Wednesday Night Quarterback

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Biggest Movers:
New Orleans Saints  +11

Jacksonville Jaguars 
and Green Bay Packers  -7

last week's ranking in parenthesis

1. Tennessee Titans  (1)  7-0
This team hasn't impressed anyone with flashy statistics, but they are winning games. New Crown in the AFC South?

2. New York Giants  (2)  6-1
Solid performance against the Steelers on Sunday. Still say they haven't played anyone yet? I can't wait to see them play the Redskins in November. 

3. Washington Redskins  (5)  6-2
The Redskins don't blow teams out. That's not how they play. They wear them down. Monday Night against the Steelers should be a running game for both sides. 

4. Carolina Panthers  (7)  6-2
This team is quietly putting up big numbers against opponents. They will not lose this weekend! (bye week)

5. Pittsburgh Steelers  (3)  5-2
Hard fought game against the Giants that I believe they should have won. Pass protection seems to be an issue with this team. Willie Parker is back against the Redskins.

6. Buffalo Bills  (4)  5-2
This team started out 4-0, they are 1-2 in the last three games (Miami-L, San Diego-W, and Arizona-L). Is this team going to turn it around?

7. New England Patriots  (8)  5-2
The pats are playing well despite the loss of Brady. Maybe there is life after Tom? Look for them to steal first place from the Bills soon. 

8. Arizona Cardinals  (9)  4-3
The Cards had a shoot out with the Panthers last week. This team needs to continue it's success and limit the mistakes. Interceptions lose games for this team.

9. New Orleans Saints (20)  4-4
A much needed win over the worst pass-defense (one of the worst) in the league in London puts this team back on the right track. The NFC South is strong and you can't let the division leading Panthers get too far ahead.

10. Dallas Cowboys  (17)  5-3
Brad Johnson limited his mistakes against a good Buccaneers team and the Cowboys' Defense won this game. I don't think they have enough in them to beat the Giants. 

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  (6)  5-3
Tampa Bay's offense looked anemic against a resurgent Dallas D. They need to get on track before Carolina runs away with it. 

12. Philadelphia Eagles  (13)  4-3
Beating the Atlanta Falcons on a bad call still counts as a victory right? It was refreshing to see Donovan run one in. Haven't seen that since 2006. 

13. San Diego Chargers (11)  3-5
The Chargers don't deserve to be this high, but I still have faith in them. They need to tighten up their defense a bit and they can win games.

14. Baltimore Ravens  (19)  4-3
How pretty was that pass from Troy Smith to Joe Flacco? What about Flacco's rushing TD? This team is really taking advantage of their CAA graduate. 

15. Chicago Bears  (14)  4-3
The Bears lead the lowly NFC North for now. I can see the Packers coming back in the late season stretch. 

16. Atlanta Falcons  (12)  4-3
Atlanta has the tools to win, just not the timeouts. 

17. Green Bay Packers  (10)  4-3
This team can have a better second half than the Bears. That will put them in the playoffs. 

18. Denver Broncos  (18)  4-3
If this team had a running back, they may be even better. This may be the 2nd worst division in football. 

19. Indianapolis Colts  (16)  3-4
Peyton isn't connecting to players down the field. That's the difference in this team from last season.

20. Houston Texans  (27)  3-4
3 straight wins is really looking good after a 0-4 start. Can this team make it to the playoffs?

21. Miami Dolphins  (22)  3-4
The wildcat amazingly still works on teams. Did the Bills not watch film? And who's this Ted Ginn Jr. guy that everyone hated last season?

22. Jacksonville Jaguars  (15)  3-4
The Jags are falling fast. I told you they weren't impressive.

23. Minnesota Vikings  (24)  3-4
This team just sucks. Adrian Peterson will have trouble rushing for anything without the Williams Bros. on the line. 

24. New York Jets  (21)  4-3
Ugly Ugly team. They are lucky. And I think Favre's Luck is running out. 

25. St. Louis Rams  (26)  2-5
Two impressive wins is apparently too much for RB Steven Jackson. Donnie Avery showed up to play and play he did. 

26. Cleveland Browns  (23)  3-4
Barely beating the Jags on the road is better than barely loosing to the Skin's on the road. Who knew that they'd be happy with 3-4 at this point?

27. Seattle Seahawks  (29)  2-5
This team shouldn't be too excited about that victory over the 49ers. Their QB is still out for a while.

