Thoughts of the Day 5-28-09

Well it's the end of the month again, and you know what time it is!
--haha that sounded funny after i read it aloud.

it's thoghts of the day!

30 rock is a funny show. I had no idea, and now I probably won't be doing anything BUT watching that show in my free time.

How many times do people look at the clock on any given day? I mean is that a normal thing to do? I seem to have a tick that makes me glance at the clock, either digital display on my computer, analog hands on the wall, mini-display on my phone, or the display next to the odometer in my car, every 30.7 seconds.

When eating a lunchable, i have to finish the food at the same time. It is impossible to end up with one extra cracker or piece of cheese, you need to eat a stack of cracker, ham, cheese. no options. that's it. the only creativity allowed in my book is whether the ham or the cheese goes on the cracker first. Personally, i go for the ham on the cracker because the roundness matches up nicely. However; I do enjoy mixing it up a bit and sometimes go with the cheese / cracker / ham combination.

Brisk Iced Tea > Nestea

I need to buy new shoes. I've been rockin the same pair for longer than I care to remember and although i love them, they need to be moved to second string pair of shoes. They just aren't starting shoe material anymore. The have no sole.
get it!

Song I haven't heard for roughly 3 years: Eagle Eyed Cherry "Stay Tonight"

Have a good Friday, I need to catch up BAD.


Corinne said...

I do the same thing with my lunchables. I hate having an extra cheese, ham, or cracker left over.

Bill said...

Enjoy 30 Rock- it only gets better!