No asalten a los arbitros

Well I can't sleep so here's post #2. 

In honor of fellow blogger and former overlord of concessions at the dick phitz, Bill Kenney, I have created a list of songs that hit #1 on the billboard top 100 list on my birthday for every year since I was born (1989). 


1989 - Poison "Every Rose Has It's Thorn"
1990 - Phil Collins "Another Day in Paradise
1991 - Madonna "Justify My Love"
1992 - Michael Jackson "Black or White"
1993 - Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You"
1994 - Mariah Carey "Hero"
1995 - Boyz II Men "On Bended Knee"
1996 - Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men "One Sweet Day"
1997 - Toni Braxton "Un-Break My Heart"
1998 - Elton John "Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle in the Wind 1997"
1999 - R. Kelly and Celine Dion "I'm Your Angel"
2000 - Santana ft. Rob Thomas "Smooth"
2001 - Destiny's Child "Independent Women Part I"
2002 - Nickelback "How You Remind"
2003 - Eminem "Lose Yourself"
2004 - Outkast "Hey Ya!"
2005 - Mario "Let Me Love You"
2006 - Mariah Carey "Don't Forget About Us"
2007 - Beyonce "Irreplaceable"
2008 - Flo Rida ft. T-Pain "Low"
2009 - ????

Now Bill's Post was actually posted on his birthday, but I created this list out of boredom and admiration for his list so I decided to post it now. I have other plans for what to post on my birthday. 

Now, back to me not being able to sleep. 

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