28. Oakland Raiders  (25)  2-5
Cable Guy's magic is fading. So now you're 1-2 right?

29. San Francisco 49ers  (28)  2-6
Mike Singletary will help this team win 5 games this season. Maybe if they had some talent, they'll actually play well in '09 (not January).

30. Kansas City Chiefs  (30)  1-6
The Chiefs should have tried to get Culpepper when they had the chance.

31. Detroit Lions  (32)  0-7
Daunte Culpepper will help this team do well. They should definitely sign him. 

32. Cincinnati Bengals  (31)  0-8
Absolutely NO effort against the Texans on Sunday. 

Last Week's Picks:
(Overall 21-19)

This Week's Picks:
NY Jets at Buffalo
Detroit at Chicago
Jacksonville at Cincinnati
Baltimore at Cleveland
Green Bay at Tennessee
Arizona at St. Louis
Houston at Minnesota
Tampa Bay at Kansas City
Miami at Denver
Atlanta at Oakland
Dallas at NY Giants
Philadelphia at Seattle
New England at Indianapolis

Monday Night Game:
Washington at Pittsburgh

Bye: New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco, Carolina


Redskins 25 - Lions 17

Click the article title for Box Score

3 things that went wrong:

3rd Down ------> 1st Down

The Skins have done this for years and they continue to do it halfway through this season. We need to turn our long drives into TOUCH DOWNS not field goals as we've been doing. For everyone one of our games we've had long drives that end in 3 point plays when 6-8 points are just one or two plays away. This needs to change if we wish to play well against NFC east rivals in the last 3 home games of the season, and Monday Night against the Steelers.

Penalties Penalties Penalties

8 penalties for 67 yds in this game. 6 of them were in the first half. This needs to stop. We're making very few mistakes turning the ball over (knock on wood) but we kill ourselves with penalties. Don't give the referees any excuse to call us on mistakes. 

Butterfingers Give Opponents a Chance

3rd week in a row where we fumble the ball and the opposing team scores 7 off of it. That means if we hold on to the ball we would have beaten St. Louis, the Browns game is 14-3, and the Lions game is 25-10. Don't give them any more help guys.

3 things that went right:

Wide Receivers Getting Open

Our receivers look as if they were being covered by ghosts. They just couldn't get a hold of us. I like that our guys are finding ways to get open and our play-makers are helping us win. Keep that up and we can go into the bye week with 3 wins in a row. 


Clinton Portis is becoming a dominant force in the running game. For 5 consecutive weeks, he has run for 120+ yds. Portis and O.J. Simpson are the only players to have done this twice in their careers. Lets make it 6 weeks CP, and you're looking at a hell of an argument for League MVP (not that it matters to him, good article here).

Special Teams Points (19)

Our special teams have been racking up the points for us. Including extra points, the Skins kickers and kick returners have put up 19 points. Santana Moss had 12 points total on the day but more about him below. Keep up the good work special teams. It's great to know Zorn can depend on you if he needs it. 

Game Excitement Rating:


The Game wasn't as close as normal Redskins games are (no complaints here), but it makes for less excitement. 1 turnover overall, by the good guys. But the special teams kick return is something to get me jumping up and down like a maniac (not that I don't jump and down like a maniac after everything good happens!). I think one or two more turnovers give this game a perfect rating, but i still give it 4 Indian Heads out of 5.

Game Ball:  Santana Moss

First Redskin in Franchise History to record a receiving touchdown AND a punt return for a touchdown in the same game. Excellent job this week getting open down the field. Let's see you do that against the bruised up Steelers secondary next week and I might have to start praising the shortest receiver on our team for being the BEST receiver in the NFC East (yea i'm talking to you Plax, TO, and Roy. not you Kevin Curtis). 


Greatest Plays of Redskins History

I'd like to pick just one great play by the Redskins, but I believe that it is impossible to pick one from the 75 year history of the team. There have been great offensive plays, great defensive plays, great special teams plays, heck you could even call hiring George Allen as a head coach a "great play."

So instead, I've decided to compile this list of the Greatest Plays of Redskins History. 

