Meeting of the minds.

you ever wonder where super villians get all of their funding? you gotta believe that robbing banks isn't enough. do you think they have a pretty solid accountant and investment banker? how'd you like to sit in on that meeting.
skeletor- how are my financesssss?
accountant - well we need to go over some of your spending for this month
skeletor- go on...
accountant- first off, what exactly is the purpose of a "death ray extension module"
skeletor- well.. thatssss.. a uh... it'sss necesssary!
investor- and while we're talking about spending, why exactly should i be buying iceberg futures?
skeletor- that'ss for the death ray! buy ice, because it's going to get hot in thissss ccccity!
accountant- you're an idiot.

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