bull's fans as they sat, thousands of miles away watching michael and magic grunt from their comfortable Lay-Z-Boys wearing identical shoes they saw on television.

I'm not talking about those.

I'm talking about the squeaky sneakers of the old variety. The kind that have a hole in the heel where the "maximum support" air bubbles once were. The same air bubbles that would squawk once any percipitation would penetrate the broken plastic on a rainy monday morning.

Those shoes are on my feet as I type this from my cell phone on humid, wet, exhausting monday morning.
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Fashion Caps

Incredibly busy this weekend, I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Thursday, even then, I was making up for missed posts.

This is a Baseball Cap.
This is NOT a Baseball Cap, it is a "Fashion Cap"

People who wear this should be shot. and the Fools who make these things are guilty of treason.

It's funny that although I am a MARKETING major, things like this piss me off.


Baker's Dozen

Fun fact time:

Did you know that a baker's dozen is 13? Ever wonder why?
Well as the story goes, they started putting a heavier tax on baked goods that did not weigh a predetermined amount, for example if the loaf of bread was to way 4 grams, and they provided something that only weighed 3 grams, they would have to pay a fine.

So, to avoid paying the fine, bakers began to bake by the "baker's dozen" and make an extra muffin, loaf, what have you.

Kinda cool huh?

Source: a really cool book my grandma got me when I was 10. Don't quote me on this, it's just a kid's book.

Cumfy (or comfy) blankets

So as you may have noticed, I didn't post last night. That is because I was so darn tired and that blanket just made me pass out.

I mean is there anything better, on your body, than a comfy blanket? I don't think so.


Jersey Etiquette

There are a few simple rules when it comes to attending live sporting events;
-Harass the opposing teams fans, if and ONLY if you are the home team and you treat them with respect (I'm looking at you Philly Phans in DC).
-You're at a ball game; buy a hot dog, not a crab cake. This rule is excused if you are watching a game at any ballpark within 150 miles of Baltimore and/or the team is in some way related to crabs.
-Cheering is encouraged, so be loud and sing the fight song and stretch at appropriate times.
and finally,
-Wear the Sport Appropriate Jersey*.

This last one is the most important in my book. If you are watching a basketball game, wear a basketball jersey. If you're at a Football game, I better not see a Yankees Jersey.
The asterisk indicates a continuation to the rule. I beg you to please where a jersey of one of the teams playing in the game. If you're a Denver fan and you've been uprooted to New York, leave the Nuggets Jersey at home if the Knicks are playing the Nets.. I know this may be a bit much to ask, that's why it is merely a suggestion.
I'd hate to be the lone Chiefs fan at a Raiders v Chargers game and I certainly wouldn't want to be the lone Sawx fan in "The House that Someone After Ruth Built" when the Yanks are playing the Rays or O's, or even the (gasp) division leading Jays.

So please, when you go out to the ball game or head out to the gridiron or make your way to the arena (regardless of ice or wood conditions), PLEASE wear the right sport, or nothing at all.

Wait, change that. Wear something, just not the wrong jersey.


Brownies vs Cookies

I think there's a strange dessert debate somewhere on whether brownies or cookies are "better" when it comes to desserts. I imagine a Kitchen Stadium like arena where foods of all courses gather to watch a panel of questions being thrown at brownies and cookies alike. Naturally, the image in my head is of a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate fudge brownie, the basics here, no fancy pants mess.

The Moderator is, of course, a glass of ice cold milk. Questions like "Do you dissolve too quickly in me? and How do you intend to fix the issue?" and "What is your stance on home made versus store bought baked goods?" will fill the debate. Only the hardest hitting questions for these contenders.

During the preliminaries I'm sure lesser desserts like rice krispie treats and jell-o did their best to make it to this stage of the election, but we all know it's a two party system and they never stood a chance.

Has anyone else noticed food has become popular on here? Maybe I should go get something to eat and broaden my topics of discussion next time.

