June Recap

Well I'm 30 posts older, 21 tarp pulls wiser and $x richer. June has been a good month and i'll look back on it with fond memories as I move forward into what wil certainly be a roller coaster of a July, what with the 4th, a scout night, a day care day, and a bobblehead give away at work, as well as a visit to PA and a Nats Park visit late in the month.

June; it's been shits and grins.

Faux foliage

It's always kinda bugged me when offices have fake plants in their halls and offices. Is it really that much more of a hassle to have a real plant? It's not difficult to water them and their certainly comparable in price. And the benefits to having a live plant are sure to out way the costs. For example I can see their may be an attraction to bugs? Or maybe the clean up of dead leaves and such.

If anyone ever asks you how I feel about a fikas tree, now you know.
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Meeting of the minds.

you ever wonder where super villians get all of their funding? you gotta believe that robbing banks isn't enough. do you think they have a pretty solid accountant and investment banker? how'd you like to sit in on that meeting.
skeletor- how are my financesssss?
accountant - well we need to go over some of your spending for this month
skeletor- go on...
accountant- first off, what exactly is the purpose of a "death ray extension module"
skeletor- well.. thatssss.. a uh... it'sss necesssary!
investor- and while we're talking about spending, why exactly should i be buying iceberg futures?
skeletor- that'ss for the death ray! buy ice, because it's going to get hot in thissss ccccity!
accountant- you're an idiot.

Cheese Fries and Teenage Turtles

Anyone ever played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Arcade? It's pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Coupled with bacon cheese fries from Tony's and Mountain Dew and you got yourself an afternoon from straight out of 1988.


Top 5 Beatles songs

#1 Flying - Magical Mystery Tour

Place to think

This past weekend, I spent time in yorktown. Awesome place as far as I'm concerned.
While there, august (my roommate and gilded lover) showed us some neat places only locals would know about.
At home, I like to traverse onto my roof to think. Its a nice quiet area where I can look at the stars and just relax. I usually don't think about my personal life or work, its always about "nothing".
In yorktown, we went to the waterfront. There, a cliff perched above the york river, was the most spectacular view I've seen in sometime. The light reflecting off the water from the drawbridge amazed me and kept us all in silence for moments upon moments.

I suggest everyone find a place to think. It's good for the mind.
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What a strange profession

So I had a dream last night where i worked at a resort as a naked tour guide. Just me, not like a team of naked tour guides. How strange..

They say your dreams mean something, that they reflect events to come in your life. Who wants to figure out this one for me!

The Men's Room: Resurrected

Part Two: Urinals

Last time we were here, we talked about the stall situation. Today, I'd like to go in depth on the urinals.

For those of you who don't frequent a men's room; a urinal is the strange mysterious stand-up toilet. There are many different varieties seen here, here, and here.
The former is the most common variety. Here's a typical men's room.

Now. For the sake of argument, let's rearrange it, and add a numerical system for referencing throughout the article.

Typically, when we walk into the men's room, we go for number 5. It's against the wall, and it's on the end so the chance someone being right next to you is slim.
So we now have one space occupied. The second person in the room is very likely going to take spot number 3. It's not next to 5, and it's not the little urinal.
Now man #3 is faced with a dilema. Slots 1,2,and 4 open. He can take 2 or 4, or he can go for the kiddy. The best option is to go with #1. Slot number 1 would be a second choice for everyone due to it's low proximity and we take a hit to our pride when we're forced to use the kiddy urinal, but in this situation, it's really the only option.
The forth man walks in, see's 1, 3 and 5 taken, and he will, rightfully so, go straight to the stall and use one of those.

Next time-
Part Three: The Sinks


Way to a man's heart

Not just through his stomach, you need to be more specific.

