Wednesday Night Quarterback

It is time for my weekly installment of Wednesday Night Quarterback!

Every week during football season; I will go over my rankings for each team in the NFL, make picks for the games of the upcoming weekend, and maybe give you a little info on the happenings of the Redskins.

Here we go!

Week 6 Power Rankings

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#1 - Tennessee Titans 5-0
The Titans aren't winning games by 30 points, but they are holding their opponents to under 12 per game (#1 in the NFL). I Can't wait to See what these guys are like in January. Collins should not see the bench the rest of the year.

#2 - New York Giants 4-0
These Giants should be #1, but they haven't played a team with any defense yet. October 26th game against the Steelers should be there first challenge.

#3 - Washington Redskins 4-1
The Redskins have played like they are trying to make a playoff spot. That's the only other time I've seen them win four in a row. This team looks to be for real. Watch out for a possible trap game against the "Rams".

#4 - Carolina Panthers 4-1
The Panthers have impressed me in recent weeks. Their run defense seems to be the best in the league after the held LJ to 7. Statistically, they are a very dangerous team in a not very intimidating division.

#5 - Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1
I'd like to see the Steelers dominate someone offensively. They haven't done it yet. They say defense wins championships, but not if you don't have Parker or Mendenhall suited up.

#6 - Dallas Cowboys 4-1
The Cowboys have really started to slump. Explosive offense in Arizona could be a wake-up call for the already suspect secondary of the Big D. (more like little D if you ask me..)

#7 - Buffalo Bills 4-1
The Bills fell in an impressive contest to the Arizona Cardinals. Not everyone can go undefeated, but we haven't seen the last of this team with weapons on both sides of the ball. Look for Lee Evans to earn his big contract next sunday against the Chargers. Bye Week.

#8 - Denver Broncos 4-1
Their embarrassing loss to divisional rival Oakland hasn't seemed to shake up this team too badly. Game against the unimpressive Jaguars could be a fun watch.

#9 - Chicago Bears 3-2
Really impressive game against the not-so-impressive Lions. Top of the NFC North looks pretty good when Favre is in another Conference.

#10 - New England Patriots 3-1
Good win over the 49ers after a Bye Week. The Schedule Gods thought they had a barn-burner with the Pats and Bolts mixing it up this weekend, but I won't be tuning in.

#11 - Indianapolis Colts 2-2
Has their been a better come-from-behind win this season? I don't think so. Peyton should put those last minute drives together during the first half.

#12 - Philadelphia Eagles 2-2
Donovan McNabb should put his cleat in his mouth before he starts saying his Eagles are still the team to beat in the Division. Oh what's that? He already said that? The Iggles need to stick with the game play throughout a game.

#13 - Arizona Cardinals 3-2
Offense is still playing well despite the loss of receiver Anquan Boldin. If Kurt Warner retires after this season, at least he'll have a Division Championship with two different teams in the same division (Rams, Cardinals).

#14 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2
Impressive defense and 1,000 pass attempts a game would get you to 3-2 in this division.

#15 - San Diego Chargers 2-3
Another shaky-start to a season. Forget about the loss to the Dolphins, you have the Patriots this weekend.

#16 - Baltimore Ravens 2-2
Hard fought games that ended up being losses. They'll move up the rankings in weeks to come.

#17 - New York Jets 2-2
Bretty and the Jets have found them selves in a division that has power houses somewhere other than in Foxboro. A few victories within the division can prove valuable if they keep playing well.

#18 - Jacksonville Jaguars 2-3
The Jaguars almost pulled out a big win on Sunday Night Football. If this defense keeps scoring points, the contests against division opponents Tennessee and Indianapolis become more intriguing.

#19 - Atlanta Falcons 3-2
The passing game needs to realize that Roddy White will not be open like he was this week. Find other targets and keep pounding the run.

#20 - Miami Dolphins 2-2
The last two victories by this team are very impressive. The Wild cat formation is still working, so keep using it.

#21 - Green Bay Packers 2-3
Trouble at Lambeau? They lost a game that looked like a win at the beginning of the season. McCarthy needs to get this team playing at it's full potential.

#22 - Minnesota Vikings 2-3
The Vikings have become more and more lucky as the season wears on. Questionable officiating and pretty good quarterback play by former Redskin, Lion, Bronco, Bengal, Viking, Dolphin, Ram, and Current Viking Gus Frerotte have kept this team alive.. for now.

#23 - New Orleans Saints 2-3
This team could easily be 3-2 if it didn't rely on Reggie Bush to score 18 of their 27 points every week. They need to put some better drives together and play defense if they hope to play well in the NFC South.

#24 - San Francisco 49ers 2-3
The 49ers have the weapons to be a good team. The weak division should help them put up some W's.

#25 - Seattle Seahawks 1-3
This is why the NFC West is such a strange division right now. The Cardinals are #1, the Seahawks aren't making the playoffs, and none of them can play defense. Did I say strange? I meant weak.

#26 - Cleveland Browns 1-3
Such a promising team last year with some great off season acquisitions should not be 1-3. Hopefully the throwback helmets they wear on Monday will turn them around?

#27 - Oakland Raiders 1-3
Is it sad that I'm already wondering when they will fire Cable?

#28 - Kansas City Chiefs 1-3
After their upset against Denver, I thought this team showed promise. After they got dominated by Carolina, I remembered that Thigpen was their quarterback.

#29 - Houston Texans 0-4
I don't think Sage Rosenfels will ever start a game again. Ever.

#30 - Cincinnati Bengals 0-5
I really thought I was going to see an upset in Dallas. Maybe they'll beat Washington or Philly? They seem to only play well against NFC East opponents.

#31 - Detroit Lions 0-4
Just an awful team all around. Detroit Fans should be happy to know that the Hockey Season is underway.

#32 - St. Louis Rams 0-4
Jim Haslett was a Defensive minded head coach for the Saints for 5 seasons. I don't think his Rams will be able to play well at Washington. Al Saunder's should avoid eye contact with his previous employers this weekend.

This Weeks Picks!

Chicago at Atlanta
Baltimore at Indianapolis
Detroit at Minnesota
Oakland at New Orleans
Cincinnati at New York (Jets)
Carolina at Tampa Bay
St. Louis at Washington
Miami at Houston
Jacksonville at Denver
Dallas at Arizona
Philadelphia at San Fransisco
Green Bay at Seattle
New England at San Diego

Monday Night Game
New York (Giants) at Cleveland Browns
Pts: 42

That's all for this week, more on Football tomorrow.

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