Soo I just got what I can only assume is a "love note."

I know, I thought I stopped going to middle school years ago too. Here's the note:

Dear Paul,
I feel so stupid. I didn't even realize that was you in the elevator!
I have no idea what she is referring to here. shows how much I pay attention around the building
OK, so I'm lying, I was so taken back by your beautiful physique that I got nervous!!
This is where I'll note that every "i" and "!" is dotted with a heart.
I hope this hasn't ruined our relationship! See your SEXY ASS Later!


Sarah -----

then follows a picture of two stick figures holding hands and a heart in between them. wow

You know, I don't know what to do in this situation. I mean, is a thanks but no thanks in order? yes. yes it is.

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Bill said...

"Beautiful physique"? It's nice when the women do the work for us! LOL