Redskins 17 - Rams 19

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The Redskins fell victim to the trap game. I really thought this team that stayed focused on the game at hand for four weeks would avoid the loss. Let me go into the 3 things that went wrong / 3 things that went right game.

3 things that went wrong:

The Redskins O-Line versus Rams Rush

The skins could not stop the blitz on Sunday, and It didn't help that their was a muffed snap and poor blocking from the line. Great protection from the linemen was the key to zero offensive turnovers in the first 5 weeks. 

The Redskins Punting team

Durant Brooks was drafted out of Georgia Tech as the winner of the Hart Trophy (Best Punter in the NCAA). After a preseason competition, Brooks looked to be the better man, but after 5 weeks of play... Thankfully, Zorn believes Brooks needs to be replaced. There will be a few guys trying out this week to hopefully unseat Brooks or at the very least make Brooks a better player.

The Redskins Nickel Secondary

Leigh Torrence should not have talked trash to coach Haslett. After he missed the coverage against the rookie WR Avery, he pretty much gave the Rams those 3 points. Now I have to say it's not all his fault, someone else was supposed to blitz on that play and did not. 

3 things that went right:

The Redskins Rushing Attack for all 4 quarters.

The skins did what they were supposed to do in the running game and they looked great like they have for the last 4 weeks. Sadly, Betts hurt his knee and will likely miss 3-4 weeks. No word yet on how many he'll miss, but it's a sprained knee. I'd say it's 4 weeks. He'll be back for the Dallas game. 

The Redskins Rush Defense

Stephen Jackson had some good runs on the day, but as a whole, the skins' defense stopped the Rams all day. Their offense was limited to four field goals. After poor punts, the Rams were given good field position. If the punting was better, the Rams would have to punt to us instead of getting some gimme field goals.

The Redskins Pass Defense

Bulger could not throw well against the secondary. There weren't any turnovers for the redskins (with the exception of the fumble recovery) so I'd like to see more INT's by the secondary in the next weeks.

Game excitement ranking:

The game did come down to the last minute, but there was just a lot of punting going on. Not good football. Turnovers make it exciting, but I wish it was for the other end. 
The Josh Brown kick to win it all gave this game 4 indian heads out of 5. 

Game Ball:

Game ball goes to Jim Haslett for leading his Rams to their first win of the season. If this team gets 6 wins this season, he'll get the head coaching job and lose the "Interim" from his "Interim Head Coach" title.

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