Wednesday Night Quarterback

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Last weeks ranking in parenthesis.
Biggest Movers 
New England -10
Atlanta Falcons +9

1. Tennessee Titans (1)  5-0
Titans were idle, but for those at the top of the list, idle is better than playing and losing. This team will be 6-0 after next week.

2. New York Giants (2)  4-1
Loss to Cleveland will set this team straight. They'll be fine in the long run. Still a very powerful team. 

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (5)  4-1
Idle last week, moved up 2 spots. Imagine if they won? Probably still would have been up two spots.

4. Washington Redskins (3)  4-2
Loss to the St. Louis Rams is not as bad as it seems. This team didn't all of the sudden get bad, watch for a bounce back against the Browns.

5. Buffalo Bills (7)  4-1
Idle and up two spots. Maybe that's what I should have named the article? Good game against the Chargers this weekend. Picks below. 

6. Dallas Cowboys (6)  4-2
This team is looking bad. Romo out for a month, Pacman out for at least a month (maybe forever), Newman out for a few more weeks, Felix Jones out for at least 2-4 weeks, and T.O. just lost some catches to Roy Williams. Speaking of that, what will the jersey's say for Roy Williams (there are two on this team now)?

7. Arizona Cardinals (13)  4-2
Big 6 spot jump for Arizona. This team is looking really good after coming close against Washington and beating Buffalo two weeks ago. Keep an eye on these guys for future moves.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14)  4-2
Thumped the Panthers. Message to Gruden: Keep Garcia in at starting QB. This team is winning this division today, but the NFC South is looking more and more like a contender every week.

9. Carolina Panthers (4)  4-2
Poor performance against an evenly matched team. Division cellar dweller New Orleans comes to Carolina this weekend. The winner will move up and make a bold push for the Division head Tampa.

10. Atlanta Falcons (19)  4-2
Stunning come back by rookie Matt Ryan makes this team a threat. Interesting to see the rematches between Carolina and between Tampa Bay.

11. Denver Broncos (8)  4-2
Loss to Jacksonville knocks this AFC West powerhouse down a few pegs, Monday Night Game against the Patriots could be interesting. 

12. Indianapolis Colts (11)  3-2
Dominating performance against a usually staunch Baltimore defense puts this team back in the AFC South conversation.

13. San Diego Chargers (15)  3-3
They finally beat the Patriots. They deserve a little praise, LT still looks rough.

14. Chicago Bears (9)  3-3
Valiant effort against a surging Atlanta team. Should be a free win against Minnesota, but after Week 6, nothing is free. 

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (18)  3-3
Beat the Broncos in Denver, looks pretty good after a strong effort against Pittsburgh. They get a week off.

16. Philadelphia Eagles (12)  3-3 
Beat San Francisco, and find themselves 4 spots back. This team still has something to prove if it wants to be higher up.

17. New York Jets (17)  3-2
No movement after beating Cincinnati. This team looks a lot better in Blue and Gold.

18. New Orleans Saints (23)  3-3
Beat the pants off of Oakland like they should. Brees looks to be the best in years. This team will make a move on a great looking NFC South.

19. Green Bay Packers (21)  3-3
The Seahawks were abused by this Packers team. A-Rodg needs to keep playing through injuries.

20. New England Patriots (10)  3-2
Biggest drop on the list. This team needs to straighten out or it will find itself on the loosing end of the Broncos.

21. Miami Dolphins (20)  2-3
Loss to Houston wasn't that unbelievable, someone was bound to "figure out" the Wildcat. Watch for Miami to win a few more this year. Tough one against Baltimore this week.

22. Baltimore Ravens (16)  2-3
Rookie QB and rookie RB's need to limit the fumbles and interceptions otherwise they won't win more than 6 this season.

23. Cleveland Browns (26)  2-3
Huge turnaround game against the Giants on Monday Night Football. If we see this team against Washington play as well as it did against New York and we'll see a more interesting AFC North.

24. Minnesota Vikings (22)  3-3
Disappointing performance against Detroit. Only put 10 points on a terrible defense. Won by a safety and a last minute field goal. 

25. San Francisco 49ers (24)  2-4
Almost put away the Eagles at home. Need to start finishing games. 

26. Seattle Seahawks (25)  1-4
Never thought I'd see this team playing so bad. Charlie Frye at the helm doesn't help. 

27. Houston Texans (29)  1-4
Great performance against a good team in Miami. I'd like to see this team put some more wins on the board. 

28. St. Louis Rams (32)  1-4
Jim Haslett may have pulled this team out of the gutter, but will it be enough to beat Dallas?

29. Kansas City Chiefs (28)  1-4
With Larry Johnson facing possible charges of Assault, this team is not looking great. No wonder Tony Gonzalez wanted out. 

30. Oakland Raiders (27)  1-4
The Cable guy lost. Al Davis is killing this franchise.

31. Cincinnati Bengals (30)  0-6
Hope this team gets a win soon. There's nothing worse than seeing a winless team in November. 

32. Detroit Lions (31)  0-5
Lost Roy Williams and gained a 1st, 3rd, and 6th round pick. Hope this team gets 3 pro-bowlers. They deserve to have some success. 

Last Weeks Picks:
7-7 (Season 7-7)

This Weeks Picks:
San Diego at Buffalo
Minnesota at Chicago
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Tennessee at Kansas City
Dallas at St. Louis
Baltimore at Miami
San Francisco at NY Giants
New Orleans at Carolina
Detroit at Houston
NY Jets at Oakland
Indianapolis at Green Bay
Cleveland at Washington
Seattle at Tampa Bay

Monday Night Game:
Denver at New England 

Bye: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Arizona, Jacksonville

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