In no particular order;

Kenny Houston's Goal Line Stop

October 8th, 1973
Dallas               7
Washington    14

An October Monday night in Washington was the stage for this play, a huge defensive stop by Kenny Houston. Late in the 4th Quarter, the Game was tied 7-7 when Brig Owens of the Redskins intercepted a Craig Morton pass and raced to the end zone to take the lead. Dallas attempted a rally, but Dallas' Walt Garrison was met at the 1 yd line by the Kenny Houston. he pulled Garrison back to the ground, just shy of the end zone as the final seconds ticked off the clock. 

January 10th, 1988
Chicago         17
Washington  21

The NFC Divisional Playoff game between the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears was played on a cold Soldier Field. Perhaps, the cold weather is what broke Darrell Greens Ribcage, or maybe it was the bad landing on the play. After Washington's defense pinned the Bears deep in their own territory, Chicago was forced to punt. Joe Gibbs wanted to take advantage of the field position, so he put corner back Darrell Green on the punt return team. He began his return at about midfield and hurdled a tackler. On the landing, he twisted his body and raced to the end zone. He can be seen clutching his side on his final sprint. 

November 5th, 2006
Dallas               19
Washington    22

The Redskins and Cowboys had a back and forth battle all day at FedEx Field. In the last minutes of a 19-19 game, Dallas drove easily down the field. As they lined up for the winning field goal with seconds on the clock, Troy Vincent, the recent acquisition from Buffalo, blocked the field goal as a swarm of white jersey's led Sean Taylor down the field and to the Redskins 47 yd line. But there was no time left on the clock. However, on the return, Dallas Offensive Lineman Kyle Kosier grabbed Taylor's facemask, giving Washington 15 yds and one more play. Nick Novak nailed the 49 yd field goal to put the Redskins on top, and seal the victory.

January 30th, 1983
Miami             17
Washington   27

It was the beginning of the fourth quarter in Super Bowl XVII when the Redskins faced a 4th and 1 on the Dolphins' 43 yd line. Instead of punting, Joe Gibbs had faith in his team and called I-Right 70 Chip. Tight End Clint Didier moved in motion to the right, and then reversed back to the left where Running Back John Riggins followed him up for the first down and more. Riggins broke a tackle from cornerback Don McNeal and went the 43 yds. for the score. The score secured the victory for the Redskins, and their first Super Bowl Victory in franchise history. 

September 19th, 2005
Dallas                13
Washington     14

Two plays in the final four minutes of this Monday Night game put Washington on top of Dallas for only the 2nd time in 16 meetings at Dallas. 

With Washington trailing the whole game, Mark Brunell scrambled on 3rd and 27 for a 25 yd run. On 4th and 2, Brunell threw a check-down pass to James Thrash which gave the redskins 20 yds. 3 plays later, the Redskins were on the 39 yd line on 4th and 15. Santana Moss caught a pass from Brunell between Aaron Glenn and Terrence Newman in the end zone. 

Minutes later, the Redskins got the ball back on the 30 yd line. Brunell went deep one more time, Moss beat Aaron Glenn for another touch down. This time, for 70 yds and the victory. 

Denver            10
Washington    42

The Redskins found them selves down 7 points after the first play of the football game, but after the first fifteen minutes, they were down 10-0. At the start of the second quarter, it seems a brand new team took the field. After a 35 point thrashing, the Redskins went into halftime with a 35-10 lead. 

The Redskins set the following Super Bowl records on that day:
-Most Offensive Yards (602)
-Most Offensive Rushing Yards (280)
-Most Touchdowns scored in a Super Bowl Game (6)
-Most Offensive Yards in a quarter (356)
-Most Points in a quarter (35)
-Most Touchdowns in a quarter (5)
-Largest Deficit to overcome to win a Super Bowl (10)

January 22nd, 1983
Dallas              17
Washington   31

Darryl Grant made the defensive play of his career that night. A tipped ball by four charging defensive lineman landed right in the hands of this big guy as he tip toed his way into the end zone. The win put the Redskins in the Super Bowl. 


Wednesday Night Quarterback

Normally, I'd give a blurb on each team and why I ranked them where I ranked them, but I just do not have the time this week. Exams are a time consumer. Go figure.

If I have time, I'll update this article with info on Friday, but I doubt it. Just tune in to see possible changes. 

Working on a new article, hope you like it. Will be up sometime this weekend. 

