pencils and writing utensils

Why is it, when i was in middle school, that I ONLY used mechanical pencils. was it cool? this trend continued into high school. I became so good at fixing the jams in those stupid things that i considered a career in mechanical pencils. I wanted to be the poster child of mechanical pencils, you would see my name in lights. But when I got to college two falls ago, I continued a long affair with old school wooden pencils. You could say that I was returning to my true love, because I'm almost positive I wrote with a wooden pencil in elementary school, if I wasn't using a crayon of course.

I cheated on mechanical pencils though. There were a few affairs over the 7 year relationship.

Remember those faggy gel pens everyone used in 7-8 grade? Yea I do. They were cool then, so cool in fact that our year books that year had black pages, so we could write in gel pen (and only in gel pen).

My second stint from mechanical pencils was the erasable pen. I had blue black AND red ink, all of which could be erased by respective blue black and red erasers at the end of the cap.

But that was back when I was immature. I grew, mechanical pencils kept taking me back. They deserved better than how I treated them. Breaking them open and cleaning out the tip with a piece of graphite, chewing on the eraser and breaking the clip off.

Then I saw wooden pencil. There it was, in a pack of 12 for less than $2. A sight for sore eyes, I took it to lunch, just to see how it was doing. We hit it off. It was magical.

We picked up right where we left off in 5th grade, and we've been going strong for going on two years this summer. I sharpen them daily and I use a white eraser from the store so mine don't get to flat.

I'll let you know when I announce the engagement.

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