Hot Dogs

You can grill them, you can nuke em, you can boil them, fry them or steam them, but either way you look at it, it's a piece of meat on a bun.

My favorite "classic" hot dog:
the naked one.
Naked = no condiments. Just bun.
grilled OR fried, with a potato bread bun. Oh my that's delicious.
Runner-up, the chili dog
boiled, with a white bred bun. topped with chili (no beans, for dad) and capitalized with shredded cheddar and mustard. If you're super ballsy, top it with freshly chopped vidalia onion. so nice.

Interesting concoctions:
taco dog
Yes it's exactly what you're imagining. Heaven on a plate. With the grilled or fried dog on a sturdy bun. potato is best, but i recommend tearing some of the bread out of the bun first, it holds more toppings that way. Proceed with your favorite salsa and shredded cheese. be sure to put fresh shredded lettuce below the dog!
pizza dog
mhmm. it's good. basic white bread bun, with tomato based pizza sauce inside. i only go fried on this one, and i cut a slit down the middle of the dog, long ways of course, to hold in a pinch of oregano. then, add a little shredded mozzarella to the top. top with your choice of pizza toppings, I recommend pepperoni or ham, but if you want to go the non-meat route for toppings, try fresh diced tomato. it's excellent. mozzarella can be substituted for provolone of course.
and finally sweet dog
I always recommend the potato bun for this one, it's sweetness really compliments the rest of the dog. chocolate syrup, hot dog, whipped cream, and sprinkles. it's a banana split on a bun, only instead of fruit, you have meat.

Ok so i never tried nor will i ever venture a try at that last one.
Good luck and enjoy!



Ive realized that there has never been a formal introduction.

I'm Paul Barrett
I'm an average student at George Mason University, average only because i don't care enough to try. I've failed two classes in the last year and I won't be getting credit for a third (C required, C- earned). I have awesome friends who share very common interests that I don't understand why others don't enjoy them. I mean, roof hopping is quite amazing. At least I think it is.
I work at a Minor League Baseball Team in Northern Virginia, The Potomac Nationals. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to sports, and I'm ok with that. I like to know the weird facts and historical nuances of the game. My most recent obsession has been Minor League Baseball, and I feel like that would be a great career path for me.
Currently, I am the Ticket Manager for the Nationals. I've been at the stadium for 4 and a half years now, and I'll be the "Acting" (as in temporary) Director of Ticket Operations for the Nationals for the remainder of the 2009 season, starting May 29th. You can read about that jazz here.
Music is a big thing with me. I am almost always singing along in my head to a song that i just heard or remembered. Most recently, i've been big on Death Cab and Ben Folds as well as a rekindled interest in the Killers and Snow Patrol. Granted, NONE of these artists would make my top 10, I would have to claim they are great.
I wear contacts for long distance, I brush my teeth twice a day at best and I never floss.
That smell you smell? Vanilla moisturizer, Old Spice deodorant, Snuggle Fabric Softener and a hint of nivea aftershave. Mystery solved people.
Yea that's right, I wear moisturizer, wanna fight about it?
My favorite movie, all time, is Sleepless in Seattle, it will always remind me of my grandparents and laying on the floor in the mustard room at night in the summer, regardless of who I watch it with and what new memories the film brings me.
My least favorite thing in the whole world is spiders. those hairy bastards freak the shit out of me and I will probably never get over it.
I absolutely love pickles and I have and will continue to drink the juice out of the jar. You can't stop me.
Cooking is fun and exciting for me. I wish I dedicated more time and money to it, but I don't so I will get by with the meager ingredients and the basic knowledge of mixing flavors I have to create meals.
I drive a VW golf that i've been told by three people looks purple, even though it is straight up blue. I don't see it, and I'm glad.
I want to live in Seattle, partly because of the movie feelings, and partly because I love to travel, but mostly because of my love for rain.
I know who I am. I know what I like. I understand where I'm going, and I've learned from my mistakes. I couldn't be happier with what I have and how I'm living. If it comes across as egotistical or self centered, you've misinterpreted what i'm saying. Frankly, I just don't care about anything that's a negative force for me and I've feel i've differentiated the positive from the negative pretty well.

