I love music, I do. It's fun to listen to, it can change your mood for the good and bad. It even evokes memories as I've talked about before.

But the thing that really makes me laugh, is the musicians. There are different types.

The Student
This is the musician who is always aspiring to be a pro. They are taking the classes to get better and they probably play classical. Sure, they've experienced with Rock, but they get off on a symphonic march. This one was probably once a...

High School was the highest point of their musical career, unless they became the student. They marched for their High School Band and probably wore more feathers than Elton John. These guys had all of their first sexual encounters with fellow band members and they probably brag about it. Still, these people are at least tolerable.

then, you have The Guitarist
It's always a guy, and he only knows enough to impress. Why play really well when you only need to play a few songs to gain the attention? Then you can tell a sappy story to ring the girl in and before you know it, one night stand. It works, and you know it's happened. Maybe not to you, but probably one of your friends.

The Drummer
Generally, these guys are the most fun. But they are probably insane. You can count on this guy being pretty tight, but wild as shit. The chick drummers on the other hand, well their probably the same. I've only met a few. The drummer should not be confused with...

...The Drum Circle
If you've ever been on a college campus in the late spring-late summer, you've probably seen a drum circle. Shit i've seen one in a tree (CNU, I'm talking to you). Now these people are a different breed from the Drummer as mentioned above. They are chill as you will ever see. They also make (arguably) the best music. Have you ever walked by one of these on a beautiful afternoon? It's almost as good as..

...The Street Performer
The Street Performer is passionate. That's what makes him the best of all. He's playing for dinner, or boos. Either way, it's important to him. I wanna see this movie because of these guys. The Verizon Center (more commonly known as the Phone Booth) attract these bad boys like bees on sugar every game night. You have the Drummers on the corner of F and 6, the Sax player at the top of the Chinatown Metro escalators, and you have the violinist on the other side of the metro.

Now go out there and support your hobos like a real American! And try and stay dry, it's supposed to be raining all week here.

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