Thoughts of the Day 4-29-09

I think it's funny how people bitch about the heat and the pollen for two days, and then the minute it starts raining, those same people bitch about how wet it is and why it can't be summer. Really? I guess it's the nature of humans to complain about every little thing. I mean, I'm complaining about people complaining, so I suppose I'm proving my own point and exacerbating the situation.

Why is it the tastiest cheese snack foods are only available to me on the days that I wear white?

I'm armed with pens, and I got my rhymes. Whatever comes, I write it down so knock me out and shoot me down with mics in hand, we'll stand against the test of time.

When getting my haircut:
I never remember what I tell the person to do when i get my hair cut.. Do I ask for a 5 on top and 4 on the sides? 6 and 5? or was it a 5 and a trim. Do I get a wash? I don't mind paying extra.. I get a bath (basically) and a head massage... It's worth the 4 bucks. They massage so well. I should go to a day spa and get a massage. Or just get some girl to do it. Or august. August would be easier. and I wouldn't have to call him back.

Am I in good enough with Lani to ask for more money next season? Or is the justification of cutting the labor of the team store worth the extra $100 a month to pay me? I need to convince Jim that the Picnic area is food and therefore should be staffed by food. I will NOT work in food service (in any capacity) during the 2010 season. I won't. It has nothing to do with me, and I refuse to be responsible for it. I will help, sure, but I want zero responsibility for it.

Is it bad to eat 4 burritos in one day?

Since when did everyone start liking hockey? No complaints, It's good that we have a fan base, but I would have liked to see the fans be vocal in the past. By no means am I the #1 fan, I'm probably in the 20 thousands, but at least I was always proud to wear my Allen jersey and sit in the 400's at least three times a season. try not to be too obvious about your fandom now guys, it'll make you look bad next year when we're not as fortunate to have a good professional hockey team in the city.

This is the same reason I'm loud as shit about my skins when they suck, so that when they are the champs, I don't have to prove my support. I know i'm a fan and that's really all that matters. I dont know, I guess it really doesnt matter if you're vocal or not. It's just weird that EVERYONE is a caps fan now.

Pandora has saved me musically. Thank you to Jon for showing it to me three years ago and thank you to my mom for not deleting the bookmark i left of it on the home PC, of which I would not have remembered pandora and would not be listening to the Smashing Pumpkins as I type this.

Funny how my skin went from normal to burnt, to tan, to less tan, to normal in a matter of 5 days.

That's it for today. Double header tomorrow, but I'm not working.

good luck Bill. have a dippin bun without me. you will have deserved the break by the time game time rolls around.

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