Trivial things

I wanted to elaborate on some thoughts from yesterday's post. I feel like it deserves a little more space than a few lines after "the newsies".

Its funny to think about what was important to me in the past and how it's dropped off since. For example, three years ago this week I was deeply interested in a particular girl and going out with her for a first time. Everything I did in front of this girl was a life or death thing at the time, but now it all seems silly.

That summer I listened to guster for the first time and I hand no idea of any of the songs. Now, they're one of my favorite bands and I wish I could see them live now, when I appreciate them a little more, instead of three years ago!

A year later I'm preparing to graduate from high school and the biggest concern was working mainstand manager and doing well on a math placement exam. I studied my ass off for two nights just to end up failing the math class I got into. I repeated the class fall of '08 and aced it.

I thought learning how to solve a rubik's cube was impressive, but now I can solve it without thinking about it and I haven't touched the thing for months.

So what am I doing now that will be so meaningless to me in a year? Two years? A month? The people who mean a great deal to me will always have a place in my mind, but who will be somewhere else and not as much of a factor in my life? In two years I'll be a graduate and I won't see my mason friends as much. Who will be on to bigger and better things at the stadium?

In 15 years when I think of my high school and college graduation, who will I be remembering and who will I be seeing on a close to daily basis? Will I still remember how to solve a rubik's cube? And will family guy still be making sub-par episodes or will they have finally bit the proverbial dust?!?
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Bill said...

Lots of good questions- and no way of knowing most of the answers. One of the good things about life. Most things will fall by the wayside, and seem trivial at some point. The people will be what stick with you, some more than others. But that's where most of my nostalgia heads- to the people who were part of my story.