winding down

we're finally ending the Spring 2009 semester at George Mason University, and as you know, that means exams.

I have two this coming Thursday, Business Statistics and Business in Technology. These are my two easiest classes, so i'm thoroughly thrilled about the timing on this week. Especially with the time in between Thursday and my last exam of Accounting on Tuesday.

My first exam was Saturday night, four days off, these two, four days off, and then the final final on Tuesday (12): Intro to Managerial Accounting.

With the end of the semester, there comes moving out. I will miss Dominion 2405. It's been good to me. However, I will not miss the end of year cleaning that will be taking place tomorrow night.. Oh I will not. There's shit to be done. Shower is a mess and I don't wanna talk about the rest of the bathroom. Needless to say, I won't be enjoying my time.

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