Previous Weeks: 6 7 8 9 10

Last Week's Ranking in Parenthesis

Biggest Movers:
New England +12
Dallas -11

1. Tennessee Titans (1)  6-0

2. New York Giants (2) 5-1

4. Buffalo Bills (5) 5-1

10. Green Bay Packers (19) 4-3

11. San Diego Chargers (13) 3-4

12. Atlanta Falcons (10) 4-2

13. Philadelphia Eagles (16) 3-3

14. Chicago Bears (14) 4-3

16. Indianapolis Colts (12) 3-3

17. Dallas Cowboys (6) 4-3

18. Denver Broncos (11) 4-3

19. Baltimore Ravens (22) 3-3

20. New Orleans Saints (18) 3-4

21. New York Jets (17) 3-3

22. Miami Dolphins (21) 2-4

23. Cleveland Browns (23) 2-4

24. Minnesota Vikings (24) 3-4

25. Oakland Raiders (30) 2-4

26. St. Louis Rams (28) 2-4

27. Houston Texans (27) 2-4

28. San Francisco 49ers (25) 2-5

29. Seattle Seahawks (26) 1-5

30. Kansas City Chiefs (29) 1-5

31. Cincinnati Bengals (31) 0-7

32. Detroit Lions (32) 0-6

Last Weeks Picks:
(Overall 15-12)

This Weeks Picks:
Tampa Bay at Dallas
Washington at Detroit
Buffalo at Miami
St. Louis at New England
San Diego at New Orleans
Kansas City at NY Jets
Atlanta at Philadelphia
Oakland at Baltimore
Arizona at Carolina
Cleveland at Jacksonville
Cincinnati at Houston
NY Giants at Pittsburgh
Seattle at San Francisco

Indianapolis at Tennessee

Bye: Chicago, Denver, Green Bay, Minnesota


Redskins 14 - Browns 11

click the title to see the game Box Score

3 Things that went wrong:

The Redskins Passing Game in the First Half

The Skins just did not seem to find a rhythm for most of the first 3 quarters. I would attribute that too Campbell's groin tweak that happened early in the game. This team needs to start putting together some long drives with a good run/pass balance.

The Redskins O-Line Pass Protection

If Campbell has more time to read the secondary and make a good pass to his receivers, there's more rhythm to the offense. I like how the O-Line performed for Rush Protection, but I'll get to that in the 3 things that went right section.

Clinton Portis' Ball Protection

Clinton Portis is the best back in the league, but if he held on to that fumble in the 4th quarter, the Brown's never see the end-zone, and we don't need our defense to save us. Maybe he should read a page out of Brandon Marshall's / Coach Shanahan's Book and Carry around a Ball all week. 

3 Things that went right:

Clinton Portis (with the exception of that fumble)

This is the BEST running back in the league. The line deserves credit, Sellars deserves credit, but Portis is carving opposing defense for 116 yards per week and the only back to be averaging over 100 yards per game. He's put up 120+ yards in four consecutive games. He's played with the team on his back. MVP candidate in my book.

The O-Line Rush Protection

The rushing game has been remarkable in the past weeks and the credit goes to the blockers and the lineman who run down field and blow away the opposing team. 

The Goal Line Defense

This team LOVES to play goal line defense. They looked great and they played great in the red zone and only allowed 8 points due to Portis' fumble. Great effort by these guys, and they seem to be the only team that want to stop you when you get inside the 20. 

Game Excitement Rating:


The Game was not pretty in any way. The first points were put on the board with 22 minutes left in the game. My skills aren't great, but that leaves 38 minutes of scoreless football. The only reason this got 2 Indian Heads and not 1 is because any game that the Redskins win gets an automatic point in my book. 

Game Ball: Clinton Portis

Portis carried this offense to a win, hopefully the passing game can prevail in Detroit this Sunday. 

Honorable Mention goes to London Fletcher and Carlos Rogers. These guys had some great hits and stops on the day. 


Wednesday Night Quarterback

Previous Weeks: 6 7 8 9 10

Last weeks ranking in parenthesis.
Biggest Movers 
New England -10
Atlanta Falcons +9

1. Tennessee Titans (1)  5-0
Titans were idle, but for those at the top of the list, idle is better than playing and losing. This team will be 6-0 after next week.

2. New York Giants (2)  4-1
Loss to Cleveland will set this team straight. They'll be fine in the long run. Still a very powerful team. 

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (5)  4-1
Idle last week, moved up 2 spots. Imagine if they won? Probably still would have been up two spots.

