Damon's is an awesome restaurant. If you haven't been, you should. BUT let me recommend one thing, for your own sakes, DO NOT GO TO THE MASON DAMON'S. In the student union building (SUBI) on the fairfax campus, there is a damon's bar and grill in the basement. great food, dozens of tvs, a bar, and by FAR the WORST service i have ever received.

Now, I've never actually been a waiter. I've managed waitstaff for three years and I've never actually done it. I do, however, no the basics to serving people food and these morons obviously failed that class magnificently. I mean, it's like they're trying to be awful.

I understand they get an automatic 15% gratuity, but that doesn't mean you just give up completely. If you choose to pay with "meal plan" money at Damon's, the add 15% gratuity to your check for the service. The one time i had DECENT service at Damon's, i asked if they could take 20% gratuity. I mean what do i care, it's meal plan money, i don't need it.

I noticed I used CAPS LOCK a lot in this post. I'll refrain from that in the future as it makes me look like a tool.

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Bill said...

As a longtime server, I can tell you that restaurant service has gone way downhill. It's a shame- you can't depend on good service or hot food most of the time.