Greatest Plays of Redskins History

I'd like to pick just one great play by the Redskins, but I believe that it is impossible to pick one from the 75 year history of the team. There have been great offensive plays, great defensive plays, great special teams plays, heck you could even call hiring George Allen as a head coach a "great play."

So instead, I've decided to compile this list of the Greatest Plays of Redskins History. 

In no particular order;

Kenny Houston's Goal Line Stop

October 8th, 1973
Dallas               7
Washington    14

An October Monday night in Washington was the stage for this play, a huge defensive stop by Kenny Houston. Late in the 4th Quarter, the Game was tied 7-7 when Brig Owens of the Redskins intercepted a Craig Morton pass and raced to the end zone to take the lead. Dallas attempted a rally, but Dallas' Walt Garrison was met at the 1 yd line by the Kenny Houston. he pulled Garrison back to the ground, just shy of the end zone as the final seconds ticked off the clock. 

January 10th, 1988
Chicago         17
Washington  21

The NFC Divisional Playoff game between the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears was played on a cold Soldier Field. Perhaps, the cold weather is what broke Darrell Greens Ribcage, or maybe it was the bad landing on the play. After Washington's defense pinned the Bears deep in their own territory, Chicago was forced to punt. Joe Gibbs wanted to take advantage of the field position, so he put corner back Darrell Green on the punt return team. He began his return at about midfield and hurdled a tackler. On the landing, he twisted his body and raced to the end zone. He can be seen clutching his side on his final sprint. 

November 5th, 2006
Dallas               19
Washington    22

The Redskins and Cowboys had a back and forth battle all day at FedEx Field. In the last minutes of a 19-19 game, Dallas drove easily down the field. As they lined up for the winning field goal with seconds on the clock, Troy Vincent, the recent acquisition from Buffalo, blocked the field goal as a swarm of white jersey's led Sean Taylor down the field and to the Redskins 47 yd line. But there was no time left on the clock. However, on the return, Dallas Offensive Lineman Kyle Kosier grabbed Taylor's facemask, giving Washington 15 yds and one more play. Nick Novak nailed the 49 yd field goal to put the Redskins on top, and seal the victory.

January 30th, 1983
Miami             17
Washington   27

It was the beginning of the fourth quarter in Super Bowl XVII when the Redskins faced a 4th and 1 on the Dolphins' 43 yd line. Instead of punting, Joe Gibbs had faith in his team and called I-Right 70 Chip. Tight End Clint Didier moved in motion to the right, and then reversed back to the left where Running Back John Riggins followed him up for the first down and more. Riggins broke a tackle from cornerback Don McNeal and went the 43 yds. for the score. The score secured the victory for the Redskins, and their first Super Bowl Victory in franchise history. 

September 19th, 2005
Dallas                13
Washington     14

Two plays in the final four minutes of this Monday Night game put Washington on top of Dallas for only the 2nd time in 16 meetings at Dallas. 

With Washington trailing the whole game, Mark Brunell scrambled on 3rd and 27 for a 25 yd run. On 4th and 2, Brunell threw a check-down pass to James Thrash which gave the redskins 20 yds. 3 plays later, the Redskins were on the 39 yd line on 4th and 15. Santana Moss caught a pass from Brunell between Aaron Glenn and Terrence Newman in the end zone. 

Minutes later, the Redskins got the ball back on the 30 yd line. Brunell went deep one more time, Moss beat Aaron Glenn for another touch down. This time, for 70 yds and the victory. 

Denver            10
Washington    42

The Redskins found them selves down 7 points after the first play of the football game, but after the first fifteen minutes, they were down 10-0. At the start of the second quarter, it seems a brand new team took the field. After a 35 point thrashing, the Redskins went into halftime with a 35-10 lead. 

The Redskins set the following Super Bowl records on that day:
-Most Offensive Yards (602)
-Most Offensive Rushing Yards (280)
-Most Touchdowns scored in a Super Bowl Game (6)
-Most Offensive Yards in a quarter (356)
-Most Points in a quarter (35)
-Most Touchdowns in a quarter (5)
-Largest Deficit to overcome to win a Super Bowl (10)

January 22nd, 1983
Dallas              17
Washington   31

Darryl Grant made the defensive play of his career that night. A tipped ball by four charging defensive lineman landed right in the hands of this big guy as he tip toed his way into the end zone. The win put the Redskins in the Super Bowl. 

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