Squeaky shoes

Now I don't mean the kind that are brand new and therefore make that basketball course squeak that I know from gym class in middle school. I say middle school because by the time I hit high school I had (essentially) two pairs of shoes: running shoes, and dress shoes. In middle school, the brand new sneakers would screech as I gunned my tail across the all purpose gym/cafeteria doing the shuttle run and "top" speed for the presidential fitness award.

Not those shoes.

Not the larry bird white high tops of the 80's that would pierce the ears of all lakers fans and bull's fans as they sat, thousands of miles away watching michael and magic grunt from their comfortable Lay-Z-Boys wearing identical shoes they saw on television.

I'm not talking about those.

I'm talking about the squeaky sneakers of the old variety. The kind that have a hole in the heel where the "maximum support" air bubbles once were. The same air bubbles that would squawk once any percipitation would penetrate the broken plastic on a rainy monday morning.

Those shoes are on my feet as I type this from my cell phone on humid, wet, exhausting monday morning.
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