Redskins 14 - Browns 11

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3 Things that went wrong:

The Redskins Passing Game in the First Half

The Skins just did not seem to find a rhythm for most of the first 3 quarters. I would attribute that too Campbell's groin tweak that happened early in the game. This team needs to start putting together some long drives with a good run/pass balance.

The Redskins O-Line Pass Protection

If Campbell has more time to read the secondary and make a good pass to his receivers, there's more rhythm to the offense. I like how the O-Line performed for Rush Protection, but I'll get to that in the 3 things that went right section.

Clinton Portis' Ball Protection

Clinton Portis is the best back in the league, but if he held on to that fumble in the 4th quarter, the Brown's never see the end-zone, and we don't need our defense to save us. Maybe he should read a page out of Brandon Marshall's / Coach Shanahan's Book and Carry around a Ball all week. 

3 Things that went right:

Clinton Portis (with the exception of that fumble)

This is the BEST running back in the league. The line deserves credit, Sellars deserves credit, but Portis is carving opposing defense for 116 yards per week and the only back to be averaging over 100 yards per game. He's put up 120+ yards in four consecutive games. He's played with the team on his back. MVP candidate in my book.

The O-Line Rush Protection

The rushing game has been remarkable in the past weeks and the credit goes to the blockers and the lineman who run down field and blow away the opposing team. 

The Goal Line Defense

This team LOVES to play goal line defense. They looked great and they played great in the red zone and only allowed 8 points due to Portis' fumble. Great effort by these guys, and they seem to be the only team that want to stop you when you get inside the 20. 

Game Excitement Rating:


The Game was not pretty in any way. The first points were put on the board with 22 minutes left in the game. My skills aren't great, but that leaves 38 minutes of scoreless football. The only reason this got 2 Indian Heads and not 1 is because any game that the Redskins win gets an automatic point in my book. 

Game Ball: Clinton Portis

Portis carried this offense to a win, hopefully the passing game can prevail in Detroit this Sunday. 

Honorable Mention goes to London Fletcher and Carlos Rogers. These guys had some great hits and stops on the day. 

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