4. Washington Redskins (3)  4-2
Loss to the St. Louis Rams is not as bad as it seems. This team didn't all of the sudden get bad, watch for a bounce back against the Browns.

5. Buffalo Bills (7)  4-1
Idle and up two spots. Maybe that's what I should have named the article? Good game against the Chargers this weekend. Picks below. 

6. Dallas Cowboys (6)  4-2
This team is looking bad. Romo out for a month, Pacman out for at least a month (maybe forever), Newman out for a few more weeks, Felix Jones out for at least 2-4 weeks, and T.O. just lost some catches to Roy Williams. Speaking of that, what will the jersey's say for Roy Williams (there are two on this team now)?

7. Arizona Cardinals (13)  4-2
Big 6 spot jump for Arizona. This team is looking really good after coming close against Washington and beating Buffalo two weeks ago. Keep an eye on these guys for future moves.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14)  4-2
Thumped the Panthers. Message to Gruden: Keep Garcia in at starting QB. This team is winning this division today, but the NFC South is looking more and more like a contender every week.

9. Carolina Panthers (4)  4-2
Poor performance against an evenly matched team. Division cellar dweller New Orleans comes to Carolina this weekend. The winner will move up and make a bold push for the Division head Tampa.

10. Atlanta Falcons (19)  4-2
Stunning come back by rookie Matt Ryan makes this team a threat. Interesting to see the rematches between Carolina and between Tampa Bay.

11. Denver Broncos (8)  4-2
Loss to Jacksonville knocks this AFC West powerhouse down a few pegs, Monday Night Game against the Patriots could be interesting. 

12. Indianapolis Colts (11)  3-2
Dominating performance against a usually staunch Baltimore defense puts this team back in the AFC South conversation.

13. San Diego Chargers (15)  3-3
They finally beat the Patriots. They deserve a little praise, LT still looks rough.

14. Chicago Bears (9)  3-3
Valiant effort against a surging Atlanta team. Should be a free win against Minnesota, but after Week 6, nothing is free. 

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (18)  3-3
Beat the Broncos in Denver, looks pretty good after a strong effort against Pittsburgh. They get a week off.

16. Philadelphia Eagles (12)  3-3 
Beat San Francisco, and find themselves 4 spots back. This team still has something to prove if it wants to be higher up.

17. New York Jets (17)  3-2
No movement after beating Cincinnati. This team looks a lot better in Blue and Gold.

18. New Orleans Saints (23)  3-3
Beat the pants off of Oakland like they should. Brees looks to be the best in years. This team will make a move on a great looking NFC South.

19. Green Bay Packers (21)  3-3
The Seahawks were abused by this Packers team. A-Rodg needs to keep playing through injuries.

20. New England Patriots (10)  3-2
Biggest drop on the list. This team needs to straighten out or it will find itself on the loosing end of the Broncos.

21. Miami Dolphins (20)  2-3
Loss to Houston wasn't that unbelievable, someone was bound to "figure out" the Wildcat. Watch for Miami to win a few more this year. Tough one against Baltimore this week.

22. Baltimore Ravens (16)  2-3
Rookie QB and rookie RB's need to limit the fumbles and interceptions otherwise they won't win more than 6 this season.

23. Cleveland Browns (26)  2-3
Huge turnaround game against the Giants on Monday Night Football. If we see this team against Washington play as well as it did against New York and we'll see a more interesting AFC North.

24. Minnesota Vikings (22)  3-3
Disappointing performance against Detroit. Only put 10 points on a terrible defense. Won by a safety and a last minute field goal. 

25. San Francisco 49ers (24)  2-4
Almost put away the Eagles at home. Need to start finishing games. 

26. Seattle Seahawks (25)  1-4
Never thought I'd see this team playing so bad. Charlie Frye at the helm doesn't help. 

27. Houston Texans (29)  1-4
Great performance against a good team in Miami. I'd like to see this team put some more wins on the board. 

28. St. Louis Rams (32)  1-4
Jim Haslett may have pulled this team out of the gutter, but will it be enough to beat Dallas?

29. Kansas City Chiefs (28)  1-4
With Larry Johnson facing possible charges of Assault, this team is not looking great. No wonder Tony Gonzalez wanted out. 

30. Oakland Raiders (27)  1-4
The Cable guy lost. Al Davis is killing this franchise.

31. Cincinnati Bengals (30)  0-6
Hope this team gets a win soon. There's nothing worse than seeing a winless team in November. 

