Music and Memory

Not as deep as the title suggests, but I wanted to talk about the way that people (i'm sure i'm not alone in this one) connect music to people or events in their lives. for example, I can't listen to the rolling stones without thinking of a girl i dated in high school and I can't hear Third Eye Blind without being remeinded of Stephanie and Sophomore year.

And with other songs, it has nothing to do with memory. Like, when i can't think of how a song goes, i think and think and when i finally remember how it sounds, i'll get that song stuck in my head for like an hour. that is probably the worst hour ever.

I have what I like to refer to as "music ADD". it is exactly what it sounds like, i can't listen to the same thing for more than a minute. MOST of the time, this is the case. like when i'm driving and listening to the radio, i'll scan the radio the whole time until i find something i can listen to over and over again.
CDs are the worst. that's why all of my mix CDs are more thatn 15 songs long, i can't listen to a whole song. i'll move on after about a minute.

well this post was pretty all over the place. meh. it's late and i don't care. i had a pretty chill day today so i'll just post this and move on to tomorrow.

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