Regrets and the Past

yea it's another one of "those" posts. the type where I get all philosophical and such. deal with it, or check in tomorrow where I'll surely discuss something more in tune to the humor of a 3rd grader.

People always look to the past when times are tough. Bad relationship with peers, poor economic standing, failing a class or even a family tragedy (God forbid). But what needs to be done in these situations is something different than regretting your actions. Saying that you wish you could do it all over again or that you want to "go back" and "wish it never happened". What everyone should do is learn. That's all it is. Take everything as a learning experience.

Date a guy who abused you? "I wish I never met him" or "I should have left him a long time ago" are appropriate responses, but you should be saying "good thing I got out of there when i did, I won't let that happen to me ever again.

Lose a loved one? "I should have told them ____" "I wish I could have treated them better". Maybe so, but there (sadly) is nothing you can do to change your actions. We all want to leave positive memories with people as they leave us, but you can't change the past. What you can do is correct your current actions and better your existing relationships. Reach out to someone you use to get along with or maybe spend more time with those you love.

The past is something we all look to. It should only be looked to for inspiration for our future. As much as we want to travel back in time to relive what we thought was amazing or change what we realized to be hell, your life is ahead of you. No regrets, no looking in back (unless for inspiration). Learn from everything because that's all you can do.

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