The Men's Room: Resurrected

Part Two: Urinals

Last time we were here, we talked about the stall situation. Today, I'd like to go in depth on the urinals.

For those of you who don't frequent a men's room; a urinal is the strange mysterious stand-up toilet. There are many different varieties seen here, here, and here.
The former is the most common variety. Here's a typical men's room.

Now. For the sake of argument, let's rearrange it, and add a numerical system for referencing throughout the article.

Typically, when we walk into the men's room, we go for number 5. It's against the wall, and it's on the end so the chance someone being right next to you is slim.
So we now have one space occupied. The second person in the room is very likely going to take spot number 3. It's not next to 5, and it's not the little urinal.
Now man #3 is faced with a dilema. Slots 1,2,and 4 open. He can take 2 or 4, or he can go for the kiddy. The best option is to go with #1. Slot number 1 would be a second choice for everyone due to it's low proximity and we take a hit to our pride when we're forced to use the kiddy urinal, but in this situation, it's really the only option.
The forth man walks in, see's 1, 3 and 5 taken, and he will, rightfully so, go straight to the stall and use one of those.

Next time-
Part Three: The Sinks

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