Shower Preference

Just putting it out there, I prefer to shower at night. Showering makes me sleepy, and I feel sleepyness is better felt at night, rather than in the morning. In the morning, I like to sleep AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and having to shower in the morning only hinders that goal.

Another thing I have to do that involves showering is when I turn the water on, I have to do it from in between the curtain and the wall closest to the faucet. Like say the shower head is on the right side of the shower, I have to move the curtain to the left, turn the water on, move the curtain back to the right, get in on the left of the curtain, and close it behind me. Then when i get out, I do the same thing. Turn it off and get out on the same side of the curtain that I got in on.

I know you don't care, but I thought I'd share. So there. Rare. Bear. Flair. Snair.
I could do this all day.

Pear. Fair. Dare.
Ok that's enough.

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