32. Detroit Lions (31)  0-5
Lost Roy Williams and gained a 1st, 3rd, and 6th round pick. Hope this team gets 3 pro-bowlers. They deserve to have some success. 

Last Weeks Picks:
7-7 (Season 7-7)

This Weeks Picks:
San Diego at Buffalo
Minnesota at Chicago
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Tennessee at Kansas City
Dallas at St. Louis
Baltimore at Miami
San Francisco at NY Giants
New Orleans at Carolina
Detroit at Houston
NY Jets at Oakland
Indianapolis at Green Bay
Cleveland at Washington
Seattle at Tampa Bay

Monday Night Game:
Denver at New England 

Bye: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Arizona, Jacksonville


Redskins 17 - Rams 19

For box score, click the title. 

The Redskins fell victim to the trap game. I really thought this team that stayed focused on the game at hand for four weeks would avoid the loss. Let me go into the 3 things that went wrong / 3 things that went right game.

3 things that went wrong:

The Redskins O-Line versus Rams Rush

The skins could not stop the blitz on Sunday, and It didn't help that their was a muffed snap and poor blocking from the line. Great protection from the linemen was the key to zero offensive turnovers in the first 5 weeks. 

The Redskins Punting team

Durant Brooks was drafted out of Georgia Tech as the winner of the Hart Trophy (Best Punter in the NCAA). After a preseason competition, Brooks looked to be the better man, but after 5 weeks of play... Thankfully, Zorn believes Brooks needs to be replaced. There will be a few guys trying out this week to hopefully unseat Brooks or at the very least make Brooks a better player.

The Redskins Nickel Secondary

Leigh Torrence should not have talked trash to coach Haslett. After he missed the coverage against the rookie WR Avery, he pretty much gave the Rams those 3 points. Now I have to say it's not all his fault, someone else was supposed to blitz on that play and did not. 

3 things that went right:

The Redskins Rushing Attack for all 4 quarters.

The skins did what they were supposed to do in the running game and they looked great like they have for the last 4 weeks. Sadly, Betts hurt his knee and will likely miss 3-4 weeks. No word yet on how many he'll miss, but it's a sprained knee. I'd say it's 4 weeks. He'll be back for the Dallas game. 

The Redskins Rush Defense

Stephen Jackson had some good runs on the day, but as a whole, the skins' defense stopped the Rams all day. Their offense was limited to four field goals. After poor punts, the Rams were given good field position. If the punting was better, the Rams would have to punt to us instead of getting some gimme field goals.

The Redskins Pass Defense

Bulger could not throw well against the secondary. There weren't any turnovers for the redskins (with the exception of the fumble recovery) so I'd like to see more INT's by the secondary in the next weeks.

Game excitement ranking:

The game did come down to the last minute, but there was just a lot of punting going on. Not good football. Turnovers make it exciting, but I wish it was for the other end. 
The Josh Brown kick to win it all gave this game 4 indian heads out of 5. 

Game Ball:

Game ball goes to Jim Haslett for leading his Rams to their first win of the season. If this team gets 6 wins this season, he'll get the head coaching job and lose the "Interim" from his "Interim Head Coach" title.


Favorite Unis

I've been a Redskins fan for quite some time as you may already know. The Redskins have had numerous uniforms over their nearly 80 year history, and no major changes since the early 70's. 

These uniforms I believe to be my favorite. Here's the burgundy version. I don't like that the stripes on the shoulders are missing from that one. 

My favorite helmet is unquestionably this one. There are people who agree with me, as there are recreations of the helmet for a possible campaign to bring it back. My favorite of those is this one.

The rest of the helmets by specific year:

The Skins wore the 1970-71 helmet during the September 27th game versus the NY Giants during the 2007 season.

They also wore the 1965-69 helmet for home games during the 2002 season.

And During the 1994 season, all teams in the league wore a throwback (retail home and away). This is the helmet.

The Boston Redskins 1933-1936

The redskins began their existence in 1932 as the Boston Braves, but they changed their name after one season to the Redskins.
After doing some searching, they wore these uniforms. Cliff Battles in Boston Braves Gear. Turk Edwards. 
While they were still in Boston, they signed their most memorable and most historic player of Redskins history. Sammy Baugh was the "Father of the Forward Pass", and the only player in NFL history to lead the league in passing, punting, and interceptions in the season. You can read more about him here.

