why is it that the human species hold physical appearance to such a high standard? it's evident in the amount of mirrors that we care so much about how we look to everyone around us that we need to check ourselves seemingly every trip to the bathroom. it's not uncommon to make a trip to the bathroom specifically for the purpose of looking in the mirror.

i'm no different. i, like everyone else, look into the mirror and go through the same daily routine of checks. I mean if i have a giant booger, i want to get rid of it.

do other species have similar processes? does a praying mantis check his bug-eyed reflection in the water droplet on a leaf? does not a dog peer into the water at himself before he pounces? a cat stares out a dark window and sees an intruder cat of the same size and shape, or does he see himself, and then go lick that cow lick down?

mirrors. pretty weird.

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