Wednesday Night Quarterback

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Biggest Movers:
New Orleans Saints  +11

Jacksonville Jaguars 
and Green Bay Packers  -7

last week's ranking in parenthesis

1. Tennessee Titans  (1)  7-0
This team hasn't impressed anyone with flashy statistics, but they are winning games. New Crown in the AFC South?

2. New York Giants  (2)  6-1
Solid performance against the Steelers on Sunday. Still say they haven't played anyone yet? I can't wait to see them play the Redskins in November. 

3. Washington Redskins  (5)  6-2
The Redskins don't blow teams out. That's not how they play. They wear them down. Monday Night against the Steelers should be a running game for both sides. 

4. Carolina Panthers  (7)  6-2
This team is quietly putting up big numbers against opponents. They will not lose this weekend! (bye week)

5. Pittsburgh Steelers  (3)  5-2
Hard fought game against the Giants that I believe they should have won. Pass protection seems to be an issue with this team. Willie Parker is back against the Redskins.

6. Buffalo Bills  (4)  5-2
This team started out 4-0, they are 1-2 in the last three games (Miami-L, San Diego-W, and Arizona-L). Is this team going to turn it around?

7. New England Patriots  (8)  5-2
The pats are playing well despite the loss of Brady. Maybe there is life after Tom? Look for them to steal first place from the Bills soon. 

8. Arizona Cardinals  (9)  4-3
The Cards had a shoot out with the Panthers last week. This team needs to continue it's success and limit the mistakes. Interceptions lose games for this team.

9. New Orleans Saints (20)  4-4
A much needed win over the worst pass-defense (one of the worst) in the league in London puts this team back on the right track. The NFC South is strong and you can't let the division leading Panthers get too far ahead.

10. Dallas Cowboys  (17)  5-3
Brad Johnson limited his mistakes against a good Buccaneers team and the Cowboys' Defense won this game. I don't think they have enough in them to beat the Giants. 

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  (6)  5-3
Tampa Bay's offense looked anemic against a resurgent Dallas D. They need to get on track before Carolina runs away with it. 

12. Philadelphia Eagles  (13)  4-3
Beating the Atlanta Falcons on a bad call still counts as a victory right? It was refreshing to see Donovan run one in. Haven't seen that since 2006. 

13. San Diego Chargers (11)  3-5
The Chargers don't deserve to be this high, but I still have faith in them. They need to tighten up their defense a bit and they can win games.

14. Baltimore Ravens  (19)  4-3
How pretty was that pass from Troy Smith to Joe Flacco? What about Flacco's rushing TD? This team is really taking advantage of their CAA graduate. 

15. Chicago Bears  (14)  4-3
The Bears lead the lowly NFC North for now. I can see the Packers coming back in the late season stretch. 

16. Atlanta Falcons  (12)  4-3
Atlanta has the tools to win, just not the timeouts. 

17. Green Bay Packers  (10)  4-3
This team can have a better second half than the Bears. That will put them in the playoffs. 

18. Denver Broncos  (18)  4-3
If this team had a running back, they may be even better. This may be the 2nd worst division in football. 

19. Indianapolis Colts  (16)  3-4
Peyton isn't connecting to players down the field. That's the difference in this team from last season.

20. Houston Texans  (27)  3-4
3 straight wins is really looking good after a 0-4 start. Can this team make it to the playoffs?

21. Miami Dolphins  (22)  3-4
The wildcat amazingly still works on teams. Did the Bills not watch film? And who's this Ted Ginn Jr. guy that everyone hated last season?

22. Jacksonville Jaguars  (15)  3-4
The Jags are falling fast. I told you they weren't impressive.

23. Minnesota Vikings  (24)  3-4
This team just sucks. Adrian Peterson will have trouble rushing for anything without the Williams Bros. on the line. 

24. New York Jets  (21)  4-3
Ugly Ugly team. They are lucky. And I think Favre's Luck is running out. 

25. St. Louis Rams  (26)  2-5
Two impressive wins is apparently too much for RB Steven Jackson. Donnie Avery showed up to play and play he did. 

26. Cleveland Browns  (23)  3-4
Barely beating the Jags on the road is better than barely loosing to the Skin's on the road. Who knew that they'd be happy with 3-4 at this point?

27. Seattle Seahawks  (29)  2-5
This team shouldn't be too excited about that victory over the 49ers. Their QB is still out for a while.

28. Oakland Raiders  (25)  2-5
Cable Guy's magic is fading. So now you're 1-2 right?

29. San Francisco 49ers  (28)  2-6
Mike Singletary will help this team win 5 games this season. Maybe if they had some talent, they'll actually play well in '09 (not January).

30. Kansas City Chiefs  (30)  1-6
The Chiefs should have tried to get Culpepper when they had the chance.

31. Detroit Lions  (32)  0-7
Daunte Culpepper will help this team do well. They should definitely sign him. 

32. Cincinnati Bengals  (31)  0-8
Absolutely NO effort against the Texans on Sunday. 

Last Week's Picks:
(Overall 21-19)

This Week's Picks:
NY Jets at Buffalo
Detroit at Chicago
Jacksonville at Cincinnati
Baltimore at Cleveland
Green Bay at Tennessee
Arizona at St. Louis
Houston at Minnesota
Tampa Bay at Kansas City
Miami at Denver
Atlanta at Oakland
Dallas at NY Giants
Philadelphia at Seattle
New England at Indianapolis

Monday Night Game:
Washington at Pittsburgh

Bye: New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco, Carolina

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