Moving and Moving again

As I move out of the dorm and back to the house, I learned of more moving to come. I was informed yesterday that I will be changing bedrooms at the house.

Currently, I have the guest bedroom (I will always call it that as I once lived in the same room as JD and we had two guest rooms) next to JD's room and to the left of the bathroom. My new room will be the "Pink Bedroom" (which will be painted by myself of course) to the right of the bathroom. This new room is an east facing bedroom so, as opposed to the current batcave, faces the sunrise not the sunset. There is still roof access from this room, and there will be a digital cable hookup as well as the larger living and closet space.

Overall I think i'm ok with the move, but its still up to me whether or not I want to do it. I can't stand being bored, so this is something to occupy my mind for the summer months. And at my rate of completing tasks, I will have it done by mid-June.

So, I need a wall color. Ideas are appreciated. Furniture is wood and sunlight will be prominent early in the day and gone by 2 pm.

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Chroe said...

baby blue. Or excuse me,"manly blue" (which looks like a baby blue.)
Something light, the dark walls well cancel out any cool but of sunshine you get

or black. blacks cool.