Middle Names

What's the point?

Who was the first person to decide we needed a name between our Name, and our Family Name? It's like trinomial nomenclature. I had learned about BI-nomial nomenclature in high school, but I'm talking about a THIRD name here, so I tend to feel like a piece of the geno-meat history by having a middle name.

But is it necessary? Generally, people dislike their middle names. I say "generally" because I obviously prefer my middle name over my first name, and their are plenty of people i know who enjoy having a unique middle name and wouldn't trade it for their first. But in general, people sigh when confronted with ridicule of their second name.

Imagine if we went by the same standards of plants and other animals, and everyone person had a genus, family, kingdom, species and such.

I guess I would be Barrett William or to be more specific, Barrett Williamjr. But maybe that's not enough. How bout Barrett WillPaulJr? Nah, no flow. Let's mix it up. BarrettWillPaul JrManassas. But i don't like the location in there.. and I guess I can shorten The Genus portion: BaWiPaus Jrsmartass.


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Chroe said...

i like the attempt for latin on the last one