This is probably the funniest Billy Mays dub i've ever seen.

Check out there channel here. Jabo0dyDubs.

Find those errors

Last week I posted a link to my profile with the Nationals, here.

There are 4 mistakes, two grammatical, and two factual.

Can you spot them? No? Yea well here they are.

First circle; my birthday is 1/5/89
Second circle; "seeing" is spelled "eeing" and "Long walks on the beach, thunderstorms..." has a few unnecessary capital letters.
Third circle; my email address is right, but it takes you to a different person. astinson(at)potomacnationals(dot)com

Well that was fun wasn't it!


I'm back! and now for something completely different.

Ok so I wasn't a fan of tumblr. I liked the novelty at first but it just wasn't for me.

This is what will happen, I will continue to post on tumblr, but it will only be the stuff from here on blogger. That way I can still be active on both ends.

But this particular post will be blogger exclusive. So enjoy!


Have you ever really listened to "Escape" by Rupert Holmes? When you really think about it, it's a song about two people that are actively pursuing an affair!

Without posting the lyrics, the story is a guy is unhappy with his current relationship. He reads a personal ad in the paper and responds to it hoping to meet the woman of his dreams. When they finally meet, after three days of poetry in the newspaper classifieds, he discovers that his current girl (wife or girlfriend, it doesn't say) was the one in the paper.

Don't you think there's a problem with that? I'd be just a little bothered if my significant other was putting out personal ads in the paper. Regardless of how much she likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Sure, maybe neither of us like yoga or health food, and we both enjoy champagne, but who doesn't like making love at midnight on the dunes of a cape?

One thing that always bugged me about this song is that its so upbeat for something so ..not upbeat. I don't know, maybe it's me, but why would he be so psyched about cheating on his "lady"? And what does he expect, a phenomenally attractive woman? Dude she took out a personal ad in the paper. She's gonna look less than a 717, a guarantee you.

Rupert Holmes wasn't a looker himself..

And I think the best part about this song, and don't get me wrong, I enjoy it, is that people always refer to it as The Pina Colada Song. I mean, who doesn't think of this song when they have a pina colada, or vice versa?


Well I'm back, and may I say mea culpa for ever leaving.



if you haven't taken a look at my tumblr page yet, i've made the official transition.

The link is here.

I tried RSS feeding everything to here from there but blogger won't let me. bastards.

i liked it here mostly because the customization of the site is WAYY better than over there, but I like the dashboard and content mechanisms better over there than here.

sorry to all my exclusive blogger users, but if you still want to follow my blogging, you can do so at my twitter @bigtinypig.

You've been good to me blogger!