In which your humble daily blogger goes to serious land for a day.

In conversations have had today, i'd like to quickly think aloud regarding personal perspectives of people. What I've been raised to believe as 'normal' and 'acceptable behavior' is different from other people's idea of 'normal' and 'acceptable'.

For example, i've known a few individuals who are what you would call "socially disabled," how do these people see the world? what they see as something as simple clouds or patterns in the grass or even simple colors can be as complex as the most difficult math equations. Maybe i'm giving individuals too much credit, but there's no way of me knowing the truth.

On the same token, what abou serial rapists or murderers? their culture and upbringing or even genetical make-up have made them to be what we (what you would call average or ordinary people) would call psychotic. Do these people see everything just a little differently? do they realize what's "wrong" with what they are doing?

Stuff like this keeps me up at night.

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