A weekend in the life of a college intern (2)

By 9, we're elbows deep in cash and working in the money room. At this point we become delirious and giggle at everything. Then I realized that were missing 6 registers from the Main Stand...

...2 hours later, we finish the money room by 11:45 and I leave by 12:15 and head to my dad's house.

Sunday Morning
Wake up at 8 and eat breakfast with my Dad, Jess, and Bubba.

Get to the stadium at 9:30 and head straight to the picnic area. The picnic gates open at 1145 so i have to get everything ready for the very small picnic. Everything went smoothly and We closed down the picnic area by 2:00.

I came back to the ticket office and helped pete, really from here the day was pretty simple. We finished the money room pretty quickly and I left the ballpark by 5:00.

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