Redskins 25 - Lions 17

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3 things that went wrong:

3rd Down ------> 1st Down

The Skins have done this for years and they continue to do it halfway through this season. We need to turn our long drives into TOUCH DOWNS not field goals as we've been doing. For everyone one of our games we've had long drives that end in 3 point plays when 6-8 points are just one or two plays away. This needs to change if we wish to play well against NFC east rivals in the last 3 home games of the season, and Monday Night against the Steelers.

Penalties Penalties Penalties

8 penalties for 67 yds in this game. 6 of them were in the first half. This needs to stop. We're making very few mistakes turning the ball over (knock on wood) but we kill ourselves with penalties. Don't give the referees any excuse to call us on mistakes. 

Butterfingers Give Opponents a Chance

3rd week in a row where we fumble the ball and the opposing team scores 7 off of it. That means if we hold on to the ball we would have beaten St. Louis, the Browns game is 14-3, and the Lions game is 25-10. Don't give them any more help guys.

3 things that went right:

Wide Receivers Getting Open

Our receivers look as if they were being covered by ghosts. They just couldn't get a hold of us. I like that our guys are finding ways to get open and our play-makers are helping us win. Keep that up and we can go into the bye week with 3 wins in a row. 


Clinton Portis is becoming a dominant force in the running game. For 5 consecutive weeks, he has run for 120+ yds. Portis and O.J. Simpson are the only players to have done this twice in their careers. Lets make it 6 weeks CP, and you're looking at a hell of an argument for League MVP (not that it matters to him, good article here).

Special Teams Points (19)

Our special teams have been racking up the points for us. Including extra points, the Skins kickers and kick returners have put up 19 points. Santana Moss had 12 points total on the day but more about him below. Keep up the good work special teams. It's great to know Zorn can depend on you if he needs it. 

Game Excitement Rating:


The Game wasn't as close as normal Redskins games are (no complaints here), but it makes for less excitement. 1 turnover overall, by the good guys. But the special teams kick return is something to get me jumping up and down like a maniac (not that I don't jump and down like a maniac after everything good happens!). I think one or two more turnovers give this game a perfect rating, but i still give it 4 Indian Heads out of 5.

Game Ball:  Santana Moss

First Redskin in Franchise History to record a receiving touchdown AND a punt return for a touchdown in the same game. Excellent job this week getting open down the field. Let's see you do that against the bruised up Steelers secondary next week and I might have to start praising the shortest receiver on our team for being the BEST receiver in the NFC East (yea i'm talking to you Plax, TO, and Roy. not you Kevin Curtis). 

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