Turkey club
Pimento cheese
Bagels with cream cheese
Chicken wings
Grilled shrimp
Baby back ribs
Corn bread
Pulled pork
Chocolate cake
Chocolate covered cherries
Coffee on a saturday morning

Just a heads up.
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Sleep blanking

My brother and I have talked in our sleep, I know people who walk in their sleep, what about other things?
Does anyone sleep shower? Sleep text? Sleep walk to class and back? Have you ever woken up in class after going to sleep in bed?
Sleep studying, sleep golfing, sleep writing, sleep driving, sleep painting.
What if I'm sleeping while I type this? Am I dreaming? Are you sleeping while reading this? Will I wake up and see this entry unaware of how it got here?
Ten years from now, will I wake up and discover I was sleeping for eight hours?

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The Men's Room, a series.

Upon request, i bring you:

Part One: The Handicap Stall

Let's first, before we get ahead of ourselves, discuss the public restroom. For men, there are four things in this room apart from himself; urinal, stall, sink, and (of course) the handicap stall. Each of these items serve a purpose, however one of them is more favorable than the others.

The Handicap stall is the palace of the men's room. There's more room to move around, there's a handle, there's even a bigger door.

When men go into the restroom with the intent of "taking their time," we check the handicap stall to see if there are feet sticking underneath the door. We see feet, and we die inside. Our feet wander to our second favorite stall, usually the one farthest from the palace, and quietly cry to ourselves.

While in the handicap stall, we know that our time to be proud of the area around us is now. A territorial instinct kicks in, and we cackle to ourselves when we see dejected feet turn and walk away from your stall, as they now search for a sub-par stall to call their own.

Have you ever felt the need to share with everyone that you just claimed the handicap stall? While shuffling through your contact list on your cell phone, do you wish to send a mass text to all of the guys letting them know that you, and only you, are the king of the handicap stall? Do you ever feel guilty that somewhere, somehow, there is a handicap gentleman who needs to use the restroom, yet you, and only you, have taken his rightful claim to the throne?

I don't feel bad.

Next time,
Part Two: Urinals


Menu Photographer

How and where do i find these people?

I found this blog a few weeks ago, and it astounds me that these photographers can make this look like this or this look like this

That takes skill.

I can just imagine a fast food restaurant with a head chef and an amazing staff that actually CARED about the presentation of their meal. what a world that would be.


I'm thinking a layout change is in order

How bout ditching the Calvin and Hobbes and revamping this whole thing. I'm gonna start changing the look of the blog over the next few days, tell me what you think.

And while i'm here I might as well write a blog post:

They're adding an aisle to the front of one of the field boxes at the stadium, here's the construction photo i snapped while i was at lunch today. The reason they're adding it is so that people can actually GET to their seats. its' a good addition and i'm surprised it took this long to get around to.

I just did the math

and i have 8 days to write 15 posts.

make that 14.

Food stuff

I've been slipping on the posts, get ready for a week full of entries that are short and multiple times a day.

I was thinking about flavor additives this morning and I was wondering what some foods would taste like without artifical flavoring. Like chewing gum, how nasty would that stuff be if it didn't taste like mint or juicy fruit? Or what avout ketchup. Not the good stuff, I mean the shitty stuff in those packets you'd find at a public school cafeteria. It'd probably be like paste..

And how would regular food fare with added flavor? Like bacon with bacon additives? Mmm...

This somewhat goes along with flavor in vodka or soda, like bacon diet coke or root beer vodka, its all chemicals that trick our mouths into thinking its bacon. I think I'd like to be one of those scientists.
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The business of baseball

I assume it's due to the fact that I'm currently reading "Bottom of the Ninth" by Michael Shapiro, but I have been thinking a lot about sports business in general.

It's fascinating to me that a GAME that has roots from over 150 years ago can still be played today and receive the media attention that it does. It saddens me, however, that the game has fallen off it's power pedastal as the nation's favorite sport (the National Football League now claims that honor) and has since met a decline in popularity with the scandal that surrounds it.

Through these tough times, Baseball is still a viable marketing source of income for owners and product pushers alike. As beat writers trash fallen stars and dynastys in the Yankees organization, the team is playing ball in one of TWO brand new facilities in the New York, New Jersey area, not to mention the construction of yet another park, the one New York Giants and Jets will be enjoying soon. The new Shea (or as they'd like to tell you it's named, Citifield) and Yankee Stadiums are littered with advertisements ranging from alcoholic beverages to tires and more.

