After a 6-game stretch at the stadium, or any given "home stand" (a block of home games) at the stadium, we have what's called "stagger days".

What these days are: a half day. The only rule is that your department has to be taken care of while you're gone. So in the ticketing world, Pete and I cannot take our staggers at the same time. Generally we choose between two days (this case it is Monday or Tuesday) and you choose to take off either the 9am-1pm block or the 1pm-5pm block. So because it's a staggered entrance time for everyone, we call them stagger days.

After this weekend, I've been wondering if they're called as such because we come in late and in a stagger pattern, one after the other, or because we have to drag ourselves into work staggering. A little double meaning there no?

OH Mainstand during scout nights.. I'm going home next time.

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Bill said...

Staggering in- definitely. And you can't leave early next time- that was fun. But thank God we didn't have a game today.