The Washington Redskins 1937-present

The redskins had an interesting number font at some point according to this photo. Judging by this team photo, I believe it was 1937 (look at the gentleman wearing 48 in the front row. his 8 is different from others in the photo) but the font could have been used in the 35-36 seasons.

During the 1982 strike, the Redskins changed their helmet design from this logo, to this logo. Only one player, Joe Washington, did not make the logo switch because his helmet was of a special design

Here's a poster that you can buy at most Redskins stores that shows the jersey through the years.

Tomorrow look for a discussion of Sunday's loss to the Lambs.


Wednesday Night Quarterback

It is time for my weekly installment of Wednesday Night Quarterback!

Every week during football season; I will go over my rankings for each team in the NFL, make picks for the games of the upcoming weekend, and maybe give you a little info on the happenings of the Redskins.

Here we go!

Week 6 Power Rankings

Previous Weeks: 6 7 8 9 10

#1 - Tennessee Titans 5-0
The Titans aren't winning games by 30 points, but they are holding their opponents to under 12 per game (#1 in the NFL). I Can't wait to See what these guys are like in January. Collins should not see the bench the rest of the year.

#2 - New York Giants 4-0
These Giants should be #1, but they haven't played a team with any defense yet. October 26th game against the Steelers should be there first challenge.

#3 - Washington Redskins 4-1
The Redskins have played like they are trying to make a playoff spot. That's the only other time I've seen them win four in a row. This team looks to be for real. Watch out for a possible trap game against the "Rams".

#4 - Carolina Panthers 4-1
The Panthers have impressed me in recent weeks. Their run defense seems to be the best in the league after the held LJ to 7. Statistically, they are a very dangerous team in a not very intimidating division.

#5 - Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1
I'd like to see the Steelers dominate someone offensively. They haven't done it yet. They say defense wins championships, but not if you don't have Parker or Mendenhall suited up.

#6 - Dallas Cowboys 4-1
The Cowboys have really started to slump. Explosive offense in Arizona could be a wake-up call for the already suspect secondary of the Big D. (more like little D if you ask me..)

#7 - Buffalo Bills 4-1
The Bills fell in an impressive contest to the Arizona Cardinals. Not everyone can go undefeated, but we haven't seen the last of this team with weapons on both sides of the ball. Look for Lee Evans to earn his big contract next sunday against the Chargers. Bye Week.

#8 - Denver Broncos 4-1
Their embarrassing loss to divisional rival Oakland hasn't seemed to shake up this team too badly. Game against the unimpressive Jaguars could be a fun watch.

#9 - Chicago Bears 3-2
Really impressive game against the not-so-impressive Lions. Top of the NFC North looks pretty good when Favre is in another Conference.

#10 - New England Patriots 3-1
Good win over the 49ers after a Bye Week. The Schedule Gods thought they had a barn-burner with the Pats and Bolts mixing it up this weekend, but I won't be tuning in.

#11 - Indianapolis Colts 2-2
Has their been a better come-from-behind win this season? I don't think so. Peyton should put those last minute drives together during the first half.

#12 - Philadelphia Eagles 2-2
Donovan McNabb should put his cleat in his mouth before he starts saying his Eagles are still the team to beat in the Division. Oh what's that? He already said that? The Iggles need to stick with the game play throughout a game.

#13 - Arizona Cardinals 3-2
Offense is still playing well despite the loss of receiver Anquan Boldin. If Kurt Warner retires after this season, at least he'll have a Division Championship with two different teams in the same division (Rams, Cardinals).

#14 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2
Impressive defense and 1,000 pass attempts a game would get you to 3-2 in this division.

#15 - San Diego Chargers 2-3
Another shaky-start to a season. Forget about the loss to the Dolphins, you have the Patriots this weekend.

#16 - Baltimore Ravens 2-2
Hard fought games that ended up being losses. They'll move up the rankings in weeks to come.

#17 - New York Jets 2-2
Bretty and the Jets have found them selves in a division that has power houses somewhere other than in Foxboro. A few victories within the division can prove valuable if they keep playing well.

#18 - Jacksonville Jaguars 2-3
The Jaguars almost pulled out a big win on Sunday Night Football. If this defense keeps scoring points, the contests against division opponents Tennessee and Indianapolis become more intriguing.