It's compelling to know marketing and entertainment still survive, nay, THRIVE during these tough times; both financially, and as perceived by fans and writers on the morals of their favorite players.

More rain today. I'll keep you posted on the tarp count...
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why is the sky green?

I had a long post about something that, before proofreading, was hilarious.

After reading and realizing what I was writing, I now think I should formulate my thoughts before writing.

Then content of today's post was so stupid and made zero sense, i'm embarassed of it's existence and have since deleted it.

enjoy your tuesday, and let's hope i have better luck tomorrow.


The interesteing thing about working at the stadium is the dynamic between paid and unpaid employees. The unpaid interns have absolutely no incentive to bere on a slow tuesday afternoon, while the paid staff don't mind being here, because they know they'll be paid for it. One group has all the motivation they need to do as little as possible to get by, while another group has zero motivation to do all the work necessary to get credit and keep their intenrship.

On top of that, there is such little work to be done, that these interns are doing absolutely nothing for minimum experience and almost zero payment opportunities.

Personally, there should be a rotation of when they come in. That way they can have a paying job elsewhere during the day!
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Gym shorts

I feel, they are underrated. I once wore them to school as normal attire a few times a week, but probably 8 times a month, during middle school.
Then, for reasons unexplained, it became not-appropriate school attire during high school. However it was "cool" to wear clothes that were not school sanctioned gym attire during P.E.
For me, it was always white lacrosse shorts with plain white T shirt or some other athletic shirt. my track fellow eric and myself were the athletes of our gym period.
Now a days, I want to gym shorts all the time, but I feel I'd face an un-called for stigma for doing so. Is it so "drab" to be comfy and show off my rockin butt?

Ok that last bit wasn't exactly true, but what if it was!

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Possibly one of the greatest things to come out of that time.
I felt it needed to be shared.
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Day off

Our work schedule this week was strange, after a 4 day strech that was to have 5 games, we were to have monday off. Then, following that break, we'd finish off the early part of the week with a three game homer.
What really happened was a rain soaked thursday and friday, which made our five game in four day situation a four game in two day experience. After our one day off, we played three games.
Today through sunday, we're off. But come monday; it's another 7 games in 7 days.

I think I need a day off.

And did I mention the tarp pulls?
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In which your humble daily blogger goes to serious land for a day.

In conversations have had today, i'd like to quickly think aloud regarding personal perspectives of people. What I've been raised to believe as 'normal' and 'acceptable behavior' is different from other people's idea of 'normal' and 'acceptable'.

For example, i've known a few individuals who are what you would call "socially disabled," how do these people see the world? what they see as something as simple clouds or patterns in the grass or even simple colors can be as complex as the most difficult math equations. Maybe i'm giving individuals too much credit, but there's no way of me knowing the truth.

On the same token, what abou serial rapists or murderers? their culture and upbringing or even genetical make-up have made them to be what we (what you would call average or ordinary people) would call psychotic. Do these people see everything just a little differently? do they realize what's "wrong" with what they are doing?

Stuff like this keeps me up at night.



I haven't flossed on my own, intentionally, since i was 12, and before that it was never. Everytime i go to the dentist, i tell them i do it a few times a week, and that i need to do it more. for some reason, they believe me and tell me that i have really nice teeth and i take care of them well.

those fools! muhahahahah


half day my ass

you know what i'm talking about bill.
"dis is bullshit!"
"George is getting angry!"


Two a days

I always thought of "two a days" as a term describing the amount of football practices in a given day. Now I know, however, that it describes the amount of potomac nationals games we have per day.

Another double header today, and we have an off day tomorrow. Enjoy your sunday!
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6 in three days.

And while I'm on the subject of sucking; you should see "The Uninvited" if you wanna waste about 2 hours of your life.

...the sister was dead the whole time and rachel is innocent.

