Hot Dogs

You can grill them, you can nuke em, you can boil them, fry them or steam them, but either way you look at it, it's a piece of meat on a bun.

My favorite "classic" hot dog:
the naked one.
Naked = no condiments. Just bun.
grilled OR fried, with a potato bread bun. Oh my that's delicious.
Runner-up, the chili dog
boiled, with a white bred bun. topped with chili (no beans, for dad) and capitalized with shredded cheddar and mustard. If you're super ballsy, top it with freshly chopped vidalia onion. so nice.

Interesting concoctions:
taco dog
Yes it's exactly what you're imagining. Heaven on a plate. With the grilled or fried dog on a sturdy bun. potato is best, but i recommend tearing some of the bread out of the bun first, it holds more toppings that way. Proceed with your favorite salsa and shredded cheese. be sure to put fresh shredded lettuce below the dog!
pizza dog
mhmm. it's good. basic white bread bun, with tomato based pizza sauce inside. i only go fried on this one, and i cut a slit down the middle of the dog, long ways of course, to hold in a pinch of oregano. then, add a little shredded mozzarella to the top. top with your choice of pizza toppings, I recommend pepperoni or ham, but if you want to go the non-meat route for toppings, try fresh diced tomato. it's excellent. mozzarella can be substituted for provolone of course.
and finally sweet dog
I always recommend the potato bun for this one, it's sweetness really compliments the rest of the dog. chocolate syrup, hot dog, whipped cream, and sprinkles. it's a banana split on a bun, only instead of fruit, you have meat.

Ok so i never tried nor will i ever venture a try at that last one.
Good luck and enjoy!

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astinson said...

You left off the tuna dog. Which is exactly what is sounds like...a hot dog with tuna fish on it. I witnessed two people do this while I worked in the clubhouse.