Hmm, this will count as Saturday's post and Look for another to come for Sunday. I will discuss hot dogs. I look forward to sharing.



I'm in the market for a camera if anyones interested. I'm currently using an obsolete digital thing that did the job but I'm moving on. I'll post specifics when I'm not on my phone.

Let me know.

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Bathroom Talk

I know the difference between a bathroom and a restroom. And so should everyone else who can read. The difference is clear, yet on my college campus, I see signs pointing to the "bathroom" and not the restroom. I wasn't aware they had showers in the Technology Building at the Fairfax Campus. How convenient! But when I enter this so called "bathroom" wearing my shower shoes and carrying my shampoo and body wash, I discover that it is in fact a restroom.

If you can't figure out the difference, you need to be taken out back and dealt with. Darwinism at it's finest.

And by the way, if you still call it the little girls room, or the potty, you need a wake up call. You're a big boy/girl now and you need to start acting like it. Maturity level is directly porportional to what you call the restroom.

Now excuse me while I go make wet.


New Job

I guess it's been a few days since I got the new job, but i've yet to talk about it here. Kinda strange and the delay doesn't seem my MO. I'll get on it.

So the situation is pretty straight forward. My current position at the Stadium is "Ticket Manager". What this means is I am the Ticket Office Intern and I double up on game days as running the Picnic Area. I have a staff of 20 and schedule / run payroll on them as well as supervising the Picnic area on any days we open it up.

My Ticket duties are to basically assist Pete, the Director of Ticket Operations. I run ticket orders during the day on an individual game basis as well as handle exchanges and such. I'll print will call on a daily basis and I'll sometimes run the will call window or even an entrance gate on game days. I do it all pretty much, but if anything goes wrong, Pete's there to help or take the blame.

And finally, I help a lot with the Money Room. Andrew, a group sales executive, is in charge of the "money room" (where we count profit and make banks on all cash tils in the stadium) and I always played his "assistant" as I've been in the money room for a little over a year now.

This past week, Pete accepted a job with Little League Baseball International. In a nutshell, it's an awesome opportunity for him and he'd be stupid not to take it.

So where does this leave the Ticket Office? Our General Manager, Griff, decided to move me up a spot. I won't go into details but it financially makes sense for the Nationals, and I couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to prove my worth.

So now, I am in charge of all that is tickets, or at least I will be starting two weeks from today. Any problems are handled by me, and I have to be able to run the show without help (or at least help in house, I plan on calling Pete and Doug, a past Director of Ticket ops, on a regular basis). I no longer have to do picnics, and I'll give up that staff to someone else at the stadium. I'll be picking up Pete's staff and payroll for the rest of the year. And did i mention a pay increase for myself?

All and all, It couldn't be a better situation for me, and I'm grateful and lucky to be where I am. I just hope I can be as fortunate in the years to come. But for at least this season, I can say I accomplished something. Director of Ticket Operations. Before I can buy booze.



Damon's is an awesome restaurant. If you haven't been, you should. BUT let me recommend one thing, for your own sakes, DO NOT GO TO THE MASON DAMON'S. In the student union building (SUBI) on the fairfax campus, there is a damon's bar and grill in the basement. great food, dozens of tvs, a bar, and by FAR the WORST service i have ever received.

Now, I've never actually been a waiter. I've managed waitstaff for three years and I've never actually done it. I do, however, no the basics to serving people food and these morons obviously failed that class magnificently. I mean, it's like they're trying to be awful.

I understand they get an automatic 15% gratuity, but that doesn't mean you just give up completely. If you choose to pay with "meal plan" money at Damon's, the add 15% gratuity to your check for the service. The one time i had DECENT service at Damon's, i asked if they could take 20% gratuity. I mean what do i care, it's meal plan money, i don't need it.