Not worth it.
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Candy flavor preference

Skittles, Starburts, sour patch kids and gummy worms or bears all have different "flavors" that make me change my pattern of eating.

Do you save the best for last or do you eat your favorite first?

For me, skittles are the easiest. In order of how I would eat them;
Purple, Orange, Yellow, Red, Green.

In order of favorite flavor;
Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple.

Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink
Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink

Sour Patch Kids:
Orange, Yellow, Red, Green
Green, Red, Yellow, Orange

Doesn't matter. Theyre all chocolate. Duh. -


Toilet Paper Rolls

My suitemates and I shared a bathroom this past semester. I lived with August, and in the adjoining room lived Rob and Chris. Rob and Chris are nice guys, but they aren't the neatest people on the planet. Adversely, August and I are relatively clean.

As the days and weeks went by throughout the season, Chris and Rob would leave the empty toilet paper rolls sitting on the floor next to the toilet. Now being the proud, stubborn SOB that I am, I left them there to be picked up by my suitemates. I'd remind to get rid of them, and they'd respond saying they were getting a trashcan that week to put in the bathroom, but it never happened. So I made a decision to get even.

Over the span of 5 months, I collected the toilet paper rolls in a trash bag in my closet. I eventually had roughly 150 rolls. I don't wanna think about that too hard, but needless to say it's evident the bathroom was being used to it's full potential.

So on April fools day, I had August distract the guys while I stacked the rolls against the outside of the door. The doors open into the room, so once I finished stacking them, I beat on the door like a drum to get them to open it.

They weren't to pleased and, of course, they refused to pick them up.



I use every last bit of tooth paste in the tube, and this was my favorite variety.
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Perception Comparison: 30 Rock

Perception Comparison is something I'm going to continue over a few posts. Maybe not consecutively, but I will compare perceptions of things before and after i've experienced them.

Today, I'd like to talk about the show 30 Rock.

This show seems like it's a desperate attempt to have failing actors make some money before they inevitably make a bad TV movie and fall off the face of the earth.
First up, we have Tina Fey. I don't know if I like her or not, she has a weird sense of humor that I can't seem to grasp because I never spend more than 30 seconds watching her before I change the channel or move away from the TV. Is it because she's not funny, or is because I haven't given her a chance? I don't know, and frankly, I don't care.
Next, it's the most successful Baldwin brother. "Alec or Alex or whatever the hell fruity name you want to go by this week, give up. It's not working for you anymore."
Tracy Morgan, you act like you belong on Mad TV and you look like you're done trying. I remember you from half baked and being a gay guy in Longest Yard. The fact that you were in 143 episodes of SNL astounds me.
I can't see myself staying in front of the TV long enough to watch this show after The Office every thursday, probably because I don't have class on Friday's and generally I'm doing other things at 10:00 on a "weekend" in the Fall.
Good luck to you 30 Rock, I didn't realize they kept you on the air after the writers strike.

I had no idea what this show was about just from watching the commercials in between The Office and... wait... that's the only NBC show I watch.
Giving this show a chance was an excellent call, and I thank Bill for giving me the opportunity with seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.
Tina Fey is one of the funniest women on TV that I can remember (I was born in 1989, Gilda Radner and Carol Burnett weren't pop culture anymore). I admire her character and I can relate to being overworked and "loving" it.
Jack Donaghy is the BEST boss on TV. Michael Scott pales in comparison to this character.
Tracy Morgan is playing himself, and he couldn't have done it better. If that makes sense. Jordan is a loud, obnoxious, stupid actor who knows nothing but how to be himself. Not that he's a "Bad" actor in real life, he's just type-cast as an idiot.
Overall it's a great show, and it just goes to show you can't judge a book by it's cover. I judged it as a failure because it had a bunch of celebrities on it. That to me seemed like a last ditch effort for a show that probably has poor writing.

What we learned:
Sometimes it pays to give something a chance that doesn't seem to deserve it. Next time I try something different, i'll do my best to get it up here.