The business of baseball

I assume it's due to the fact that I'm currently reading "Bottom of the Ninth" by Michael Shapiro, but I have been thinking a lot about sports business in general.

It's fascinating to me that a GAME that has roots from over 150 years ago can still be played today and receive the media attention that it does. It saddens me, however, that the game has fallen off it's power pedastal as the nation's favorite sport (the National Football League now claims that honor) and has since met a decline in popularity with the scandal that surrounds it.

Through these tough times, Baseball is still a viable marketing source of income for owners and product pushers alike. As beat writers trash fallen stars and dynastys in the Yankees organization, the team is playing ball in one of TWO brand new facilities in the New York, New Jersey area, not to mention the construction of yet another park, the one New York Giants and Jets will be enjoying soon. The new Shea (or as they'd like to tell you it's named, Citifield) and Yankee Stadiums are littered with advertisements ranging from alcoholic beverages to tires and more.

It's compelling to know marketing and entertainment still survive, nay, THRIVE during these tough times; both financially, and as perceived by fans and writers on the morals of their favorite players.

More rain today. I'll keep you posted on the tarp count...
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Bill said...

Well said sir. It is a testament to what baseball can endure.