I noticed I used CAPS LOCK a lot in this post. I'll refrain from that in the future as it makes me look like a tool.


Trivial things

I wanted to elaborate on some thoughts from yesterday's post. I feel like it deserves a little more space than a few lines after "the newsies".

Its funny to think about what was important to me in the past and how it's dropped off since. For example, three years ago this week I was deeply interested in a particular girl and going out with her for a first time. Everything I did in front of this girl was a life or death thing at the time, but now it all seems silly.

That summer I listened to guster for the first time and I hand no idea of any of the songs. Now, they're one of my favorite bands and I wish I could see them live now, when I appreciate them a little more, instead of three years ago!

A year later I'm preparing to graduate from high school and the biggest concern was working mainstand manager and doing well on a math placement exam. I studied my ass off for two nights just to end up failing the math class I got into. I repeated the class fall of '08 and aced it.

I thought learning how to solve a rubik's cube was impressive, but now I can solve it without thinking about it and I haven't touched the thing for months.

So what am I doing now that will be so meaningless to me in a year? Two years? A month? The people who mean a great deal to me will always have a place in my mind, but who will be somewhere else and not as much of a factor in my life? In two years I'll be a graduate and I won't see my mason friends as much. Who will be on to bigger and better things at the stadium?

In 15 years when I think of my high school and college graduation, who will I be remembering and who will I be seeing on a close to daily basis? Will I still remember how to solve a rubik's cube? And will family guy still be making sub-par episodes or will they have finally bit the proverbial dust?!?
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So I saw it for the first time yesterday, I wish I could have actually stayed awake, but from what I saw, it wasn't bad. I'll have to give it a solid chance. Anyone have a copy i can borrow?

I'll have to look online and try and find a copy.

So i'm moving out of the room for good today, i'll be sleeping here with nothing but an alarm clock. My move-out is in the morning and I wanna get it all out of here before then. It's kind of surreal. I'm trying to think back to a year ago, and I can't remember what it was like. Will i feel that way next year? Will I still be writing a blog-a-day then? It's kinda funny to think about the future for such trivial things.

Happy Mother's day to all the mom's out there! Go give her a hug, I know I did.


lumpy whimped cream

soo we were having strawberry shortcakes for desert and I had the honor of making the whipped cream. when pouring the cream into the mixer, it came out lumpy! first impressions, "hmm. i wonder how cheese will blend." second thoughts, "should i smell it?" and finally, "what is heavy whipping cream supposed to smell like?"

Ended up making the cream anyway and it tasted fine. Given the stuff was brand new, i assumed it had just settled incorrectly in our fridge.

and speaking of lumpy whipped cream, that's how i would describe the amazingly awesome caps defense over the last three games. Just PUDDING it out there. (see what i did there?)



why is it that the human species hold physical appearance to such a high standard? it's evident in the amount of mirrors that we care so much about how we look to everyone around us that we need to check ourselves seemingly every trip to the bathroom. it's not uncommon to make a trip to the bathroom specifically for the purpose of looking in the mirror.

i'm no different. i, like everyone else, look into the mirror and go through the same daily routine of checks. I mean if i have a giant booger, i want to get rid of it.

do other species have similar processes? does a praying mantis check his bug-eyed reflection in the water droplet on a leaf? does not a dog peer into the water at himself before he pounces? a cat stares out a dark window and sees an intruder cat of the same size and shape, or does he see himself, and then go lick that cow lick down?

mirrors. pretty weird.


Shameless Playlist Note

Go here for my Pandora radio station. It's my kind of music, and I think some of you will like it, but certainly not all of you.
You need to create an account, but it's just an email address and that's it. I recommend starting your own account regardless of whether you like my station or not, it's a great site.

Looky over there ---->
It's worth the two minutes to grab one you're not familiar with, plug it into youtube, and see what you think.

