foot traffic

i dont think its just me, but maybe this is just my tendency to analyze everything to the point of compulsion.

Is there anyone else out there who sees traffic patterns repeat themselves when walking in a busy area? say a mall or school hallways, or even a crowded concourse and, in my case, a quad? people walk on the right of oncoming traffic, they merge, they pass on the left or right, whichever is more feasible, and if they stop to chat, the pull onto the shoulder.

i know i follow these patterns. i consider myself a fast walker, on most days, and if you havent seen it, i talked about my walking in the past. but because of my walking wrecklessness, i like to think that i would have a suspended license. knowing that people follow patterns, i change my direction to dodge their movement and make my trip faster and shorter.

while im thinking about it, i think (for some strange reason) mason students in general dont walk on the grass. i make a point to walk on the grass because i want to get to where i need to be with time to spare. and have you ever walked in grass on a hot spring afternoon in flip flops? it feels awesome. especially if its sunny, because its warm and springy.

so if there were foot traffic officers out there, would running in a crowded area be grounds for arrest? how bout walking into oncoming traffic? failing to yeild to a group of people at an intersection (or corner)?

drunk walking would be punishable by confiscating shoes.

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