Jersey Etiquette

There are a few simple rules when it comes to attending live sporting events;
-Harass the opposing teams fans, if and ONLY if you are the home team and you treat them with respect (I'm looking at you Philly Phans in DC).
-You're at a ball game; buy a hot dog, not a crab cake. This rule is excused if you are watching a game at any ballpark within 150 miles of Baltimore and/or the team is in some way related to crabs.
-Cheering is encouraged, so be loud and sing the fight song and stretch at appropriate times.
and finally,
-Wear the Sport Appropriate Jersey*.

This last one is the most important in my book. If you are watching a basketball game, wear a basketball jersey. If you're at a Football game, I better not see a Yankees Jersey.
The asterisk indicates a continuation to the rule. I beg you to please where a jersey of one of the teams playing in the game. If you're a Denver fan and you've been uprooted to New York, leave the Nuggets Jersey at home if the Knicks are playing the Nets.. I know this may be a bit much to ask, that's why it is merely a suggestion.
I'd hate to be the lone Chiefs fan at a Raiders v Chargers game and I certainly wouldn't want to be the lone Sawx fan in "The House that Someone After Ruth Built" when the Yanks are playing the Rays or O's, or even the (gasp) division leading Jays.

So please, when you go out to the ball game or head out to the gridiron or make your way to the arena (regardless of ice or wood conditions), PLEASE wear the right sport, or nothing at all.

Wait, change that. Wear something, just not the wrong jersey.


Bill said...

THANK YOU! You nailed everything. I would add one thing: if you are a fan of the visiting team, feel free to root for your team, but not obnoxiously. Have respect that you are in someone else's house.

bigtinypig said...

And I forgot to mention hats, I'll have to get into that another time.