Go on, give it a shot. I dare you. Chicken.

Moving and Moving again

As I move out of the dorm and back to the house, I learned of more moving to come. I was informed yesterday that I will be changing bedrooms at the house.

Currently, I have the guest bedroom (I will always call it that as I once lived in the same room as JD and we had two guest rooms) next to JD's room and to the left of the bathroom. My new room will be the "Pink Bedroom" (which will be painted by myself of course) to the right of the bathroom. This new room is an east facing bedroom so, as opposed to the current batcave, faces the sunrise not the sunset. There is still roof access from this room, and there will be a digital cable hookup as well as the larger living and closet space.

Overall I think i'm ok with the move, but its still up to me whether or not I want to do it. I can't stand being bored, so this is something to occupy my mind for the summer months. And at my rate of completing tasks, I will have it done by mid-June.

So, I need a wall color. Ideas are appreciated. Furniture is wood and sunlight will be prominent early in the day and gone by 2 pm.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

I've always felt a strange connection with them. There are really thousands (exaggeration?) of different ways to make these sandwiches.. Types of Bread, Jellies, Peanut Butter. How you cut it, toasted or no, accompanied by a side? drink?

I think my all time favorite combo would be:
Lightly Toasted
Wheat Bread
Strawberry Jam
Creamy Peanut Butter
Cut Diagonally
With Milk

One of those on a rainy day after school was amazing. I'd like to suggest to all to try other combos you're unfamiliar with. Apple Butter instead of Jelly, Crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy, branch away from the normal grape and creamy on white, experiment! Hell put bananas on there! Have a Fluffer nutter! Cream cheese instead of Peanut Butter! Be a rebel!

There are worse things than failing to make a good sandwich. Give it a shot.



I just wanted to direct your attention to the new item on the "after you've finished up here.." section:

"bigtinypig.tumblr" is a photoblog I'm starting over there on tumblr just out of curiosity. I'm not a huge fan of their layout but I'm getting the hang of it.

Speaking of the "after you've finished up here.." section, I encourage you to check some of those sites out. It's a great way to kill some time and who knows you might just add them to you're bookmarks.


winding down

we're finally ending the Spring 2009 semester at George Mason University, and as you know, that means exams.

I have two this coming Thursday, Business Statistics and Business in Technology. These are my two easiest classes, so i'm thoroughly thrilled about the timing on this week. Especially with the time in between Thursday and my last exam of Accounting on Tuesday.

My first exam was Saturday night, four days off, these two, four days off, and then the final final on Tuesday (12): Intro to Managerial Accounting.

With the end of the semester, there comes moving out. I will miss Dominion 2405. It's been good to me. However, I will not miss the end of year cleaning that will be taking place tomorrow night.. Oh I will not. There's shit to be done. Shower is a mess and I don't wanna talk about the rest of the bathroom. Needless to say, I won't be enjoying my time.


After a 6-game stretch at the stadium, or any given "home stand" (a block of home games) at the stadium, we have what's called "stagger days".

What these days are: a half day. The only rule is that your department has to be taken care of while you're gone. So in the ticketing world, Pete and I cannot take our staggers at the same time. Generally we choose between two days (this case it is Monday or Tuesday) and you choose to take off either the 9am-1pm block or the 1pm-5pm block. So because it's a staggered entrance time for everyone, we call them stagger days.

After this weekend, I've been wondering if they're called as such because we come in late and in a stagger pattern, one after the other, or because we have to drag ourselves into work staggering. A little double meaning there no?

OH Mainstand during scout nights.. I'm going home next time.


I'm slacking

So i've been really slacking on my posting this past few days. I've been hit hard with allergies and work has been and will continue to be intense through the weekend.

I'll get back into the swing of things sunday night, but for now I have to hit the books. Have a good weekend and I'll see you sunday. I'm taking a day off (possibly).

Maybe, if I have the time, I'll delete this and put up a REAL post tomorrow, in addition to something for saturday as well.