Toilet Paper Rolls

My suitemates and I shared a bathroom this past semester. I lived with August, and in the adjoining room lived Rob and Chris. Rob and Chris are nice guys, but they aren't the neatest people on the planet. Adversely, August and I are relatively clean.

As the days and weeks went by throughout the season, Chris and Rob would leave the empty toilet paper rolls sitting on the floor next to the toilet. Now being the proud, stubborn SOB that I am, I left them there to be picked up by my suitemates. I'd remind to get rid of them, and they'd respond saying they were getting a trashcan that week to put in the bathroom, but it never happened. So I made a decision to get even.

Over the span of 5 months, I collected the toilet paper rolls in a trash bag in my closet. I eventually had roughly 150 rolls. I don't wanna think about that too hard, but needless to say it's evident the bathroom was being used to it's full potential.

So on April fools day, I had August distract the guys while I stacked the rolls against the outside of the door. The doors open into the room, so once I finished stacking them, I beat on the door like a drum to get them to open it.

They weren't to pleased and, of course, they refused to pick them up.

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Bill said...

Well done sir. Hil-ar-ious.