#19 - Atlanta Falcons 3-2
The passing game needs to realize that Roddy White will not be open like he was this week. Find other targets and keep pounding the run.

#20 - Miami Dolphins 2-2
The last two victories by this team are very impressive. The Wild cat formation is still working, so keep using it.

#21 - Green Bay Packers 2-3
Trouble at Lambeau? They lost a game that looked like a win at the beginning of the season. McCarthy needs to get this team playing at it's full potential.

#22 - Minnesota Vikings 2-3
The Vikings have become more and more lucky as the season wears on. Questionable officiating and pretty good quarterback play by former Redskin, Lion, Bronco, Bengal, Viking, Dolphin, Ram, and Current Viking Gus Frerotte have kept this team alive.. for now.

#23 - New Orleans Saints 2-3
This team could easily be 3-2 if it didn't rely on Reggie Bush to score 18 of their 27 points every week. They need to put some better drives together and play defense if they hope to play well in the NFC South.

#24 - San Francisco 49ers 2-3
The 49ers have the weapons to be a good team. The weak division should help them put up some W's.

#25 - Seattle Seahawks 1-3
This is why the NFC West is such a strange division right now. The Cardinals are #1, the Seahawks aren't making the playoffs, and none of them can play defense. Did I say strange? I meant weak.

#26 - Cleveland Browns 1-3
Such a promising team last year with some great off season acquisitions should not be 1-3. Hopefully the throwback helmets they wear on Monday will turn them around?

#27 - Oakland Raiders 1-3
Is it sad that I'm already wondering when they will fire Cable?

#28 - Kansas City Chiefs 1-3
After their upset against Denver, I thought this team showed promise. After they got dominated by Carolina, I remembered that Thigpen was their quarterback.

#29 - Houston Texans 0-4
I don't think Sage Rosenfels will ever start a game again. Ever.

#30 - Cincinnati Bengals 0-5
I really thought I was going to see an upset in Dallas. Maybe they'll beat Washington or Philly? They seem to only play well against NFC East opponents.

#31 - Detroit Lions 0-4
Just an awful team all around. Detroit Fans should be happy to know that the Hockey Season is underway.

#32 - St. Louis Rams 0-4
Jim Haslett was a Defensive minded head coach for the Saints for 5 seasons. I don't think his Rams will be able to play well at Washington. Al Saunder's should avoid eye contact with his previous employers this weekend.

This Weeks Picks!

Chicago at Atlanta
Baltimore at Indianapolis
Detroit at Minnesota
Oakland at New Orleans
Cincinnati at New York (Jets)
Carolina at Tampa Bay
St. Louis at Washington
Miami at Houston
Jacksonville at Denver
Dallas at Arizona
Philadelphia at San Fransisco
Green Bay at Seattle
New England at San Diego

Monday Night Game
New York (Giants) at Cleveland Browns
Pts: 42

That's all for this week, more on Football tomorrow.


No asalten a los arbitros

Well I can't sleep so here's post #2. 

In honor of fellow blogger and former overlord of concessions at the dick phitz, Bill Kenney, I have created a list of songs that hit #1 on the billboard top 100 list on my birthday for every year since I was born (1989). 


1989 - Poison "Every Rose Has It's Thorn"
1990 - Phil Collins "Another Day in Paradise
1991 - Madonna "Justify My Love"
1992 - Michael Jackson "Black or White"
1993 - Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You"
1994 - Mariah Carey "Hero"
1995 - Boyz II Men "On Bended Knee"
1996 - Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men "One Sweet Day"
1997 - Toni Braxton "Un-Break My Heart"
1998 - Elton John "Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle in the Wind 1997"
1999 - R. Kelly and Celine Dion "I'm Your Angel"
2000 - Santana ft. Rob Thomas "Smooth"
2001 - Destiny's Child "Independent Women Part I"
2002 - Nickelback "How You Remind"
2003 - Eminem "Lose Yourself"
2004 - Outkast "Hey Ya!"
2005 - Mario "Let Me Love You"
2006 - Mariah Carey "Don't Forget About Us"
2007 - Beyonce "Irreplaceable"
2008 - Flo Rida ft. T-Pain "Low"
2009 - ????

Now Bill's Post was actually posted on his birthday, but I created this list out of boredom and admiration for his list so I decided to post it now. I have other plans for what to post on my birthday. 

Now, back to me not being able to sleep.